Thursday, April 7, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 08Apr2016 : my Heart is in the Ace of Pentacles this morning and the Feather of Truth has decided to go questing with the Knight of Wands. (Today’s deck is my “Hippy-Dippy-Groovy!-I-Was-At-Woodstock-Too!” deck, the *Pearls of Wisdom Tarot* by Roxi Sim. What can I say, the deck is fun. Loud and a bit difficult to read because it generates SO much visual interference, but fun. The cards ARE huge, though, so it is a LOT of color in a LOT of space, which is bearable. I like it, not love it, but I DO like it.) Today’s draw is agreeably pleasant, leading me to think that for the most part the cards (thus myself) are encouraging me to get off the bench and go play, go start the venture that has been marinating in the back of my cerebrum in a tepid grey liquid of neuron juice and Tarot images (gnostic alphabet soup?) Add some Cream of Will, some procedural spices, and voila! go poison customers, Mark! By Aphrodite’s nipples! I hope not! Whatever; the Ace here as my Heart is simply reaffirming my desire to manifest something good, something of Help & Aid, something that will actually ADD to people’s lives, not just fill space or become parasitical. A small thing, a grand thing, a seen or unseen thing, it doesn’t matter, as long as I MANIFEST it and it is manifested for the GOOD. Some of this is already clear in my mind, some is in absolute flux; I am beginning to reach out and grab the mist, however, and use it to create spinning whirlpools, concentrating the spirit, preparing it for manifestation, “thickening it up.”  It feels like star stuff, and you have to work at it to concentrate it. and once manifested, I/Tarot wants me to ride forth as 
the Knight of Wands with it,  and carry it forward into the world of founded and created ideas, aspirations and even wishes. There are symbols galore on these cards, if you want to drop a hit of LSD and pick up a magnifying glass and look for them; one has the choice of applying the Kabalistic or Alchemical frameworks to the cards, as well, if one is so moved. Me, I’m not thusly moved today. I don’t really WANT to know all of the arcane and gnostic esoterism today that trails along behind the cards like so many heavy, antique bridal veils of fossilized lace. I know what I’m looking at; “C’mon, Mark, oldbuddyoldpal, get off your ass and start to put things in motion, you’ve mentally played with yourself enough about this. Manifest it, pal, and then start to ‘take it out to the streets, hommie,’ which is about as Black as you are ever going to get, dude.” Grin. I AM cool with where I am at today, and at where the cards tell me I shall be spending the day, as well. I can do this; I can start to take the baby steps I need to take to get this “thing” up and eventually running, whatever “it” may be. I have an idea, but for now “St. Hilary” is the byword – believe it or not, in a wonderful little irony, Saint Hilary (one L) had her tongue cut out so she couldn’t audibly testify to her faith. I wonder if Mrs. Clinton would sacrifice hers for the Truth? LOLOL.  “Okay, wrap it up, Greta, and tell the food wagon to beat it.” I see, you see, we all see the straightforward message, and no, I am NOT going to go digging and finding arcane references that will tell us all, in the secret ideogram language of the Elders of Atlantis, ALL the mysteries of this Cosmos and many others. The Eye of Odin is down with a migraine and Huginn & Muginn are off drinking blackberry wine. I’m cutting it there. I pray that the Cosmos brings us ALL short, swift, glad tidings today and may we have the grace and good fortune to profit from them!    

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