Thursday, May 12, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 13May2016 : today my Heart is contemplating a choice in VI Gli Amanti (the Lovers) while the Feather of Truth has flown off to the Water to search out the 3 of Cups to signal me that partnership is discovered, needed & welcomed, or the harmonious creation of a network of support. (Today’s deck is the *Tarocco Soprafina di F. Gumppenberg* pub. 1835 Milano, re-issued by ‘Il Meneghello’ di O. Menegazzi, Milano 1992. It is reputedly the most beautiful Tarot de Marseille-style deck ever published; I can’t speak with any authority to that, but it is certainly a VERY beautiful deck! Normally when using a TdeM, I like to drift towards using Yoav Ben-Dov’s ‘Open Reading’ method, but a 2-card draw doesn’t really allow for that, so . . . I drew a third card, but not from the Tarot deck, but from the *Oracle of Visions* by Ciro Marchetti, and received #46, Connections, which made the entire reading much more sensible & comprehensible. The Soprafino IS a gorgeous Tarot; while I have no idea of the size of the original cards, these are small and sharp-edged, so as with a bouquet of roses, attention! There are thorns. (J)) My Heart today flew straight away to VI, the Lovers as surely as if I had willed it to go there – ha-ha.  The card is Inspiration, choice, communication between human beings. Love is the fundamental experience for mastery of the earth plane is understood in the symbolism. This card is the sign Virgo of the Zodiac; in the human constitution the sign Virgo means the nervous system and everything acting as an organ as well as the relatively 'virginal matter' which is extracted from food and will build up the body. . . “this card does not say 'love' but 'lovers' (in the French edition of the cards the singular is used: l’amoureux). Evidently the meaning is this: what makes man feel 'amorous' is his sensuousness, the word used in the strictly philosophical and biological meaning of receptivity of the senses for agreeable, caressing, benefic, gratifying vibrations. The same receptivity, however, exists on the other hand for disagreeable, painful, disturbing, malefic vibrations. . . consequently stamping the whole of manifestation with the law of duality of 'good' and 'evil.'” ( This goes claw in glove with the birthing of the ideas I am having lately about taking my Tarot experience outside of myself in some fashion; I am told time & again that as one of my gifts is communication, I should look for my answer there, in Communication of my ideas on Tarot, and my commitment to the Path and the Journey. I have made a tentative beginning on this by accepting 1 student, and as days are early one cannot foresee the result, but it feels Hopeful. 

Thus I have seen the Feather of Truth this morning wing its way to the 3 of Cups. The traditional interpretation for this card is success, happy issue, lucky solution, victory, accomplishment, cure, healing, and fulfilment. In the element Water, the house of friends, in theory the 3 brings concord & friendship, but in this airy house it is more platonic than that of the foregoing 2. “Moreover this house has to do with commerce and business, and the card favors them beyond a doubt, giving a good understanding of opportunity and of the character and wishes of those with whom we have to do, so that we can supply what they ask.” (TarotLore) Again, I have a favorable “nest” for the Feather with regard to the matter occupying my existence at the moment. This reading is extremely benign on the matter of my “coming out & going forth” to test the waters on whether there is any ear for my voice. I hope so, in an odd & hesitant way, and have been and am being highly encouraged by my subconscious to do so, through the cards. Also, I have the intuition that the Cosmic vibe is okay with this, that it won’t come to cross-purposes with me about the inception of this idea. In line with earlier reservations about reading with just 2 TdeMarseille cards, I drew a 3rd card, but nor from Tarot, from an oracle deck called the *Oracle of Visions* by Ciro Marchetti. 

 I received #46, Connections, (Putting the Pieces Together, Coming to Conclusions.) Perfect! Its LWB gives “To the question of your life you are the answer, and to the problems of your life you are the solution. –Joe Cordare. Finding your true self gradually, searching for connections, relationships, and gradually, despite failures, an image forms & clarity manifests itself from the confusion. The process is self-reinforcing. . . .” (adapted from the LWB.) This third card fleshes out the Feather, so to speak, and gives substance to the Heart’s choice today, VI Gli Amanti. I pronounce myself happy with today’s reading; I am reaffirmed in my decision to take myself “public,” so to speak, and let other people see the wrinkles in my grey matter. I ask the Cosmos to gift us ALL today with Happy Purpose. Be Well!    

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