Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 26May2016: today my Heart is sponge-bathing in the tepid waters of XIV Temperance, but the Truth has decided the pill is much more bitter than can be mixed away and has gone to pout among the 7 of Cups. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of the III Millennium* by Iassen Ghiuselev. Today starts a peripatetic few weeks; during a recent triage of closed cartons of decks I had stored, I pulled about 20 of them that struck/strike me as not useful to me AT ALL, or too wrong for me. I’m going to try them out on the blog here, one every couple of days, to see if I really want to get rid of it or is it just a case of an unfamiliar deck? My 1st impression of this deck was, “Uh-uh. Don’t like it.” The Majors are grayscale, the Court pastel, and the minors a mishmash of line drawings & mini-illustrations of Marseille pips. That opinion has softened a bit but not disappeared; at heart, I am not fond of this deck at all, and would gladly pass it on. Going with that, I shall go forward with the Scales.)  
It is really a rather pacific reading today; my Heart has gone to hang out with XIV Temperance, a card I often receive when it is going to be an unremarkable, “mixed” day. “It’s all cool, dude. Chill out.”  The Feather of Truth seems to think that I am despondent over the failure of “illusion” to entertain me, and that I have confronted the reality that the world is vaster than I had imagined and my small my mind is crushed by the immensity of it all, really. Oh horseshit. The only true thing about all of this that I see and interpret is the presence of Temperance. The LWB that accompanies this deck does one amusing thing in its card descriptions; it gives this as “I don’t fear light but shield myself from it. I’m not afraid of the spirit but dilute it. I don’t fear time but rather wait for each thing to fall into place.” Well, yes . . . and no. That isn’t exactly the spirit of Temperance, that kind of tepid, mousey passive-aggressiveness and excuse-making. I don’t know who they are quoting, but I disagree, I’ve had Temperance as a friend for a long time. Her counsel has often gone unheeded, but she has stuck in there and finally won the day; I’m much more “temperate” and “inclusive” than I used to be, in my fougueux youth. It’s a quality that comes with the age-necessary realization that “all of your Sturm und Drang isn’t going to affect “the outcome” one single iota, so give it up, dickhead.” I like Temperance; she is like that girlfriend of yours who was always a bit Goody Two-shoes but who you liked anyway. As for the illusions, I’m not currently entertaining any, having burst a big one a few days ago and swallowed the accompanying regret & discomfort. I have no “spiritual hangover,” which is what this card is implying. So, I’m using that for TP and flushing it down the drain. This deck has left me flat & uninspired, and for that I apologize (PS. The cardback is more interesting than the cards!) I ask the Cosmos to care for and protect ALL of us today, but not too much. Be Well!  


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