Saturday, April 16, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 17Apr2016: my Heart is represented by the “. . . ugh!! Wait!! I’m having a heart attack!! No!! The King of Wands!! That NEVER happens!!” (Ha, you must think I draw from only 6 or 7 cards when I wish to represent myself, the 2 Kings & 2 Knights of Wands & Fire & IV, V, & sometimes IX.  Always men of power and ultra-pumped-ego. No, no, I don’t think of myself that way, I really don’t, but it seems the outside does, and quite often, though why I have no idea, I’m not a titan of industry or anything even remotely similar. That’s old school; replace “titan of industry” with “tech start-up billionaire” and you get the idea.) At any event, my Heart is riding with his Majesty the King of Flame and the Feather of Truth, finding all that too wrought with “sturm und drang” for its taste seeks comfort, solace and sanctuary in the bosom of III the Empress. (Today’s deck is *The Ancient Egyptian Tarot* by Clive Barrett. While not part of “the Spanish shipment,” it is in character so I’m throwing it in here as a latecomer to the party. This is a professionally manufactured deck, and is thus free from any manufacturing defects. It spreads like a dream, making that drama-queen-moment when you fan the cards across the tabletop very effective. As far as the deck’s guts go, however, this is strictly Tarot 101. Any depth of knowledge these cards convey has been brought to the table by YOU, not the cards, (which may be true in any case.) The pictures are pretty, but too reduced to be useful other than as indicators; you need to enlarge a scan to actually make out detail. This is Egyptian Lite, if you like. Harrumph. “Mother! Take that tea towel off of your head! You do NOT resemble Cleopatra!!”) I feel so idiotic repeating myself endlessly about the King of Wands, so I won’t. You’ve heard most of the various presentations of this gentleman through my avatar; you know where he/I stand. My Heart seems to have, I’m afraid to say it, come home to roost from some R&R today, and I’m not sure why. A bit fatigued, perhaps, with the recent emotional mini-series and resulting dénouement. I’m going to leave him there, he’s not in a “let’s discuss goals, strategies & plans & revise in the light of new information” mood today.
 I’m “instructed” to seek solace in the ample & comforting bosom of III the Empress. If I were still a gay, carefree & not-so-happy bachelor, this might prove a problem, but not now, not for me; I got smart and married my best friend in France, once I had met her and we got to know each other. It was simply What To Do, along the order of a Destiny Imperative; “You WILL do this, or risk kicking yourself in the ass until you die. And I will provide the steel-toed boot.” So, I DO have a calm, nurturing, generous, moving Imperial bosom upon which to lay my weary head, you see; I knew I would need one, some day, and the event of my wife’s Journey and mine dovetailing at that particular point in time was synchronicity at its most elegant. Thank Hermes Trismegistus that I met her! Her being in my life has allowed me to “break on through to the other side.” I am NOT saying that you need “the heterosexual experience” to evolve; I am saying that I did. My mother had poisoned women for me, and that needed to be healed. So, if I’m going to need to lay down with the lambs today and accept some kindness & generosity from a goddess of Love, I could do worse than Hathor/my wife. That’s it for today; no earthshaking revelations; no vulgarity so blistering it takes off nail polish, just some nice cards for an impatient man. Who is trying, real hard, to not be impatient, at least for today. I ask the Cosmos, with what humility I can summon in this prideful heart, to bless us ALL today with some down time, some R&R and above all a break from our own drives. So mote it be!    

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