Sunday, April 3, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 04Apr2016: my Heart is daringly dancing along the tips of the 9 of Swords today while the Feather of Truth has decided to go into emotional action by riding with the Knight of Water. (Today’s deck is *The Orbifold Tarot*, a labor of love and wisdom from a friend, Michael Bridge-Dickson? It is a unique and unusual deck oriented around, of course, orbs as symbol but behind which is the whole corpus of exoteric and esoteric knowledge of Tarology. Let me be immediate – this deck unchains my imagination because it doesn’t limit my imagery. Therefore, I’m going to see things in these cards pertinent only to me, of course. That said, I love and am baffled by the deck. I “grok” what Michael has done, and that it can be manipulated like one of those origami flowers into endless permutations, AND (not “but”) I am perplexed at the absolute cornucopia of possibility presented to me by a card with just a meditative colored dot on it. It’s brilliant, really, in a totally Π kind of way. That being said, let me also say that the deck is “distancing.” Such a Zen approach leads to disconnection for the most part from an emotional response to the card, or image, and thus the concept. This is wonderful if you are overly emotive, it gives you some balance; if you are already Mr. Spock, this is going to throw you into an emotional Ice Age. “Therefore, class, what do we do?” “We bring our emotions with us, Miss Blavatsky!” I think that is a fair assessment, but as always it is my opinion. Now, technically: the deck is as near-to-perfect a product as I have seen in Tarot decks. The card stock is so thick you could be shuffling waffles (slight exaggeration!) and everything about it is a professional production from A to Z. “And elegant! My dear, you have no idea.” It reminds me of a precious pearl necklace, in its own way, and Cartier knows, I do love gems.) My Heart today is dancing along the sword tips of the 9 of Air, yet it is unfair of me to auto-give it the designation of Swords. That isn’t where this 9 is coming from, but rather Intelligence, All the gifts of the Mind, some of the faults of Fear, and obvious enough to be evident but often forgotten nevertheless, Breath. (Michael WOULD pinpoint that, he is a yoga instructor!) And 9, of course, is the mystic number, and here I may interpret it as “Solitude, mastery, & spirituality” per the Little Colored Foldout, but that’s cool, I know what it means. It is adequate shorthand for what is going on; my Heart is dancing somewhere rather perilously close to the unknown and in an element not its own, Air: Air is fatal to the Heart. (Now that statement will either pass unremarked or will generate storms of boiling emotional goulash, wait & see.) But I DO believe that here is a warning to my Heart, “Be careful where you are going, Mr. Red, you are skirting disaster and ruin.” Between you, me, and Facebook, I know exactly to what the 9 is referring, and I concur with its assessment; but like the gent you don’t like in the film who just won’t stop poking the monster in the name of “science,” there are some “intellectual bonbons” on my Path that I spend time investigating, and do not consider it a waste. I almost always get burned – it is in the nature of the beast to learn according to his needs & merits, is it not? But I investigate nevertheless, because I MUST; there really isn’t a choice in the matter, speak to the engineer who designed me. But I AM wary, and the card reinforces my need to be.
 All the more necessary, it seems, when facing an active Cupped Crusader, the Knight of Water. The Feather of Truth is riding with the Knight today, and yes, I can understand, he is an attractive man, active and with a purpose. I certainly hope the Feather isn’t trying to summon some sort of Knight of Water reaction in me, because any possibility of him existing in me faded l-o-n-g ago. No, this is either an energy nexus or an Other. I’m not a practitioner of “tall, dark, strangers”-type Tarot, so it is Energy. Is this a lack in me that the Feather wishes me to acknowledge & fix? (Is just saying that making it true?) Is this an element of my character which, so long dormant, must needs be awakened in order to fulfill a destiny or purpose Now? Is this simply a general clarion call by “the Truth” to pay attention to the Knight of Water in me, to feed and care for him, to make him flower? None of the above? All of the above? As you can see, Water is a Court I don’t often visit, because I find it promotes “mold of the mind,” which, while intoxicating, is finally destructive. My prejudice, not yours, of course, not the deck’s, I hasten to add, but here is an example of how abstract things can get, very quickly, contemplating these orbs. (Which brings out a whole HORDE of “orb,” “sphere,” “ball” jokes from my memory banks, all vulgar. Ha! Now, I feel like John Merrick, "I am not a monster! I am not an animal! I am a human being!") Well, to tell the truth, I am up, up & away with this Knight of Cups – I have no easy answers here. I am going to rely upon the day to tell me what that is about, and then deal with it accordingly. So, on a note of inquiry and mixed emotional slurry, I ask the Cosmos today to bring Clarity to ALL of us in whatever form & field we need it; So Mote It Be.    

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