Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 11May2016 : my Heart is nestled down with a prickle of hedgehogs (yes, the name of a grouping!) in the 10 of Wands and the Feather of Truth today has put on shades and snuck into the courtroom to hear the interesting case before XI Justice (aka Mom.) Meow, squeak; the verdict seems a bit preordained. (Today’s deck is, of course, *The Alice Tarot* by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahoney. I’ve always shied away from buying this deck, not being an A-in-W fan, but I had a good look at the images recently, and found them “disconnective” (to be “disconnected” from your normal frame of daily reference) enough to be a good reason to purchase the deck. I’m glad I did, I rather like it, for one of “those kind” of themed decks. One cannot fault its production or artistry, although I might recommend that the publishers put a copy of the novel in with every deck, as the LWB is basically useless; at least the original is entertaining. I‘ll keep it in rotation for a while, to see if it stays in use or goes into my Cabinet of Curiosities, already over-replete with cheesy decks. But I think not – it feels like a winner.) My Heart starts the day ensconced amid a prickle of hedgehogs, which is probably just as descriptive of the “state of feeling” implied by this card as the man usually carrying 10 staves. If my Heart is indeed here today, then he must be calmly contemplating the tasks of the day ahead and wondering if it is time yet to chuck it all and run away to America for a life of fast red cars and hot blonde babes. I don’t particularly like fast cars & “blonde babes,” but you get the idea. (Well, there is one, but that’s on a different continent on a different ocean!) No, I’m not feeling particularly burdened, although I HAVE noticed lately the “Weight of Expectation” my “entourage” has built up around me, in terms of a standing “Paterfamilias” and all that that requires. *I have never seen myself as a Paterfamilias of ANY family, but I suppose I am now, as heteroclite as this family is, and standing in as the eldest functioning male.  My wife, especially, takes a kind of glee in reminding me of it, as if she caught me trying to escape it; she makes me laugh. And if there is any doubt, anywhere, about my efficacy in the role, let me assure you that I can “Wing it!” with the best of them. Ha! I don’t feel unfairly burdened; I feel a bit handicapped, is all, in that my eyes were opened rather late to the extent of the responsibilities, duties & rather remote joys of the role. It means, basically, “Hey, pal, Man up!” without the pejorative sense of “drop your intelligence and pump up your testosterone.” I’m not worn out with my new tasks yet, so at this point in the Journey, this old man is going to carry the prickle a while longer, thank you. This brings me to the rather unfortunate depiction of XI Justice here in this deck. DO you get the feeling, as do I, that the trial is perhaps already fatally rigged against the defendant? LOL. I am not overly familiar with the book to the point of knowing if this mirrors a story in the novel, but as an illustration it is sardonic, ironic and more than a bit cynical. The deck’s LWB is truly grim, with an interpretation of:
 “Justice-for good or bad. Someone who pretends to be fair, but isn’t. Watch out! Don’t trust someone who is telling you what to do. A “cat & mouse” game – being lured into something under false pretences.” (LWB) Wow, that is about as paranoid an interpretation of the Justice card as I have EVER heard! And, F-A-R from how I view XI Justice (and Thank Osiris! for small favors! The “correct” numbering . . . harrumph!) , believe me. I have always been drawn to the Arcanum, despite the coldness usually radiating from her magnificent breast (the French “poitrine” is really more descriptive.) I don’t fear Justice, but I don’t always trust her motivations either, having too often, in 64 years of life, either seen or experienced her miscarriages. (And by the way, what is that about, anyway? Justice is, by agreement, a virgin goddess; what the hell is she doing having “miscarriages”?) (Ah, Wordplay; Scrabble for the verbose.) But I can identify with Justice’s incarnate desire to see “Right” maintained, and Balance Restored & Kept. She is, after all, Ma’at, and this is her spread and I am her acolyte (umm – you know what I mean.) I entreat the Cosmos in her name to help me restore Balance in myself, so that I may progress on the Path. So, IF I were giving predictive readings at a county fair in Bumfark, Idaho, I might tell Mrs. Potatohead that yes, she has assumed the new duties willingly as she asserts, has not dropped them (assuming she gives me the info that she wants the new duties but has doubts) and that she is both praying for and hoping to represent Justice in her new role & duties. She prays for Balance and moderation, to be “Fair”; if she is diligent, she can make that be the case. “Thanks for the huckleberry pie, Dorothy. No, hon, that’s fine, you know me. Have a great day, & remember! Apply yourself to BEING Fair and Just and you will receive it from the Cosmos in return.” So Dorothy goes away happy AND thoughtful AND mindful of her new responsibilities, and I eat some delicious huckleberry pie as a reward for my reading. That sounds like a good deal to me. So I shall ask the Cosmos to let us ALL incarnate a bit of Justice in our lives today. Be Well!   

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