Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 12May2016: today my Heart is riding the wind with XIII Death and the Feather of Truth, a little freaked, is seeking the calmer company of the Jester of Winds (Page of Swords.) (Today’s deck is the *Japaridze Tarot* by Nino Japaridze. This is one of my very favorite “art decks,” created by a Parisian artist. This is the kind of deck you keep out on the coffee table in the least-visited room in the house, the salon [if you have that kind of home.] Guests may admire, but “Oh! Please don’t touch that! The vibrations, you know.” {Grin} I DO keep it on the living room table, but I use it, too, as a functioning Tarot deck. And I fend off finger-y guests by inquiring, “Oh, did you want a reading?” and reach for the cards. {DoubleGrin} Standard RWS numeration and labeling, gorgeously oversized professionally fabricated cards of useful sturdiness. He’s changed the suits, but so what, they all do. This deck is a winner all the way around, as it is easy to work with as well.) I am always a bit “febrile” when I draw XIII Death; I like to find out what’s up around the subconscious corner, and I generally like the changes this card heralds. This falls into line with 3D reality today as my Heart HAS been rather concerned lately with several cycles of change going on in my life, things dying and being reborn, the swirl of life and death even as figured on the card. The LCB for the deck (I’m nuancing the LWB moniker, because it isn’t white) is thus: “Perhaps the most misunderstood and unnecessarily feared card in the entire Tarot deck, Death does not speak of physical death but rather refers to impending profound mental transformation resulting from the progression described in the previous cards. This is more a card of transition and regeneration as indicated by the flood of new “births” issuing from the expired figure wrapped around the conventional symbols of death. DM: A significant change. A revision of attitude or new perspective. An ending or transition.” (LCB) All simple, straightforward, what-we-already-know, right? The “state” that this card brings up in me, however, is a bit more intense; I “crave” to know of the upcoming change, and how I can implement it AS FAST AS FU**ING POSSIBLE. In a way I feel rather like the village idiot rambling around the town square telling anyone who will listen, “Death is my friend” in a singsong voice. Change doesn’t, in fact, frighten me. Immobility does. Frozen, unable to change, stuck FOREVER being exactly that crummy person you have just revealed to yourself that you are. Aieee! {Grin} AND, lately, my Heart has been contemplating the upcoming changes which have already started to manifest. “It’s all gonna change, pal. Anchor down the three or four things that really matter to you, because the Wind may take the rest!” 
Okay, message received, and turning to digest the semi-regular pronouncement, who do I bump into but the Jester of Winds (Page of Swords), where the Feather of Truth is laughing up its plume at the bat-accordion being played by the Jester. Yeah, what IS that bat about?  Ah ha, I have an answer; “It is a significant omen of change in one’s life. Pay attention to the signs around you. The Bat is a symbol of the death of some part of you that no longer serves your higher calling; if you embrace it the universe will make every attempt to make these changes as easy as possible for you. Continue to pursue your spiritual growth by letting go of ego, renewing thoughts and beliefs on a regular basis, doing inner work, loving your enemies the same way you love yourself, and nurturing personal growth in all its forms.” (A mishmash of bits from my research notes.) Oddly enough, here today, the Jester seems to be rather a mournful figure; perhaps this is accented for me because something that very rarely happens to me is here today; this Court Card represents an actual person in my life, and I know exactly who it is, a figure of some psychic power in my current mental configuration of my existence. The figure in the card is androgynous, but MY Jester isn’t, and he fits the bill, perfectly: “A gentle and tender soul. Someone who may help in solving a problem. Fairness and firm resolve. Championing a just cause.” (LCB) MY mental Page of Swords is a little more stormy than that, exhibiting more of the true Sword temperament; the incarnation of this figure in 3D is more in line with my mental conception, needless to say; the Cosmos sends what we can interpret, not what we cannot. I admire and like this messenger, he has demonstrated nothing but respect and attention for and to me since I have known him, and he is a good friend as well. If he is carrying an archetypal role, he is completely unaware of it. If this evolves as I feel it might, then he makes the perfect messenger to give me the news which I intuit is coming, that the Change reaches into “a certain area” as well. I have spent about a year now girding my loins, because I “felt” it coming – if it is time for it to manifest, so be it. I shall cope, I always do; that’s what we human beings do, we “cope” with what the Universe sets on our plates. Not tasty? Tough. Not hungry? Tough. There it is, eat it. (Many still don’t know that you may ask for spices, however.) So, all of this being said, I await the messenger with a modicum of joy in my Heart for whatever message he may bring, because it will herald Change, and that is a horn which I ALWAYS follow on the Great Hunt. May the Cosmos bring us ALL a decent destrier to ride our destinies into tomorrow with some Grace and more than a touch of Awareness. Be Well!   

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