Thursday, May 5, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 06May2016: my Heart today is playing the jovial juvenile with the Valet of Swords and the Feather of Truth, knowing the day ahead, has gone straight to the Truth that I will need for the day, I Branchus (The Magus). (Today’s deck is the *Tarot de Nostradamus* from Editions Heron. Presumably there is some tenuous reason the publishing house has claimed the author is Nostradamus himself. Let’s pass by that in silence, shall we; this is a perfectly fine TdeMarseille with very “basic” art – Nostradamus having lived from 1503 to 1566 [], this would then purportedly be a VERY old deck, with VERY old art – a bit simplistic, but no one ever accuses publishers of intelligence. It reads well, and the vibe is good, so I like it. That’s all, folks!) Starting off with my Heart in the Page/Valet of Swords is a bit overoptimistic, I find, but certainly well-meant, good-intentioned and true on a non-corporeal level. Let’s face the truth; I’m 64 and my body is now paying the price for having “lived well.” Springbokking around with the Page of Swords is therefore more of a moral, mental & emotional action for me. Which is all fine & good, please don’t misunderstand; I may have arthritis but I enjoy the “mental set” of the Page of Swords. I am often between pillar & post with the Knight & the King of this suit, so the Page/Valet is a welcome step down & breather for a moment, even though it is lighting my agenda a bit differently. Now, one reaches a fork in the spacelane: do I go with a deck interpretation or what the card is saying to me? Either is “possible”; as a “deck” card, this valet is described as “a lazy person, envious, ungrateful, duplicitous, of whom one suddenly discovers the true personality, to great disillusionment.” (LWB, French translated by me.) Wowser! That is a whamming indictment of either me or my new student, and I think it is the case for neither of us, so I’m going for more of what my psyche “probably” pulls this card, why, to me, this energy is the “valet of swords.” The truth is, even with a Marseille deck, I project a lot of RSW patterning into dubious cards like these, mainly because of a very simple fact: I don’t have a medieval mindset and I never will, it is impossible to recreate in our brains now. We have come too far “from it.” However, there is also a 3rd choice, and that is to take a page from Yoav Ben-Dov’s book, “The Open Reading”, and regard this Page as hesitation and indecision. “The Querent has resources and abilities but still doesn’t know what to do with them.” The rest of his take on this card is pretty right on, too, and certainly speaks to my situation today: “Examination of the past before making a step towards the future (oh yea!) Fear of facing the reality of things to come –(yeah, a bit), the future is perceived as a menace (I am by nature a believer that if at all possible you can be fucked over by the universe, you WILL be.) This can be put right with a change of approach. Strong desires vs. misguided ideals. Yea, yea, yea, okay, yes, it is all there to varying degrees, heightened by the fact that I am starting a new venture today, taking on a “student.” AND this could ALL apply to him, as well, & thus either he, me or both of us are in this card/energy nexus.  “Oh hell, kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out,” as the line goes. What I find equally as interesting is the Feather of Truth card in I Branchus. (Branchus was a young man from Miletus in Asia Minor to whom Apollo had given the gift of prophecy.) In this deck, the I signifies the Querent in quest of knowledge, searching for an answer.  It I a rather limited expression of the Magician, wow!! 
While true that I/we are ever searching for wisdom, the card does not denote the rank and inexperienced innocent stepping foot on the trail – that is the Fool. This is a man in control of the 4 elements and working his Will according to his talents, his knowledge and his gifts. At least, that is my take on this I Magus, Branchus. Be that as it may, I am being called upon today to put on my Tarot cloak and take on a student, and for that I must carry myself in the role of I Branchus. No, I don’t have the gift of prophecy, but I have a deck of Tarot cards. And coupled with my knowledge, in yoke to my personality, I hope to be able to give of myself and my resources for the betterment of my own experience but for the new student, as well. There is innocence to the interpretation of the I Branchus that could only BARELY have been applicable during the Renaissance and certainly is out of date now. Under the guise of the rebirth of classicism, let’s not forget that the Renaissance also involved a return to the science of Reason and an abjuration of the superstitious hodgepodge the Church was selling, including its version of moral standards. “Pagans didn’t artificially control their desires, why should we?” “Vice” became commonplace, and a Magician was quite often a charlatan; true magic lay with the stars, astrologers and geometry, therefore to be “attuned” in that age meant a kind of “ombudsman” approach to divination. And they WERE talking about divination; we aren’t, not really, we are talking about personal Journey and possibilities of discovery, but that isn’t the future. Thank Osiris!! So, I’m stepping into my day today a bit unsure but wearing my cloak, ready to fight the good fight and teach the good Truth. I hope. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the wisdom and discernment to understand the needs of those we teach and the satisfaction of the manifestation of our Wills through accomplishment by others. Be Well.   

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