Friday, April 8, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 09Apr2016: my Heart is in the 7 of Gods (Wands) today and the Feather of Truth has gone all anchorite on me and has joined V (the) Hierophant (Brunnhilde). (Today’s deck is *The Ring Cycle Tarot* by Allegra Printz w/ Arthur Rackham & Richard Wagner, of course! This is, of course, a beautiful Art deck from Schiffer (sigh.) I’m NOT a dyed-in-the-wool Rackham fan, but these ARE nice, I must admit, and of course like any great world mythology, the whole Ring of the Nibelung Cycle is absolutely friggin’ perfect! for a Tarot refit. As a matter of fact, this original fares much better with Tarot than its English knock-off, the Lord of the Rings, which fits slightly less comfortably with the Tarot. Mythology aside, Rackham is Rackham and you either like him or not – for me, he’s “mueehhh, yeah, okay.” As an art deck, of course, you are thrown on your own encyclopedic knowledge of the Tarot here (you DO have encyclopedic knowledge of the Tarot, DON’T you??), you’ll get precious little to no help from the card itself. That said, it’s pretty. Harrumph.) My Heart today “feels” like it is perfectly placed right there, right there in the 7 of Wands/Gods. The card’s illustration is called “Freia Is Taken Hostage”; it’s a rather involved tale involving frost giants & Odin & women as chattel. The point supposedly being that not only do we need to make an appeal for outside assistance but we must redouble our efforts ourselves, within, to win free of Oppression and Duress. A good lesson to be sure, just not particularly apt in the situation; I’m less being held hostage to old ideas or any form of immobility than I am by lack of vision on this particular point. To put it short(ly) an’ sweet(ly), folks, “What the fuck am I doing? What do I want to manifest, here?” I need to be sure, SURE, that I am manifesting something that is MOST DEFINITELY going to be for my and the greater good, without harm to any “and malice against none,” as they say. (It’s a little-known fact that “they” were a group of bachelor lexicologists living in Edwardian-era New York, in Manhattan, who “received” and wrote down the Book of Trite Axioms for all time. For further information, consult “The Life and Times of ‘They’: Anal Retentives in Edwardian America” A. Crowley, Incubus Press, 1947.)  In many ways it seems to me that this card is again counseling that I seek input, other voices, and reach dynamic consonance. And Ah-ha! just to double-whammy your head, fella’, here’s V as the roost for the Feather of Truth! Ha! Eat that! 
Well, in this instance I find “that” particularly edible. V (the) Hierophant here is Brunnhilde, the Norse equivalent of Athena, the “son that should have been,” and dear to her father’s (Odin, Zeus) Heart. This is, in fact, an incarnation of XI Justice, who is, as we all know, one of my “corps of guides,” so to speak – the Archetypes that show up most often for me, to teach, to inform, to share, sometimes even to joke & carry on together; not animal spirit guides, but similar in a “Tarot equivalent” kind of way. I find that with and in their company, the ability to dissolve one realm and enter another is far, far easier. Back to V, (the) Hierophant. At the same time as I am seeing out concordance and unity of thought on the exterior, my interior quest MUST continue apace, hell, it even needs to pick up the pace! I can live with all of this this morning, quite easily, it isn’t world-shaking advice but it is vaguely encouraging and reassuring that I’m still somewhere along the Path, heading in the right direction. It’s a short read today; the cards are not particularly encouraging of deep delving into the tripartite nature of the Illusion today - ha ha! in other words, no kabbalalchemicastrological analysis of these cards & their relation: Go Social But Stay Strong/ Go Private Grow Wise. That is enough of a gnostic riddle as anyone needs to resolve this spring morning of the year 2016 C.E., (if you believe in linear time. I hear the FlatEarthers are giving a Tea on Sunday; are you bringing the scones?) So, I shall pack the Ring Tarot up and file it away with other lovely art decks that I may or may not see again before they become useless to me. Ah! I find that oddly amusing. I think I may re-look at things from the ground up today, and see if I haven’t, perhaps, maybe, just a ghost-of-a-chance, mistaken one project for another and am now barking up a lovely but ill-placed tree. The bone MAY be buried under that OTHER tree, just over there . . . . May the Cosmos help us ALL find the “right” tree today!      

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