Friday, May 27, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 27May2016 : my Heart card is V the Hierophant and the Feather of Truth rests immobile, hidden amongst the fruit of the King of Sticks’ regalia. (Today’s deck is one of the “on trial decks,” *The Legend of Tarot* by Deosil Designs [Alex & Noa Page.] It is based on gaming characters. Think “Legend of Zelda.” I don’t remember how this deck ended up in my possession [I probably mistakenly thought Legend meant a classic mythology] but after a year & a day in the Tower of Bitter Tears awaiting judgement, the day has arrived. I could get snarky, and amuse myself with sarcastic observations about the relevancy or lack therein of the various cards in this deck, but I won’t. Instead, I shall simply place a square of black silk over my horsehair short wig and pronounce sentence: “You are to be taken from here and hanged by the astral neck until dead.” Yes, I can see no earthly reason to use this deck again, so “bye bye!”) I’ll make it short and sweet so as to spare the family members of the defunct;  with my Heart in V, I’m going to be in my teaching
 mode as an “authority on Tarot” today, or at least give the impression of such, perhaps due to the new student I have received. He is dining with us this evening, and we shall undoubtedly talk about his reasons for wanting to study and make the Journey. As for the Feather of Truth, she has settled incognito on the King of Sticks (Wands), one of my habitual avatars, and that, too, fits in directly with my given “rôle” today, that of teacher & guide, a friend yet a mentor. There, I’m done. I don’t like the deck, and am not going to go into great depth on the obviousness of the reading. I shall return tomorrow with a “trusted” deck; I need to “surface for air” for a few days!  I ask the Cosmos today to gift us ALL with the perspicacity to call Bullshit when we see it. Be Well!   

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