Saturday, May 28, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 28May2016: my Heart is in the Ace of Pentacles today and the Feather of Truth is flying along with the 8 of Sceptres. (Today’s deck is the *Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka. This deck is drawn directly on thin slices of the Bread of Life. Buy yourself this deck. Now . . . What are you doing still sitting there? GO!!) What a lovely evening was passed last night! and I see that it bears its fruits this morning in the cards. My Heart is in #69 the Ace of Pentacles, and I am satisfied that my new project is well-manifested and already making test laps around the course. My 2nd student, B, newer than A, came to dinner last night not only to socialize but to begin his study with me. I had planned a “Here’s what we are going to do” session, so all was light, and I felt tremendously reinforced by his enthusiasm as well as the report of a mutual friend of mine and student  A’s, who just before dinner had mentioned in passing that A was terribly enthusiastic and hopeful for the future. I rode into the evening feeling very good indeed, feeling the actual birth of this new concept of Mark-who-accepts-individual-students. I am entirely won over now, my initial fears & doubts evaporating in the wind of enthusiasm, even if the wind may turn out to be temporary; it usually is. Then the slogging hard work begins. We shall cross that Bridge of Sighs when we get to it. The manifestation of this Ace is directly linked to the creation of one’s mental & spiritual children, and of the happiness of which they are capable. This is Saturn in Capricorn living in Kether; it is also the “Gold Card” concerning money matters, but I RARELY go there in a reading, that is not my area of focus. I prefer to think of profits piling up in my spiritual account, not Banque Populaire here in Montpellier. And besides, I am a sworn enemy of the banking system and its policy of keeping the entire globe in slavery to its morbid and obesely corpulent desire for ownership of Mankind. Everyone’s banker is no better than Jabba the Hutt. If the card is reversed it can indicate negative rest, as well (laziness, slovenliness, indecision,) therefore upright it implies a state of efficient cooperation between the needs of the body and the needs of the mind. Remember, this is ALL going on down here in Malkuth, of which this card represents the living essence. I am REALLY content with the opening manifestation of my new direction; it has taken better form than I was capable of imagining, due to the inbreathing of Spirit into my venture (by me & for me.) I have no written proof of that, of course, but I know it to be True. This is, to the best of my recollection, the 1st time I have pulled the Ace of Pentacles in more than two decades in a self-reading, so this is an event for me, to witness the birth of a “good” child of my being. I practically feel like a ridiculously proud new parent. Now I just have to figure out how to raise it to self-sufficient adulthood. Hahaha!! Turning from the newborn, I see the Feather of Truth flying formation with #34, the 8 of Sceptres. I have ALWAYS liked this 8;
 in the 1st place, I’ve always personally felt that 8 is my “lucky number,” and I have flown that belief in the face of Numerology for over 60 years. LOL. The fact that I am a man profoundly NOT blessed with the Lucky Touch is a fact causing me to weep bitter tears into my pillow each & every night. (Grin.) This 8 is Venus in    Cancer (or the Sun in Sagittarius, depending on whom you consult.) In this deck, the card “signifies” troubled times needing quick solutions, obviously that from which has been derived the Pollyanna meaning of “swiftness, rapidity.” Unless I have “troubled times” coming up, and I don’t see any on the horizon at the moment, then I am going to swallow what may well turn out to be a placebo and state that I believe this card indicates the rapidity with which my solution was found to the ever-creeping fungoid mass of my questioning myself, “What are you going to DO with all of your new-found enthusiasm, dedication and breakthroughs for, to and with the Tarot?” I have manifested my solution, even more of an efficient use of myself than I had imagined. This is ALL what I HOPE these cards mean today; the first card, my Heart of the Ace of Pentacles, I am rock-solid sure about, knowing it to be a true representation of the situation. The 2nd card today, however, my Feather of Truth indication the 8 of Wands, is somewhat open to further interpretation on my part. I “intuit” the faintest whiff, the merest soupçon, of an air of “Uh-oh!” here, and I can only hope that is my highly suspicious nature at work; I constantly suspect the Lords of Misfortune plotting against me, which is why I HAVE to sacrifice those babies in the swamp . . . (Grin.) Seriously, as stated before, I am not a man fated to be lucky, so I have a jaundiced view of any intersections of Mark Ave. and The Fates Blvd. Collisions often happen there, at high speed and with great sound and fury. Ambulances are often called, and the same excuse is always offered by the Parques Sisters after the collision, sipping martinis out of thermoses; “We couldn’t prevent it! He ran blindly out before us, right into our Path!!” So, you see, I need to be a bit on my guard these days when I draw the previously blindly-liked 8 of Sceptres; it feeds my taste for speed & rapid decisions of the final sort, but I have to PAY ATTENTION to that upon which I am passing judgement or arriving at a decision. I ask the Cosmos today to gift us ALL with a sense of ‘Fineness of Observation’ as we speed through our day. Be Well!    

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