Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 01Jun2016 : today my Heart is in #77 Confusion, while the Feather of Truth has gone on to the response to that state, #61 Solitude. (Today’s deck is the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* ed. by Stuart R. Kaplan. Straight from the Fields of the Blessed in the Undying Lands of the West, this deck is THE Egyptian-style Tarot deck to have. I LOVE it. End of praise, otherwise I would go on & on & on.) The first thing I notice about today’s draw is that while I may love this deck, it has no trouble expressing the doubtful inner me, and expressing it forcefully. As if Thoth walked into my room and stentoriously boomed, “Mark, we need to have a talk!” I fucking hate “have a talk” talks, or at least I did when I was but a young stripling. Nobody has said it to me for years now, ever since my last stay at rehab (Grin.) Alright, let’s be a bit more serious – my Heart is in a state of confusion today, and this I understand. After the excitement of getting my effort off the ground, I am now a bit at sea about direction. The card itself is the sign of self-examination and reflection. It symbolizes human virtue by becoming aware of one’s own mistakes, making amends and gaining the necessary knowledge for evolution. He is connected to Mercury, the world of the mind, reason, & logic. In a traditional divinatory role, this card would be signifying a need to face obstacles presented unexpectedly, grief, sorrow, bitterness, etc.; but the chances of enjoying good fortune or misfortune depend solely on the inspiration itself, because depending on one’s attitude they can fluctuate one way or another. The Key phrase for this card would be, “You are not alone, but lost.” I WILL find my way out of the forest; I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt, I simply need to make some decisions about and thus a commitment to my course of action as a teacher in this new venture. Some of my old shtick as a university professor can be adapted, but much can’t because of the nature of the subject, the need for individual study and experimentation and the choices made by my students during the course of instruction. Allowances can be taken into account for ALL of this; my focus here isn’t to be some sort of hard-assed drill instructor, but rather a sort of “guide” for new Travelers. Turning from my less-confused-now Heart to look for the Feather of Truth, I find her woven into the tresses of a contemplative #66 Solitude. 
I’m not having much luck today, because don’t be fooled; this ISN’T the Hermit Arcanum disguised (well, it is, but just a little!), this is a whole different card, and if we HAD to draw a comparison, with Neptune as its ruling planet, this might fall amongst the more melancholy cards of a Thoth or RWS deck. Neptune IS at the “he/art” of what is going on here, especially in regard to the rather abstract concept of Truth. “Arcanum 61 is the sign in which one's will is concentrated. Its mystical number, 7, is the number of "Divine Harmony".  It symbolizes the realm of the spiritual over the material, consciousness, perfection, the seven planets and their influence on every incarnate person. Neptune governs the world of the transpersonal. It seeks contact with other dimensions, with the "beyond," the escape into unearthly worlds, and feels a great attraction to the unknown and transcendent. It gives people a strong sensitivity, intuitive understanding and paranormal psychic abilities. Among their concerns are mysticism, the purest idealism and search for the spiritual.” (LWB and Me) THIS is what makes it a melancholy augur – the sensitivity to the psychic and the transpersonal puts a person almost directly at odds with society; solitude becomes NECESSARY instead of desired. As for the imagery, the thing that fascinates me about this card is the papyrus flower sitting on her head – it is so incongruous! It makes me smile. Conversely, as papyrus was used both to make the paper “papyrus” as well as a shipbuilding material, perhaps it references the solitary person’s resort to written materials for learning, or in shipbuilding, as material to cruise amongst the stars – it is ALL theoretical, and if given to that bent of mind, one could while away an afternoon inventing relative correspondences for all the little symbolic goodies on these cards. If used for divinatory purposes, this card symbolizes caution, vigilance, and observation. The Key phrase for this card, in its own system, could be, “Time is in your favor, but seems eternal pain.” Not very cheery, is it? Well, that’s alright, because it symbolizes an abstract of the Truth, that it must be faced no matter what the cost, and that sometimes the best time & place to face it is in the inner spaces of your being where only you are present. It is only when we don’t face the truths present and demanding attention that Time seems “eternal pain.” So it seems to me, at any rate, and this applies nicely to the fact that I need to employ solitude to think my way through the questions of #77. So, while I dress myself in a confusion of colors and patterns and wander off to seek wisdom in the starry night sky of the desert, I shall ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the ‘sang-froid’ to look our Truths unflinchingly in the eye and act upon them to heal the organism. Be Well! 

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