Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 21Apr2016: my Heart today is out there trying to stoke up passion in the whole organism for the upcoming project with the 7 of Gold (Fire), while the Feather of Truth has snuck into the duvet of the Queen of Mallets (Earth) to live a life of ordered competence and cushioned perseverance. (Today’s deck is the *Masonic Tarot* by Patricio Diaz Silva. I have a good friend, a French dentist who is also a Freemason. I ask him to look at the Masonic and crypto-Masonic decks I buy to give me his “rating” of each deck. This one pleased him with its color presentation but he found it lacking in symbology, although what symbology is present is correct. He thought it errored a bit too much on the side of “To Be Silent.” [As of now, he still prefers the Bouchard Tarot on the subject; well, of course he does, he and it are French! LOL.] I must say that for purism, the Bouchard IS better, but this is handier & easier to manipulate, unlike the Bouchard; also, if you are familiar with the corpus of Masonic symbology and ritual, you can infer the necessities just by looking at one of these “shorthand” cards. It’s okay; not better, nor worse, than that. To be honest, if I’m going to “go Masonic,” I’d use the Bouchard. If you think you need a representative of that side of Tarot, go for the Jean Bouchard as well, while you can get it.) My Heart today lies in flame, the 7 of Gold to be exact. Yes, I know, you thought Pentacles at first, as did I! But no, Gold is the key, the shine of gold, the brilliance of Fire, plus the imaginary value system which places gold at the top. To be honest, I think it was a misguided choice for Fire: Earth, yes, but Fire as naked “Gold?” no. (Oh well, Señor Silva couldn’t give a rat’s ass what I think, so moving on . . .)In this deck our 7 of Gold (Golden Batons?) stands for Passion in Action, especially work-wise, and a projection of strength, wealth & expansion. Well, ho-ho-ho, that sounds like a FINE place for my Heart to be, in terms of this upcoming, “rock Mark’s world” project I will be manifesting (still unformed for me!) OF course it could equally be delusional, but then we might see the 7 of Cups rather than Gold. I‘ll take this as a fine dream and nothing more, one of my Heart’s desires, not realities, at least not yet. I’m not going to dwell here, but move right on to the Queen of Mallets as the holder of the Feather of Truth today. Mallets are our Earth suit in this deck; yeah, okay, we can let that one slide, it works, kind of . . . . I’m being informed, I believe, that for the growth of said idea/project I am going to need to either manifest (unlikely) or seek the partnership of (more likely) a Queen of Earth kind of person, and I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that it’s a woman (for the Balance, folks!)  I’m going to be the Fire and “Sturm und Drang”,
 I’m good at that – and I can DO the Queen of Earth thing, it is just that it isn’t “my thing,” you know? My rhinestones sparkle better if I don’t cover them in dish soap and furniture polish. “It’s a thankless job, but someone’s gotta do it.” You may believe me when I say that occasions have occurred where I have been called upon to provide the janitorial service, and have done so quite willingly, knowing THAT was my contribution in THAT scenario; here, however, I’m going to need someone else to do that, I need to focus more on the “meat” of the matter. And looky looky – here I am writing about this idea as if it is real and is going to happen, assuming that what the cards are picking out of me is the future course of action already chosen, dictated or offered and that I plan of following through with manifestation of it. Ha! I wasn’t aware I was quite so committed to what is still just a pipedream and so much smoke & mirrors in my imagination. I guess this calls for the final and ultimate word on the subject, “On verra.” LOLOL, “We’ll see.” I DO mean that with a smile and a brimming sense of good humor; I’m not trying to naysay my own projection from its inception. I’m just trying to be realistic, as if I had told you, “Yes, I’ve decided to go green and build my own hay-bale house with used soda can insulation.” Yes, it’s do-able, yes, it’s “Green,” but . . . me?? Does anyone who knows me see me doing that instead of pulling out my wallet in order to have it done? No-o-o, not really, those who know me would raise an eyebrow at the naiveté of someone who wholeheartedly believed it. Besides, I’m much more a “share the wealth” kind of guy, and I would rather help some guys make some money by building something for me than doing it inefficiently myself and eventually paying double to have it done right anyway! I’ve learned my lesson on that one, BUT . . . I don’t have that choice here, this MUST be “artisanal,” i.e. handmade, by me, with my own Intention & Will. So, even if I’m ham-handed about it, “I expect you to be polite and to compliment me for at least trying, do you understand, Virginia?” “Yes, Uncle Mark, I understand. But what if you come up with a real howler, an utter waste of time and about as attractive as a turd in a punchbowl, what then, Uncle Mark?” “Quit projecting, Virginia, or you can go visit Auntie XVIII.” SO there we have it – and no, no voyages into the esoterically exotic today, sometimes that stuff “jes’ wears me down, Momma, I swear, it jes’ wears me down.” I like to take mini-breaks from the esoteric, as much as I love it, because I think one HAS to if you are going to absorb any of it with a modicum of sanity and a dollop of good sense. I’m projecting an image of stodgy stability here, and believe me, I am the EXACT opposite of that, but it remains as a kind of fantasy ideal that I never want to REALLY reach but like to keep as a referent. Enough blahblah – I’m okay with today’s draw. Not spectacular, just gently insistent on this projected future “thing” in my life, this project. I can’t help but think of my Facebook friend Melanie, who tells me, more or less, “The masterpiece will arrive, but you need to do the sketches first.” I think she’s right – I’m still sketching because I NEED to be still sketching. It’s too soon to jump off the high board yet. But that will come, indeed, that will come. I pray that today the Cosmos blesses us ALL with Meaning & Purpose and the Grace to accept them.   


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