Monday, May 2, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 03May2016 : my Heart is hanging loose, sipping lemonade with the Page of Cups, while the Feather of Truth, badly in need of some referent dew, flew off to refresh his gullet of tradition with V The Hierophant. (There will be no post 04May2016.) (Today’s deck is the *Bonefire Tarot*, and boy! it has quite a history. Wildly popular when it appeared, it went OofP (Out of Print) VERY quickly. Finding a copy became a kind of global “Where’s Waldo?” I entered the game disgracefully late, and scurrying around like a panicked rat, even went so far as to contact the author somewhere deep in the tropical jungles of Southeast Asia if s/he knew of ANY copy anywhere, or was planning a reissue. Vague noises on the re-issue, no deck, but would put my name on a list. [Sad times at the Miller home – I had to beat the children I felt so bad.] “It” was a mere smoking ember in the back of the furnace a year later when, out of the proverbial blue, I got an author’s note, ‘One’s available. Still want it?” Oh my, yes. Thus, chez moi. [The kids were especially happy.] It came JAMPACKED with CrazyBatShitInsaneVibes from the previous owner, and has taken another year just to lose all of that – it was powerful and deeply rooted. I unearthed it for today – I haven’t seen it since purchase, and I wanted to test the energies. Clean . . . and a marvelous rapport! Feels like a hand-in-glove fit, and I don’t often fit with these what-I-call “psychedelic” decks. I’m not going to advise you to seek one out, which is labor wasted. BUT, if, by chance, you EVER just “run across one,” GRAB IT AND RUN!) “They” say that the REAL bottom of the deck is the Page of Coins. Everything begins and ends here. That is certainly an understandable approach in the lamplight of the TdeMarseille system, where pips become numerological mystery cyphers and the first FIGURED card you see in a deck is the Page. Also, Thoth/Crowley and GD go back here, too, and really, once you brush off all of the hocus-pocus it has a decent claim, but certainly not unique. The Fool & The Magus are far too important in the Grand Schema reset for Tarot with the advent of the RWS, and then the general blending and flowering for “the masses” of Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Kabbala, etc. You get it. Today, for me, it is The Start. She’s making lemonade out of lemons, one of my favorite overused phrases and something I do try to practice in life – I receive an extraordinary number of fucked-up “lemon” situations in life, more than the usual, to either live, witness or advise. Here, I’ve “got”; a fledgling enterprise, innate financial instincts, surprisingly grounded “young” ideas, potential, etc. “This, Virginia, is Uncle Mark at the start of his new unknown venture that continues his Journey. Don’t worry, he didn’t change sex; it’s an Energy, child.” And my Heart is thrilled, if a bit breathless and trepidatious at the horizons fanning out in the foreground. 
Which is why it is perfectly understandable that I would find the Feather buried nib deep in the tomes of V The Hierophant. “Oh no! The Hierophant, Daddy Warbucks? He’s such a stick-in-the-mud!” “It’s okay, Virginia, Uncle Mark used to BE the Hierophant, but he retired and moved on.” And I feel that is a statement that is rock-solid true. By the balls of Thoth! have I been down that route, that thankless job of being the administrator in a realm of intangibles! Not only as a job, but in life experience; I’m of that type that people turn to for later-discarded advice when they are in the Shit, Big Time. One of the “gifts” of a Windworker is seeing clearly into people, seeing into them “as the wind can search out the tiniest, most hidden things and send them flying into the Light.” It requires being in a certain space to exercise Judgement like that, in what is basically a caretaker role. And one of the greatest challenges of V The Hierophant is, Will you stand? Will you stand by your faith? Your beliefs? Your rules and regulations of conduct? Your friends?? Will you stand by your Heart and face the Universe with Pride and without Fear? And ask yourself, Mark, are you a GOOD caretaker, or were you? Did you Stand Up and Be Counted? Did you LEAD your faithful? Were you an example to follow or to avoid? IF you can’t say “Yes,” you have no business even thinking about offering guidance again. Think about that, buddy. Be sure you know what you are doing; be a FAIR and JUST judge of your own abilities to do the job, to be “the head of the order,” so to speak. Can you do it again, in different shoes but the same dance? Do You Have Something To Offer, Mark? And ALL of that doesn’t even begin to go into the other side of the card, that of “What is your need here in this organization? Why are you here? What makes you think the Hierophant has anything to offer you, again?”  Hey, nobody ever said I couldn’t come back for a refresher course, pal. I think I’ll leave it there, today. I’ll be considering these points throughout the day, the image of the draw hanging out in the shadows and scurrying forward every now and then to be noticed. Today’s draw strikes me as correct, such as it is, and Okay, too, but . . . . I need to resolve my own question of “Well, do you have something you want to communicate, or not?” And there it is, the famous rub . . . do I WANT to do this? I feel like I want more concrete advice, but that feels dishonest in an undefined way. I’m just going to have to wait & see where this leads me the next couple of days. Today I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL time to discover, consider and decide upon the next conscious step on the Path that we ALL tread.   


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