Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 07Apr2016: today my Heart is earnestly engaged in le ‘7 de Baton (Wands)’ while the Feather of Truth is investigating possibilities for the future with XIV Le Diable/ Force Majeure. Yes, this doesn’t sound at all right, does it, but don’t worry, it is, this is *Le Livre de Thoth : Tarot D’Etteilla* aka “Le Grand Jeu de l’Oracle des Dames” printed in 1870 in Paris, by Jean-Baptiste Alliette (spell his last name backwards.) This is one of our many ancestors, but an IMPORTANT one; our current, modern Tarot family owes a LOT to great-grandfather here. I have no need to write concerning this deck, there is a body of pre-existing literature about it. So, on to the reading, shall we? It’s an interesting, “positivist” look at the day, one could say. In an Etteilla deck the 7 of Wands is all about Negotiations with specific emphasis on youth & materialism, “or so they say.” If I look at this reading this morning I must take it as a unified whole, and more closely link the two cards today. The Feather of Truth is dancing around with the “Daemon” in XIV/14 LE Diable, who is NOT the Christian devil but more along the lines of the Greek daemon, an intermediary spirit between gods and men, as well as the title of “Force Majeure” which, interestingly enough, is defined in law as: “a force majeure clause normally excuses one (or both) parties from performance of a contract in some way on the occurrence of a specified event or events beyond their control.” 
It isn’t really “the Devil made me do it!” it is more “the Devil advised me to do it and I took the advice and did it.” “Responsibility stays at home where it belongs, Virginia; you do see the need for that?” “Yes, Uncle Waldo, I know the mantra. I am an adult; I am responsible for my life.” The daemon is your agent with the gods, negotiating not only YOUR deal but his 10% as well. So what I have going on here, ensemble, is my Heart looking towards youth and dynamism in my “preliminary talks” about an upcoming “bouleversement” in my life, one that embodies the new drive in me and those working with me. This MUST be the so-called “upcoming project” for which I seem to be psychically prepping myself, and for a while now at that. Well, I must say I’m glad I’m moving on; it was getting tiresome back there in the Swamps of Bloated Reflection. Just so you know, I DO get tired of the endless self-inspection, the introspection, the me, me, me-ism of it. IT is one of the main reasons I want to get on with it and get this Journey on down the Path of accomplishment – so I can shut the fuck up about what I didn’t understand and just be quiet and enjoy what I do now. As far as I’m concerned, the end goal shouldn’t be to be a talky bodhisattva, fuck that, and I suspect it is an oxymoron at any rate. (It’s a bit like taking my posts personally; what’s the point? You are going to argue with an opinion?? Point taken, I hope.) I know something intimately about my Journey that others don’t – I’m not in it for the money. Thank about that statement, and what can be substituted for the word money. Sometimes I look at these pasteboards and I think, “Well. Isn’t that nice & neat & tidy? Look to discussions with the young and more in-touch-materially to advance ‘the cause’ and yes, the upcoming project does involve a ‘force majeure’ in the form of ego development and the unforeseen, but if you are careful . . . .” I don’t forget to add, “Remember, cowboy, for the last few days XVI the Tower has been regularly showing up as well, so this is all looking like a friendly cataclysm, if such a thing exists.” I’m going for daily readings, and I’m getting “elements” – I’m having to add them up, one to the other, to arrive at what I am trying to communicate to myself, what my HGA, what the divine is trying to communicate to me, IN ORDER TO “lubricate” my position among the gears & cogs of the machinery of the local cosmos of which I am a part. I feel as if I am taking notes at a series of “engineering meetings” on how to build a better bridge “to the other side.” Well, let’s face it; I am. I can live with that. I think I’ll just cut it there today, no more snaky branches of knowledge slithering in to illuminate these two cards. Let ‘em stand there naked in the daylight, I can see ‘em better. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL ‘true sight’ and ‘clear vision’ to discern our Paths today!   

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