Saturday, April 9, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 10Apr2016 : today my Heart is riding high with the King of Disks and the Feather of Truth is off with a dust rag polishing the six multihedrons in the 6 of Disks. (Today’s deck is, of course, the *Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler & Michael Dowers. After my periple among the “Magical Albino Elephants” decks & such, I needed to “come home” & touch base. It was 50/50 between this deck and a Robert Pace *Alchemical*, and this got the fall of the coin.) “Well, it’s gonna be a Taurus day!!” (donning his shades & shaking his Speedo-ed booty, Thoth sought an empty deck chair.) Right off the top, it looks as if my Heart is happily fantasizing about parading in front of the mirror dressed in the robe of the King of Wands, Mr. Responsible, whereas the Feather of Truth has adopted a somewhat more admonitory tone by placing in value the 6 of Disks, and the amalgam of the construct of my part in the machinery of society and keeping the machine running “as steadily & strongly as a bull.”  So today is all about the Bull, and I have a Taurus Moon in the 9th House in my Natal Chart. To be right up front with it, I’m uncomfortable with Taurus & Taureans; my father was a textbook Taurean and his brusque energy wasn’t a natural fit with the original me. I adapted, of course, but I was never “at ease” around the rude bonhomie of a Taurean. So my Moon is in the House of God, a rude, forthright Taurus “bulling around” in the china shoppe. I believe it is important to remember that this King is an Initiated Being; he knows what he is doing (or is supposed to know!) He is about being the ultimate Good Shepherd to his people & his kingdom, making sure that the “wealth of the material” continues to be a source of nourishment for the ENTIRE realm, not just his part of it. Being king is a thankless job, we all know that, deep down; and despite the “bling!” that usually goes with the position, we all have that same instinctive, involuntary recoil when asked if we’d like the job, “Uh, no, not really, too much BS, politics and heartache, thank you!”  
So-o-o, my point being that I am much too jaded to fall for any romantic nonsense about being this rustic rhubarb king. He IS an admirable man, and YES, I can use more of the Taurean energies than I am currently using, and I SHOULD do so. Okay, okay, I hear you, but please don’t try to lead my soul astray; he has already been warned about strangers with candy. What is far more useful to the day is the more quotidian truth of the 6 of Disks.  Here is Venus in Taurus, throw in some Tiphareth, mix well & serve! (Stirred, not shaken; don’t bruise the Tiphareth.) To paraphrase the accompanying book, the face lesson of this card is learning your worth. It is also about the balance between the natural surroundings and the “Platonic solids” in their circles, and the fruit of the balance which is social longevity and fruitfulness. Not to put too fine a point on it, it looks as if I would be well advised to pull my Heart out of the clouds and pay attention to my REAL value here in this realm and not some idle, hairy-palmed fantasy about being a bounteous AND sybaritic AND hedonistic king. That I can do easily enough – getting a grip and “making it real” are old talents that I developed long ago when I first did battle with my ego and super-Id. I’m keeping it short today, just because I can, and I’m going to keep the end short, too: May the Cosmos help us ALL “get a grip & make it real” today!    

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