Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 27Apr2016: my Heart I in the 7 of Cups and the Feather of Truth is in the hands of V The Hierophant. I was so looking forward to this morning’s draw, my first with these nearly-legendary cards, *The Röhrig Tarot* by Carl-W. Röhrig (English edition.) They carry a heavy-duty reputation all by themselves, with countless testimonials concerning their efficacy and adaptiveness. Much to my chagrin, this may be true; the cards/myself have delivered to me a harsh reminder/rebuke followed by stern counsel. Well! I guess they weren’t going to pussyfoot their way into my heart! Ha! (I don’t really anthropomorphize the cards in this manner; of course I know they are pasteboard & paint.) No sweet “amadouement” here, but rather a bracing clip across the jaw and a stern, “Wake up!” are being delivered. I’m not going to descend into a dull diatribe on Debauch, nor catalogue my participation; suffice to say that I am telling myself, “Hey, don’t get complaisant over illusions!” It is true that my Heart has felt surfeited lately, full of good things & good feelings, and yes, perhaps I have been wallowing like a pig in the mud in a self-bred complacency. That is entirely possible, knowing myself as I do. I felt rather offended at the brusquerie of the “blow,” but have to admit that there may be more than a grain of truth there, and that I would be better served not to rest on laurels not yet garnered or illusions of surfeit. It isn’t a pleasant message, and I never “like” having weaknesses pointed out to me, but I am smart enough to take advantage of the observation and advice to keep a wary eye on the situation and be ready to make changes at an instant’s notice, beyond what I can do immediately to disabuse myself of any false notions or unreasonable “amour-propre.” With a sobered Heart I turn towards the Feather of Truth, and find it in the hand of V the Hierophant, serving as quill while he writes more rules & regulations, or perhaps articles of faith. 
The Truth here seems to leap out at me from both the card and my Inner Mind: spiritual organization! In order to surmount the dangers that my Heart runs today in flirting with Debauch, my Truth to combat that nefast tendency needs to be found in some effort on my part in providing yet more organization to my body of spiritual knowledge & practices, such as they are. (I have a fear of sounding pompous, and I sincerely do not wish to give that impression; I’m not overweeningly proud of what knowledge I have. It came to me in a currency only I could pay, which is true for us all.) In the Hierophant card from this deck in particular I see myself staring back at me from that visage, even though there is no resemblance. That regard is “disrobing” and I know it well, using it often myself. It is a kind of gentle & compassionate yet implacable regard into the ordering of your being. And yes, of course that is what I see there, what you see there may be perverse Uncle Harry and a look of lust, the point being we each see what we project there, and that is what I project; a “knowing” soul who is Me looking at me, and weighing up how I’ve organized things so far. I use to be a terribly harsh judge of myself, but that has lightened considerably over the years; age & experience do that to you, you pardon a lot more bullshit . . . or you go insane. (I may be overstating the case, but I believe that Permanent Disagreeability among the Elderly is a kind of insanity due to impotent “rage against the machine.”) Thankfully, I can’t be accused of that; I am hardly the “old grouch in the armchair” kind of 60-ish year-old. Rather, “Let’s throw on some glad rags & do something!” is more my style. I have a nesting side, and I do adore being home when I am, but it’s a b-i-g world out there, and “Poppa needs fuel if he’s gonna run this engine.” In this case, the fuel is experience, of which I hope to have a continuous supply until my engines shut down for good. That being written, I would add that there is a certain pleasure to be had in doing triage on your own Mountain of Assorted Verities. It reinvigorates the soul, and breathes new energy into one’s questing spirit. Today I ask the Cosmos to send us ALL refreshing waves of renewal and reorganization!    

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