Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 05May2016: my Heart today is keeping company with Anahita, the Queen of Staves while the Feather of Truth has gone off to seek more “motivational company” in the figure of Maya in XIII Death. (Today’s deck is *The Mutational Alchemy Tarot* by m1thr0s and Izi Ningishzidda. I can do no better than providing you with the Aeclectic blurb on this deck: “They conceived the deck as a direct descendant of Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot. It corrects errors that Crowley made – this is elucidated in the online guidebook. It has elements of Hermeticism, Alchemy, Tantra, Witchcraft, Kabbalah, Feng Shui, I Ching, and particularly incorporates the Tree of Life and I Ching hexagrams into both individual cards and the overall design. The MAT’s creators embraced global cultures and prioritized cultural diversity as part of the decks symbolic language. It is guided by Crowley's Book Of The Law and embraces ‘Sinister Knowledge’ and the Left Hand Path, seeing it as a way to both liberty and equality.” And there you have it; personally, I am fascinated with this deck and will be exploring its possibilities for a long time to come.) On to the reading. Those of you who may have been following the Scales lately will know that I asked the Cosmos for clarification on the “It” that I was supposed to be firing myself up to do, gathering my knowledge and my experiences as so many resources to be exploited in some new venture I am destined to launch. Clear as mud to me in terms of “What ‘It’???” The Cosmos came through in a BIG way: it sent me a student. A man I know who has recently been through “transformational times & experiences” came to me and asked if I would be willing to teach him. After discussion together and thought alone, I told him yes, I would be willing to teach him what little I knew and that we would commence with the Tarot, with which he is already shakily familiar from readings from me and the gift of a Tarot de Marseille I gave him (as a French person, he identifies more “genetico-historically” with that system & deck; RSW or Thoth doesn’t mean Tarot to the French the way that the TdeM does.) The ruling thought that came out of my reflection on his request was thus; “I asked the Cosmos for clarification. I know I am supposed to be doing something that will benefit more people than just me. I am supposed to teach & share in some way (I have already been in the teaching profession,) and if I approach this task delicately at first, teaching this young man “just” my knowledge of the Tarot, woven as it is through and through with so many personal strands of the metaphysical Mark I have constructed, then that is indeed a daunting enough start towards finding out if this is what I am “supposed” to be doing. My Heart sees this is a Journey with Anahita, the Persian Ishtar, and the Water of Fire. She is Saturn above & Jupiter below, & on the Diamond Path: from Binah, Understanding to Chesed, Benevolence, & from Chesed to Yesod on the Tree of Life. She may be geomantically figured by Fortuna Major. “Moving from Chesed to Yesod (on the ToL & Hidden Diamond,) the Queen of Staves’ path notably blocks access to Netzach, Victory. This is a hallmark of Venus who rules Victory in War. Jupiter in the above and Luna in the below signifies the power of expansion, especially of the technological kind. Advanced societies such as spacefarers or ones which create new kinds of life in harmony with Ain Soph Aur or the Paramatman are where this Queen will be most at home.” (online LWB) Anahita is depicted as bringing together two lions, just like Ishtar/Inanna. The Self-Sustaining goddess is, for all intents & purposes, the (gnostic) Virgin Mother of God. If you are familiar with it, she is an “INTJ (Mastermind) Type; efficiency and independent thought are qualities strongly valued.” (LWB) She prefers the company of intelligent people who share her views on theoretical models. She is calm and reserved, but cares deeply about her close relationships and has a need for a harmonious environment.” The smallest of small rubs bothers me here: the young man seeking instruction does not, I think, share the same theoretical bias as I have, but his intelligence is fierce. So there we have my Heart’s take on accepting a student. 
Okay, let’s see what the Feather of Truth has to say, and it is momentous; XIII Death is the Feather’s project today. XII is going from Tiphareth to Netzach. “Here in the attributes of Progress, Darkening of the Light, Conflict and Waiting is the image of (the) Alchemical process. The emphasis in the holistic sense is with the Fire Hex, Progress. The hexagram reminds us we are here to brighten ourselves. Death ends those who are not living according to their True Will or improving themselves in some way. If you refuse to advance you will fall, and continue to fall until you determine to be a productive human being. . . the act of Death is only the beginning of a long journey to failure or success. Like alchemy, it is most important that a Man be aware of such things, lest he fail to apprehend the most important aspect of Life – its Death.” Maya, represented as the gatekeeper to the world above, is black, representing the eternal night into which all existence coalesces. The mace represents the brutality of death’s influence on incarnated beings . . . The only refuge is to rise above the slaughter.” (Online LWB) That is a Big Truth, and I and one of the many, many points I hope to convey in my instruction. Most importantly, rising up out of the morass of lugubriousness that the LWB brings us, is the idea that NOT to change, NOT to advance, IS to experience the full negative impact of this powerful Event. It can be turned into the Gateway it is meant to be, but we MUST DO THE WORK to change it from one to the other. Also inherent in the Arcanum is the concept “Okay, Seeker, you asked for clarification, here it is. Teach the young man; not to do so is to deny advancement to both of you.” I shall accept that as a simple and exact truth, and not argue with Arcanum XIII; that is usually pointless, anyway! “In life, there are many who stand gawking at death, for fear or stupidity, not knowing that they grow closer to annihilation with their inability to act in the right way. The shamanic death, as it is called, is not like this. It is not a death at all but an active meditation akin to a serpent shedding its skin. People are not serpents, but they can master the art of the “transmutational” activity. Most perform this action at death anyways, but it is more useful to be able to achieve it on a regular healthy basis in life.” (LWB) That sounds as if it came directly out of my mouth. With this decision in Heart, Mind and Soul, I ask the Cosmos to guard ALL of us in safety as we continue to learn and absorb, to teach and transform.   

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