Saturday, April 30, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 01May2016 : my Heart is in VIII The Balance and the Sword (Justice) while the Feather of Truth has whisked off to fan the brow of the hanging man, XII The Victim. (Today’s deck is the *Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka. This is one of my very favorite decks, as I find it ALWAYS comes through clearly, profits from Egyptian theming, and in general is a fine working deck. A workhorse, which I greatly appreciate in a world filled with diva decks that take pampering, high salaries & imported chocolates to coax to sing even one note. All you deck creators out there – please don’t forget functionality when you design those Technicolor wonders, okay?) (And on a personal note, please avoid “mutant-eyed precious moppets” and designing for “the little child that lives inside us all” – I killed the leech-child, and the moppet trope is pedophilic.) As my Heart card today, I have received VIII, The Sword & The Balance, aka Justice. First of all, I must jump over my inner prejudice, because I believe this card should be Strength, with Justice placed at XI. I have my own reasons for preferring that schema, not the least of which is plain, simple logic. This isn’t the arena for that discussion, however, so onwards. I can “justify” my Heart being in Justice right now; I find that I am being called upon to render judgment, both inner AND outer, on a variety of things that ALL have to do with people’s spiritual characters and their means and motives. Inner Justice may demand redress, but how it I applied is up to MY judgement (or yours, in the general.) Sometimes simply leaving a thing, dropping interest can be a form of negation and rejection that is fairly mild, non-violent and non-confrontational. Don’t get me wrong; I fear nothing about confrontation – my feeling is simply, “Why work yourself up to fever pitch like that, to glow red and shoot lasers from your eyes if you don’t have to do that?” Conservation of energy, folks, conservation of energy. Save your battle Berserker mode for the battles that matter and that MUST be fought in that manner. I like to go Juggernaut every once in a while, too, it lets off ALL the system-steam, but the price is exorbitantly high, so you can only indulge very rarely. I have been called upon this past week to render a lot of judgements in the emotional arena, as well, and I can only hope I have acquitted myself with a modicum of dignity and appropriateness of response. I KNOW I have deliberately suppressed any emotional content to my recent judgements, as it is so likely to cloud issues I don’t WANT clouded (which implies there are others I DO.) This Arcanum is Venus living in Cancer, in the sphere of Chesed, and as such s-p-e-l-l-s out Cosmic Order for us. It assumes we are neophytes (we ARE) to the real process of Judgement, and that we need to learn in order to advance, not only Justice for others but more importantly Justice FOR ourselves – we are so often the defendant in a pitiless charade of a trumped-up tribunal rather than a fair hearing. 
Today my Heart is facing and welcoming Arcanum XII, The Victim, or The Hanged Man, as I prefer. “The Victim” as a label implies all sorts of wrong notions. This is VOLUNTARY self-sacrifice; this is Duty. This is the Moon in Aries, signifying a reversal of attitudes, a new orientation and thus a transformation. It also represents the abandonment of the material and the necessity to “do whatever it takes” to continue the Journey and reach enlightenment. (The Ibis Tarot’s card looks simple but is actually chock-full of symbolism, between the palms and their cropped leaves and the manifestation of Spirit in the Material and the relentless push of the Zodiac to grow, grow, grow, it’s all there . . . grin, you just need to “see” the deck’s language.) In personal application to myself, rendering Justice can often mean “breaking the comfortable, moving on, trying new things,” because as I age, I do indeed become less adventurous, EXCEPT on the Spiritual front, where I become nearly reckless. I need to recognize my Duty, as well, something I am ALWAYS loathe to do; I’ve had a lifetime of it, and “now I’m big enough to beat you up if you try to make me do it again!” LOL, just like a teenager, eh?  WHAT my duty is here, in one particular instance currently “under observation,” is unknown to me, other than temporary measures I can enact immediately. I’m once again on that fun carnival ride, The Learning Curve. So, buckle your seat belt, Mark, you’ve got some twists and turns to go through, and maybe a few high-speed downhill scares, but if you persevere you will exit at the finish with newly-acquired knowledge worth having.”  I have never had an antipathetic response to the Hanged Man, as a matter of fact; he has always struck me as a rather friendly and certainly obliging fellow, willing to sacrifice himself like that for the gain. I would like to be able to say that, under similar circumstances, I bear myself with as much dignity and courage as the Archetype does. Yet each time the situation comes around one must “present” one’s willingness for self-sacrifice yet again; that is just the nature of the game. And finally, today I must seek out what, indeed, receiving both Justice AND Judgement on International Labor Day (May 1st) could possibly mean for me, a retired Tarot-oriented sloth. Therefore; today I ask the Cosmos to bless us all with Discernment and Fair Judgment, in order to see clearly and without obstacle the Path ahead of us.  

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