Saturday, May 21, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 21May2016 : today my Heart is happily installed with the Queen of Disks, dealing out material contentment and satisfaction while the Feather of Truth has taken its courage on point and is visiting that wildly surreal but awfully calm XI Strength. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of the Holy Light” by Christine Payne-Towler & Michael Dowers. A fabulous deck, in all the best senses of the word.)  Well my Heart has taken up with the Queen of Disks, an earthy Capricorn with “no time for losers.” (BCB = Big Colored Book. There is an LWB with the deck, but do yourself the service of ordering the big one. The meat is there.) I like this Queen, she reminds Me of several women I have known: capable, good-humored (but it IS true she doesn’t suffer Fools!) low maintenance gals who are perfectly capable of leading their parade all alone if needs be; you won’t find her screaming helplessly on the sidelines while “her man” battles the giant spider in the secret nuclear lab in New Mexico. She’s in there slashing & hacking, too. And yet, being the Queen, there IS a reserve of “I don’t involve myself unless I absolutely HAVE to do it.” This Queen serves more as a “community library” of know-how and self-help, and she “demands” that EVERYONE prosper. The Lady is an Earthly powerhouse, and as an avatar of Sophia, Divine Wisdom, she is centrally placed to help the Earth realm work as smoothly as possible like a well-oiled machine. I do feel a bit like her today, not much, but a bit. I spent yesterday evening in the company of two young gentlemen for a birthday celebration (one of theirs) and we passed an evening of wonderful complicity, from concert through dinner and afterwards. The upshot of the matter is that I have yet another student, this one of an entirely different character and temperament, who will certainly choose a different way to manifest himself on the Path. I like him very much, and I believe that he does indeed have a deep thirst to evolve and change; he evinces it in his daily life already! The point being that the Queen seems to be quietly going about her business of organizing my life around my newly-discovered vocation, the one I am currently essaying, that of teacher. (I have, of course, taught as a university professor; different ballgame. Hell, different universe.) With the Queen as an ally, one feels a hell of a lot more confident in a new venture such as this. 
This leads my attention to the search for the Feather of Truth, which I find flirting dangerously with Father Fire and not paying attention to a LARGE feline who LOVES to bat at feathers. We are facing the Lady Alchimia, who is a creature straight out of Bosch, in a way. Here is her description from the BCB: “The hair of Lady Alchimia is Fire. Her eyes are the Sun and the Moon, the twin Principles – Mercury and Sulphur – of the Work. Her breath is Air and the influx carried in the shape of rays by light. The three stars on her forehead are the three Works, and the milk flowing from her generous breasts is Lac Virginis, the Virgin’s Milk which nourishes the Stone . . . (de Rola, 1988, p.307.)” There is also a very pointed, right-on description of her “role”; “. . . This card represents a spiritual force. It’s a strength of heart, a strength of principles, of inner conviction and integrity in relationship with the spirit world. The Strength angel knows that nothing in this material world is going to hurt her or him. She comes forward as a sibling to all of Creation with no known enemies. Revealed to be a servant of the collective need, the only goal is to bring harmony and respect among the different life forms and among the Elements going into the alchemical cauldron.” I REALLY like this interpretation of Strength, a lot! This speaks directly to my meditations on the “code of ethics” I need to construct in order to teach students, and this “servant of the collective need” idea is great for that. Also, in its own sly way, it addresses certain personal concerns that I have about any relationships with “students.” Those concerns are very comfortingly addressed by this concept of Strength and I find myself reassured about some points that remained unclear to me. On a different note, I particularly “love” this card because of THAT lion – he cracks me up! He has a similar bearing and look to a lion which figures on my very favorite painting in the Louvre, a tiny late medieval St. Jerome & the Lion, where the lion has a surprised, round “lionized” human face in an expression of shocked surprise. Unfortunately, I have NEVER been able to find an online image of it, which is a shame. Thus, I end my Scales today on a good note, as far as I am concerned; My “inner Queen” (I already hear the howling guffaws of thousands and thousands of gay men. . .) is Rounding Up Her Resources to make the new machine run as smoothly as possible, EFFECTIVELY, and Lady Alchimia is bringing me news from her symbol-ridden realm that Strength in ALL of its subtler aspects is going to be of great benefit here, as well as calming my “nerves” a bit. Acting from a position of Strength is ALWAYS more comforting, more direct and more USEFUL than reacting from a position of weakness. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the necessary courage and spirit to manifest Strength today in our lives where it is needed. Be Well!   

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