Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 18May2016: today my Heart is in the 4 of Pentacles and the Feather of Truth has gone off to bear witness for the 8 of Swords. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of Prague* by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahoney. It is a legendarily beautiful deck. One small note – the new edition does not scan; the gold leaf is heavy and abundant enough to make light refraction a real problem. So it is photos, not scans for this deck.)  Today’s draw is a bit of an oddity in that I have pulled two minor arcana. Normally I pull at least one MA, and then a Court card or a pip, but 2 pips are as rare as 2 Majors, although you would think odds would favor that minor draw more; oddly enough, they do not. As usual, too, I find that the cards are reading fairly well for me, if a bit unexpectedly (which is a good thing, right? Right!) They are revealing small, quotidian concerns and attitudes towards them, I see, and I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised; this is a very classical-looking “baroque-rococo” deck, and thus it carries VERY traditional meanings for its cards, as well. So, for these two cards the LWB and even the card will tell you, “This is a miser feeling trapped by his own circumstances. He is frozen into immobility and refuses to help himself.” Well . . . Yes, but . . . well, after all, 
No. Who am I, Bianca Castafiore, to buy the pretty cards with all the gold leaf and not give a fig about anything really revelatory they may have to say to me? Not quite, this “Milanese nightingale” is interested in the times between the risings and settings of the Sun and the Moon, those liminal times when knowledge is more easily accessed. I do not feel that a spirit of miserliness has taken hold of me, but I do admit to more economic caution recently; looking ahead “in the books” I can see that I need to plan for a slightly slimmer latter half of 2016 than the first six months. And I do not feel so much “trapped” as “dictated to by circumstance,” against which I have no anger or resentment because there is nothing to be done; the vagaries of a retirement income are the subjects of vast, impersonal economic forces that have absolutely nothing to do with human decisions on a scale that I would or even could notice. There is also one important thing about the 8 that most forget to either notice or remark; her feet are not bound; So while she has been exiled from the city and left surrounded by threats from all around her, and can see no one upon whom to shift the blame, she can STILL just blindly walk away on her own power. I’m not feeling trapped; nor am I feeling exiled by my own citizenry” for “crimes against the State & Treasury.” I AM feeling as if “look closely into the crystal ball, and tell me, Spirit, do you see a fortune?” “No! unhappy wretch! I see life as normal, just a little tighter economically than habit. Quit being a drama queen!”  And really, our 8 of Swords DOES seem to be a bit of a drama queen, doesn’t she? “Oh, help me! Help me! I’m a prisoner!” “No you’re not, Mae West, you’re just acting, AGAIN. You can walk away whenever you like.” So today the truth for ME is when you DO find yourself in the reduced means area for a while, don’t be a great big drama queen about it – shut up and soldier on. With that in mind, today I ask the Cosmos to bless us ALL with the understanding to bear the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” with some bit of grace and fortitude so as not to be ashamed of our own conduct. Be well!    

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