Saturday, April 23, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 23Apr2016: today my Heart lies in IV the Star while the Feather of Truth has comfortably ensconced itself in the 9 of Alembics (Cups), « Happiness. » (Today’s deck is *The Mutational Alchemy Tarot* by m1thr0s and Izi Ningishzidda, of the Abrahadabra Institute. This is a “heavy” deck, and that means that this isn’t your granny’s Tarot. This is very heavily magickal stuff, straight from the realms of Thelema and the most serious practices of western esotericists. It’s a deck with which to work magick. Mr. T. Inglis turned me on to this deck & its school of thought, and I am grateful. If you want to embark on a reading that is simply downright deadly-serious, this is the deck. Not to say that the deck is deadly, of course it isn’t! but there is NOTHING about this deck that in ANY WAY lends itself to the frivolous reading or light of heart interpretation. This is magick with military discipline. You’ve traded in your My Little Pony bicycle for a Land Rover. Get ready to change your name to Blood777RingsOfSaturn and kick your mother-in-law to the curb, you’ve got shit to do! It’s a wonderful, magickal deck, and very, very serious business, so I wouldn’t recommend it for any but the most diehard of Journeyers, alchemists, magicians and Tarologues.) I’m starting the day with my Heart in Atu IV, the Star. (Yes, we’re going that way – Atus and changed names and attributes. It all makes magickal sense, trust me.) Let’s take a gander at the data on this “new” Atu first, and then we’ll briefly look at how it works. In the Hebrew alphabet, this is the letter: ה Hé; the number 5; on the Path from Sephira #2 (Chokmah) to Sephira #4 (Chesed.) Yes, I know . . . “WTF are you doing, Mark?? The Star is XVII!! Put it back! Put it back before the sky falls!!” Wrong, Chicken Little. There is a reason for this, and a lot of it has to do with, yes, guess who, Aleister Crowley. This is neither the time nor space nor place to get into it, but Crowley participated in the deliberate misplacement of the Star & Emperor Atus to confuse the false initiate. Here is what Mutational Alchemy has to say about the Star: “Mutational Alchemy is not concerned with cataloging astrological ideas so much as it is interested in the anatomics [sic] of the Body of Light as outlined in Tantricism [sic] and alluded to time and time again through most of the great Mystery Traditions down through the ages. . . Thus the only star that very much concerns us here is the star of Consciousness itself. That this type of Star may find certain parallels among Heavenly stars should come as no great surprise as the laws of physics that govern the Without are very often echoed seamlessly in the Within. Hermetic Alchemy has known this for a very long time and Mutational Alchemy is a specialized extension of Hermetic Alchemy seeking to capture a falsifiable physics of the *Star* that we (humans) ultimately are.” Well . . . umm . . . harrumph! . . .well, yes. The emphasis here is on the Higher Self and not an exterior force. “The Star image depicted here is built upon the balancing of both Manifest and Hidden paths within the Tree of Life. The 22 Manifest Paths are better understood by most students of qabalah or modern western magickal disciplines . . . Lesser known are the 16 Hidden Paths. These are legitimate paths not included in the 22 Manifest Paths system that, otherwise, operate exactly the same way. Together, they form a coherent glyph in themselves, looking strikingly like some exotic Diamond. Thus it is typically referred to in Mutational Alchemy as the *Hidden Diamond*. The Star as depicted here is rooted in the premise that the alchemical marriage of these two great Pathworkings is preeminently the Key to Body of Light Wholeness, and thus to Higher Self and finally Completion. It is a visual mapping of these two great cosmological divisions coming together in undivided balance and equilibrium. This is the meaning of the Great Work as defined in Mutational Alchemy and is deemed the most viable road accessible to us leading out of the darkness and on to the stars for every human being.” And there you have it, nothing small-time about that is there? My Heart is in strange territory indeed if it is voyaging there, but for today, I believe I need to consider “my Heart” in a MUCH larger context, even conflated with “Destiny,” as it is here in this card. “Hoping” forward, I see the Feather of Truth has taken to his cups with the 9 of Alembics, “Happiness.” 
(If you were just idly wondering how many stray alembics you have in the kitchen, trust me, you have none. It’s an alchemical vessel.) The 9 of Alembics, AKA “Happiness”, the Water of Luna (Yesod) and is also Jupiter in Pisces. Here again, we have a slightly different interpretation of the pip card: “In Water of Luna we have an ethereal and psychic kind of emotional vibe, everything is in tune with the deepest and highest levels of consciousness. Jupiter in Pisces further underscores the idea of a high and ethereal consciousness. It is easily Happiness as it is also good luck and good vibes. Generally speaking the 9’s have more to do with mankind’s future growth and development than any other card, so in spreads it will tend to advise on self-improvement. This card advises us to find our bliss, and this in turn will lead to a more natural kind of prosperity than the artificial job where the work is unhappy and the only purpose is money. The Tetractys on the front of the spaceship is central as is the Saturn sigils to the meaning of the 9 of Alembics. The basic idea is that of balance and power. The card may have a lot of power behind it but it will be manageable and steady.” As far as Happiness goes, you have to admit that isn’t a bad rundown of where you want to be going: your bliss. Of course, like everyone else, I am sick unto death of hearing that fucking imbecilic “Follow your bliss!” However, given the source here, I can at least remove the scorn from my assessment and take it at face value. On a more mundane note, my wife & I celebrated our wedding anniversary last night and Happiness was very much present in the air as we congratulated each other on caring enough to work at it and turning a good thing into a great thing. Our Journeys have been in tandem for a bit now, and we can grok the benefits of the partnership. So bring it on; Happiness is work, but it is GOOD work. I am over-prolix today, so I shall cut it there. I enjoy taking the little-known backroads in Tarot and today’s reading, while actually very basic, has taken on some very exotic vestments. “Mark, your Heart desires, with all of its being, to manifest the Star of your Consciousness in the establishment of your seat. Consider the work of Happiness and be content, the Path continues to open before you and the vessel you have and are creating.” Well . . .okay, then. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the opportunity to have our work contribute to our own Happiness and Enlightenment. Okay, then! Everybody on the bus!    

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