Friday, April 29, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 30Apr2016 : my Heart is embodied in I the Magus and the Feather of Truth is sticking close, adorning the brow of II The High Priestess. (Today’s deck is again *The Rôhrig Tarot” by Carl-W. Rôhrig. Today’s deck is the Czech edition, which has gorgeous gilt edges and a quality of construction better than some of the other editions. Matters of taste aside, it is STILL a fabulous deck, good in ANY edition.) Well, I must say that I am rather flabbergasted; I have NEVER received I and II like this for a morning draw, and would feel it is a safe bet to say that I won’t again. No, there is no trickery involved, I use a fan spread, and these two cards were NOT drawn next to each other as in 1, 2. These came up “naturally” in this sequence. My Heart is in new beginnings with a new set of skills and new level of experience, while the Feather of Truth is in the treasure of arcane knowledge which is available to me through the High Priestess, the Sacred, the mystically veiled truths behind the constructs of reality around us. 
This is a very “heavy” and meaningful draw for me; I am considering some profound changes in my esoteric outlook, and this straightforward reassurance of who I am and what I’m doing is gratefully received. I’m not going to chitchat today; I have too much to think about, and this draw merely reinforces, but in a majestic fashion! the fact that new horizons are beckoning and I think the new voyage may not only be necessary, as I perceive it, but beneficial and useful, which is what I am hoping it will be. If Water sits still and does not run, it becomes brackish and eventually a breeding place of infection. I think it may be wise to apply that in a broader context at this point on the Path. I pray that the Cosmos grants us ALL the wisdom today to see the illusion within the presentation and the ability to refuse to engage it. Be well.   

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