Sunday, May 15, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 16May2016: my Heart is feeling exalted in very heavy brocaded robes and LOTS of jewelry in the company of V The Master of the Arcana (sic: the proofreader left an –s- on Arcana, which is already plural. Let us all weep for the proofreader’s soul; he found death at the hands of an editor.) While my Heart is trying on hierophantic drag the Feather of Truth has landed on one of its favorite perches, X the Sphinx. (Today’s deck is, of course, the *Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka. One of my most trusted decks; it is in the Egyptian format.)  Well, I came up early in the cards today (V & X) and that is understandable in that I asked the Scales this morning to skip the detail work and just check in with a quick status report. They have.  My Heart is feeling just a bit self-satisfied, but in fact realistic, because of his upcoming mentoring responsibilities. I know the drill, I know the Code of Conduct, and I look forward to participating in this new relationship of mentor & pupil. 
(I shall most likely keep any detailed information about our sessions private, at least for the time being. Generalities are always open game.) All of the “backstory” on V is known for the moment, so moving on I see I’ve pulled X the Sphinx as where the Feather of Truth abides today. Chance, up & down, the engine of the Universe, etc.etc. Got it. The truth is, Mark that it is ALL a crapshoot, at least down here in Malkuth. But I know that, and I am equanimeous about it. That is all the time I am willing to devote to the draw today. I wish to inform my readers that as of tomorrow, 17May2016, my Scales of Ma’at readings will STILL be available on an almost-daily basis (you know me, sometimes I skip) on my blog,, but I have decided to stop posting them altogether on Facebook, for the time being. I ask the Cosmos today to bless us ALL with Purpose, Determination and Reward. Be Well!  


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  1. Thank you Mark! will check in here to read your wonderful posts, Pamela