Sunday, May 1, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 02may2016 : today my Heart is reaping the sheaves with #13 Immortality, while the Feather of Truth has migrated to #26 The Prodigy in order to resurrect them in the next life. (Today’s deck is *The Eternal Tarot* by Samael Aun Weor, ‘le nom d’ésotérisme’ of Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez, a Latin mystic & founder of the Universal Christian Gnostic Movement. He is controversial, but his Tarot is excellent! In the Egyptian theme style with numbered Arcana. Profound Tarot of the gnostic “brand,” as full of ambiguities as a Swiss cheese is of holes but fascinating, and the holes DO disappear if you follow the system’s logic from A to z. I love this deck, I find it deep & meaningful, but be warned it does take smatterings of knowledge from the bigger branches of esoterism; astrology, classical astronomy, Kabbalism, numerology, Goetia & of course mythology, this time of the ancient Egyptian variety, as well as the history of ancient Egyptian magic, such as it is [the history, not the magic!] Obviously the deck isn’t meant as “classical Tarot” but falls in line with the many decks conforming to the “Enlightened” tradition in the gnostic branch of Tarology.) I wasn’t in the mood for anything even hinting at the frivolous this morning, so I chose the Eternal Tarot because it is “almost” impossible to joke with THAT deck. (Oh, you can, but you have to be a dedicated & diehard Fool, like me. There is wisdom in the Fool, don’t knock me! Grin.) My Heart wanders today in the Fields of the Blessed with the Reaper as companion on a Voyage of Change. There is no better way to introduce you to the strangeness of this deck (strange to Joe the Plumber) than to simply give you the quote entire from the accompanying “LWB” on Arcanum #13: “ 13: Immortality  ¶  The Thirteenth Arcanum is death, but also can signify something new, it can be wealth; it can be misery. It is a number with a great synthesis.  ¶  The Thirteenth Arcanum contains the Gospel of Judas. Judas represents the death of the “I.” The Gospel of Judas is the gospel of death; it is the gospel of the dissolution of the ego. Judas symbolizes the ego, which must be decapitated.  ¶  Hebrew Letter: Mem מ  ¶  Timetable Fourth Hour of Apollonius: “The neophyte will  wander at night among the sepulchers, will experience the horror of visions, and will be submitted to magic & Goetia (this means that the disciple will see that he is being attacked by millions of black magicians within the astral plane. Those tenebrous magicians attempt to drive the disciple away from the luminous path).”  ¶  Transcendental Axiom: “Night has passed and a new day has arrived, then thou shall be dressed with weapons of light.”  ¶  Forecasting Element: Guarantees disappointments, death of affections, refusals for that which is solicited, collapse, pure enjoyments and gladness for the soul, improvements with painful enjoyment, help of friends; renewal of conditions, the good ones for the worse and the bad ones for the better.”  (S.A.W.) And there you have it. Now, I DO believe that a LOT depends on how well your “personal translator” works for you, how you have trained it and what you have trained it to translate to and from as systems of thought. I can translate all of that above; whether you can, only you can say. To me, it is the death of one way of living and the change to another, which, BY THE WAY, is exactly what is going on in my life right now as I make some major adjustments to the material framework & system that supports my inquiries into the Tarot, Gnosticism and metaphysical thought in general. I am going through a Point of Change, is the point. 
This Arcanum is simply telling me what I already know – I needed to change to continue, I needed to “die” in order to live, now in a new framework. The fact that it is Mercury in Gemini only confirms this: Change, the Energy says it’s time to move! “And where are we moving to, Daddy Warbucks?” “We are moving into my new house, Annie. We are moving into #26 The Prodigy!” I know, I just KNOW, that the gods awoke this morning and said to each other, “Let’s make a card just for Mark!” LOL. I feel like this card SO very much recently, in terms of what LIES AHEAD for me in terms of my personal realization and growth. I honestly feel great things coming for me personally, in terms of growth, the Path and my quest for enlightenment. I am NOT talking about “performing signs and wonders,” as “prodigies” are usually expected to do, like performing animals in a circus. There is NO plan in the works for any book or grimoire from the hand of Mad Mark the Montpellierain, believe me. Grin. I am simply feeling AND thinking very positively about “my future,” so to speak – I have to chuckle a bit, because the word “future” becomes SO limiting in the beginning conceptions of what I believe to be coming. Time will become evidently transparent. The card itself is about Saturn, the letter X and the number 8. All GOOD signs for me, personally, things/areas I tend towards by Nature anyway. I have ALWAYS searched a way to create the astounding and marvelous, and I feel my turn in the center ring approaching. The card is also about Justice and Manifestation, two concepts/thoughts/& cards that are almost an obsession for me. Tailor-made, I’m telling you . . . . In divinatory terms, the card “promises” “fulfilling episodes, threatening dangers, surprising events, unthought teachings.” (LWB, emphasis mine.) This is a wondercard, and important to the historical me in many ways too tedious to explain. Let’s just say I love today’s draw! I ask the Cosmos today to give to us ALL unremembered hopes from the past now fulfilled with joy. Life! Health! Prosperity!  

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