Monday, April 4, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 055Apr2016 : today my Heart has moved into XVI the Tower of Destruction, while the Feather of Truth has flown to the Courts of Air to seek the aid of the Queen of Swords. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler & Michael Dowers. If I haven’t beaten you enough over the head with the value of this deck in order for you to understand that I believe it to be a wonder, then you are hopelessly thick.) I have a challenging but REALLY good reading today, and I am excited about it. In case you haven’t noticed before, this isn’t a common occurrence. Especially when two “challenging” cards like this pop up out of the deck, one might have a tendency to flinch. I didn’t this morning, and I am jubilant about it. I know, you think I’ve lost my marbles, what few were left, don’t you? “The Tower & the Sword Queen, and he’s happy??” Yes, indeed, I’m happy; because it means that I’ve moved on and broken through! This morning my Heart is inhabiting XVI the Tower, and that means that he has accepted the call, has claimed ownership of the vessel within and its created Materia Prima, and is now ready for the Divine lightning to strike and animate it. I would like to transcribe Ms. Payne-Towler’s ENTIRE entry on XVI here, because it would revolutionize, “in one swell foop,” all of your notions about this card. This is a card for which one “should” devoutly hope, it is the blowing away of the ego accumulation of XV (which WAS necessary, at the time) by the redressment from “Saturn, the Lord of Karma” in the transformation of the Vessel & Materia within. “This is a species-wide project, folks. We have NO room for individual ego.” So, if you are leading a life which is in some way unbalanced, you can count upon a redressment coming your way soon, to “remind” you of the Path. I say, “You, you, you” and I mean “me, me, me.” I may be feeling a bit overly self-confident these days about some things, but I DO NOT FEAR THE REDRESSMENT OF THE TOWER because I am not there. My Heart, however, embraces the Truth of it as a necessary step on the Path to which we owe belief & allegiance. I receive my redressment in small but continual doses, and I would like to think, humbly, that I am far enough along in my evolution and understanding that the grand catastrophe of a Tower event is not in my future, I am awake. (This card is entirely alchemical for me today and thanks to Ms. Payne-Towler for enlarging my comprehension of a card that is many-layered and quite multi-faceted. She does what a good teacher can sometimes do; she brings back what you have forgotten.) In light (and Light) of my Heart embracing the change of the Tower today, The Truth has moved on and has dared, given the ambiance of open exploration, to broach another multilayered “issue,” the Queen of Swords. It’s Okay; you can kick off your sabots and lean back & relax, I’ve 
got this one covered. I have lived with Queens of Swords ALL my life, I was born to one. She happened to be a touch on the twisted side, but oh well, my epaulettes glitter all the brighter. EVERY SINGLE IMPORTANT WOMAN in my life has been or is a strong Leo, with one, single exception, my wife, who is a Libra, and there is an obvious reason for that: Libra is a haven of peace for Aries. Strong Leo woman almost universally gravitate to this Queen, because she cuts through the bullshit to get on with the business of evolving the species. These women don’t take anyone’s crap very easily, and never for very long, it is antithetical to their nature. So if, like me, you grow up with and/or are around them a lot, you grow up to expect women to behave VERY differently that how society tells you they should. I just cannot grok with any sincerity a weak woman, I have seen too many of the super-capable kind, including then & now, and believe me when I tell you that I MUCH prefer them; there is nothing, NOTHING worse when you are fighting for your life against an alien invader and the women next to you can only scream and roll her eyes. “Bitch! PICK UP A STICK!!” (Jeanne, my wife, is of neither variety; she simply would never put herself in the situation. How she manages that escapes me at times.) So if the Feather of Truth is hanging around “The Crone,” it is because the Queen’s eagle-eyed vision is needed to discern the Path immediately ahead, to keep an eye on the fructifying process being occasioned by the XVI, and to bring up in myself that particular construction of energy that is SO perfectly engineered to “cut the crap, tell me the Truth.” I can imagine that this might be hard or “fear-full” for people who don’t have a history sprinkled with Sword Queens, they DO tend to be rather formidable “monstres sacrées” but they put on their steel shoulder-padded business suits one arm at a time just like everyone else. PLUS, let’s face it; she is a logical answer to the presence of the Tower, is she not? “What? Got a possible ‘situation’ on your hands? Call the Queen!” Of ALL the Court cards, if you really look at all of them, she is the one who kicks ass the deepest, the longest, the best. BECAUSE SHE NEVER STOPS. Perform to expectations or risk her displeasure, it really is that simple. She’s smart, she’s wise, but she is NOT complicated – that is the very antithesis of her clear sight, her right-down-to-your-soul regard. She GETS you, she GROKS you (You, You, You = me; me; me.) I will indulge myself and quote the last lines from Ms. Payne-Towler’s Queen of Swords entry: “This Queen’s willingness to individuate, whether she is approved of or not, encourages her more eccentric subjects and provides a thrilling role model for the timid. In her presence intelligence becomes the definition of beauty, and superficiality is exposed as ugliness.” May the Cosmos reveal to us ALL our own Beauty today!    


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