Monday, May 30, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 30May2016 : today my Heart is contemplating new adventure with #26 the Prodigy and the Feather of Truth has gone a-fielding with #21 Transmutation. (Today’s deck is *The Eternal Tarot* by Samael Aun Weor (aka Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez.) A Hermetic, gnostic deck, it takes itself VERY seriously, and is designed for deep, personal transformation in an initiatic “setting,” delving profoundly into the metaphysical in an Egyptian format. It is a singular Tarot, self-sufficient and highly arcane, and should be approached as such. I like it a lot, but one has to be prepared to suddenly “up one’s game” in a vertiginous manner. As a plus, one doesn’t have to subscribe to the particular beliefs of Mr. Weor for the deck to be of use; it is polyvalent.) I’m compartmentalizing today, so bear with me; we’ll make a quick synthesis at the end. Firstly I regard my Heart in the febrile excitation of the attempt and the “attente” of #26, the Prodigy. This is a difficult card to assign correlations; the 4th card in the minor arcana sequence of an Egyptian deck, by whatever name & small difference of interpretation, it is ruled by Saturn and corresponds, loosely, with aspects of the 7 and 8 of Pentacles, while the imagery and parts of the meaning seem to describe the 8 of Wands, perhaps. The Sun is present in Virgo in a much occluded fashion in this deck, more concretely asserted as important in a Golden Dawn or Thoth deck. The Prodigy is symbolic of the human creation of ideas, marvels and wonders, and awaiting the results. Mr. Weor states that it represents “the action of time as justice and power of manifestation.” (LWB) That’s a very pissy way to say to that it represents the action of “working and then waiting for the harvest to arrive, the quality of its success and the quantity of its bounty being the only judges necessary of our efforts in the fields. A Prodigy manifests a BOUNTIFUL harvest, obviously, but ONLY if he is in tune to receive the lessons of Saturn about patience, organization and judgement. My dearly beloved Anubis!! This reading is RIGHT ON. I can’t imagine a better way to describe where my Heart is right now, putting this newly manifested “baby” out for the cold, vast judgement of the Cosmos; “Hey, fellas! What do you think of my new idea, my new project? Is this tree going to bear fruit, or what??” Whether the Cosmos sends nutritive rain or blasts of lightning depends on the quality of my labor and offering; “Will it accept the offerings of my efforts?” my Heart is wondering. Sometimes the Heart questions what the Spirit already knows; I feel GOOD about this project, this “effort and offering,” in a way I have never felt before for a job, a career or a project. Not only am I on board with this, I am a creator of it. 
Turning from my Heart in a search for the Feather of Truth, I find her shadowing the footsteps of #21 Transformation. In an Egyptian deck such as this, this card is the Fool, not the World. It is also not interpreted in a favorable light, at all. Herewith: “Arcanum 21 can be represented by the inverted pentagonal star which symbolizes Black Magic.”.  .  . we “mistake the body of Desire for the Astral Body, and this is a grave error, a tremendous mistake,” causing catastrophe. “In the Egyptian mysteries that body is known as Apopi, this is the Demon of Desire.   That Demon is frightfully evil, and to think that everyone has it, that the whole world is evil. (Sic) To cease being so is only possible through the efforts and super-efforts of this Path. Only in this way will we cease to be demons.” (*The Initiatic Path In The Arcane of Tarot And Kabbalah* by Samael Aun Weor. Amazon Press, London, undated.) Well! . . . uhh . . . umm . . . harrumph, I suppose that is one way of looking at it. I would normally call “Bullshit!” but this setup makes an internal sense that is hard to fault or pick at in order to unravel. This interpretation flies in the face of my beliefs and experiences with the Fool, whom I find to be much less ominous and much more numinous than that! [Numinous:  adjective; having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity.] So, between Tweedledum-Evil and Tweedledee-Numinal, I will go where Tarot has ALWAYS taught me to go; with what the card means to ME. So, fuck evil demons and Hello! my old pal, the Fool. THAT is the Truth for me today: I’m out there with my questioning, waiting Heart, stepping out into the Universe and perhaps off the edge of a cliff, perhaps not. BTW, on the card, that croc at the bottom is Apophis, (NOT “Apopi”, if one is not going to transliterate any old way at all!) Trust me, I have been an amateur Egyptologist for 59 years & counting; my very first “bought & paid for by me” book was a tome on Egyptology when I was 5 yrs. old. (I only found out later that my two passions were so closely entwined. Thus it is easy for me to spot and call out theological and mythological errors according to any classical Egyptian tradition, at all. This means that a lot of the so-called Egyptian decks are easily spotted as recently invented Apis-Bullshit.) I have more than an inkling of an idea that on this arcanum Mr. Weor let personal experience & community needs dictate the card’s significance, although I have no concrete proof of that. (His “community” was the Universal Christian Gnostic Movement, which he founded.)  So, in summation, I can see a more or less true reading for myself this morning; with my Heart in hopeful attendance upon good news of a bountiful and blessed harvest while the Feather of Truth has indicated that what this is, actually, stripped of trappings, is 0/21/Me/the Fool, off on his journeys, yet again. This time I’m stepping forward in a new and truer calling, a proponent of the very Path upon which I walk. I ask the Cosmos today to let us ALL step out in the freshness of new adventure and new spirit. Be Well!    

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