Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 10May2016 : my Heart is “lost in the vaps” today, dreamily contemplating the 6 of Earth (Coins) “Beauty”, while the Feather of Truth, feeling the need of some exercise, has gone off to race with the 8 of Fire (Wands) “The Lightning Path.” (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of the Spirit* by Joyce Eakins, book by Pamela Eakins, Ph.D. It is a curious creature: while the artwork on the cards is STRONGLY reminiscent of Crowley/Harris’s Tarot, the ranking system is RWS. The deck is a promising one, and works very well. Easy to read, clear in card message, this is a lovely, useful Tarot deck, but I find that it isn’t MORE than that; it is a working Tarot but not one with that “magic spark.” Yes, perfectly alright, I agree, but . . . there is that missing spark that says to you, “THIS guy/gal KNEW what s/he was doing when s/he created the deck!” The deck is accompanied by 3 massive volumes of expensive back-up literature, of which one is useful; the eponymous book about the cards themselves, whereas the other two are full of the “support theories” in metaphysics of the author/sister, Pamela Eakins.) On to the draw. The 6 of Earth is a great and comfortable place for my Heart; a well-heated chateau full of balanced material energy and the open knowledge that this stream of benefic harmony comes directly from the higher consciousness. There is nothing wrong with having the full surfeit of material energy at one’s disposal; again, the key to enjoying it is “Temperance,” or the harmonious blending of ALL the energies to produce the blossoming of full material integration, and the pleasure therein. This is the Moon in Taurus and . . . voilà! My Moon is in Taurus! “Quelle coïncidence! cried Mme. Defarge.” This is the direct result of my actions, and not reactions, over the last few days to not only progress on the Path but also restore a bit of calm & order to some troubled waters in my ambiance: I took my own advice seriously, considered the cards, and acted accordingly. Yes, I know, you’re saying, “So what? Isn’t that what you are supposed to do?” Well, yes, technically speaking, but how often DO we opt out of that already designated clear path for one of our own design which we are sure will get us to our destination more effectively and quickly? We are usually wrong, right? HA! Caught you! And thus it is with me today; I don’t often get the chance to strain my muscles and pat myself on the back for listening like a good student. My Heart is a happy camper today, down there in his starred & rainbow-colored meditations, enjoying his own company.
 I shall try not to disturb him & not make waves today. The Feather of Truth, leaving his companion-in-fortune with the 6, has moved on in a need for action and now rides the Lightning Path, the 8 of Fire (Wands.) This is Mercury in Sagittarius, and while I am sympathetic and can attune to Sag, he isn’t me, not really, and of course that is fine, the Universe needs all of us for a good soup. Here in the 8, “This is a high energy period for initiating change; you have a sense of fast movement, rapid growth; you are achieving a broader base of human and spiritual knowledge and potential; energy is coming to you, but it is as if you have to reach up to meet it; stretch yourself and you will grow; the perception of love creates the most powerful of all energies, remember this in your period of development.” (“Tarot of the Spirit” by Pamela Eakins, Ph. D., Weiser Books, Boston, 1992.) I know where this is coming from; this is the Feather gloating a bit that I am going to be regularly challenged now by my committed and quietly enthusiastic new student, (and it suddenly occurs to me that I need to figure out how to deal with a small issue, i.e. mentioning him from time to time in these posts. I shall await inspiration & the propitious moment to consult the Tarot [maybe] on that one!) Well, perhaps Truth IS right, after all, because I feel the same although of course in a gentler light, as in, “Excellent! An opportunity that doesn’t come along every day!” This is all brand new, of course; our “relationship” has only newly hatched, so all is possibility, nothing is accomplishment . . . yet. I am hopeful, however, something I rarely am with any degree of innocence, that this will go places that will benefit both of us in ways as yet unimaginable. The Truth rather “vibrates” to that idea, that thought – that perhaps I have finally found something that will satisfy my Need, deep down, to impart, to teach, to pass along, so that I, too, may have my “spiritual descendants & Descendance.” By Min’s phallus! I hope that doesn’t sound as pretentious as I think it may, I certainly don’t mean to strain my elbow here. Yet, I do know what I’m about, I know that. I am completely assured of my competency to perform this duty, which as any teacher of any degree in any subject will tell you, is more than half the battle; if you don’t have confidence, you’ve already lost the war. (There is a reason why adolescents are SO good at pushing buttons, especially on teachers; they’ve learned a lack of confidence is fatal, and are still young enough to have no compunctions about exploiting that knowledge. Psst – know any adults like that, too?)  At any rate, I need to step up the pace a bit to keep pace with the Feather, if I wish to keep the Truth in sight today. I ask the Cosmos today to lend us ALL wings for our feet as we keep pace with our Truths today. Be Well.   

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