Friday, May 6, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 07May2016 : today my Heart is quietly proud to ride alongside the King of Pentacles in golden splendor while the Feather of Truth has sought somewhat more severe but less two-dimensional company with the archetype of XIV Temperance to accompany. (Today’s deck is the nearly mythic *Tarot of Prague* by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahoney, in a gorgeous new re-issue from Baba Studios. It’s true, I sold my 2nd daughter to the white slavers to afford both the deck & the large-format edition art prints deck, but in that I can assuage my conscience in knowing that I sold her in Prague. Everything about these decks is A+ quality, although one must take care because the card stock, while of good quality, is very fine & flexible and I imagine easily torn or damaged, thus . . . pay attention. For the RWS system, I will say that I have *almost* never seen a more gorgeous deck of Tarot cards than these. With the added attraction of Prague, the city of alchemy & magick, they are well worth breaking the budget.) My reading today is almost boring, it is so positively calming, soothing, designed to “buck up” my traditional side and make me aware that my Journey into the “space lanes” does not absolve me of either my duties nor my needs back here on planet Earth. My DUTY is the King of Pentacles; my NEED is XIV Temperance, or Balance. I accepted my new (& only) student yesterday, and became even more forcefully apparent that what I am doing is monstrously presumptuous yet absolutely necessary; I am presuming to be wise enough in Tarology to teach it as a precious adjunct to the personal Journey of Enlightenment, and at the same time I know, and the Student/seeker/”Querent” (wry grin) knows, it seems, that there is no more important task on the planet than to commence the Journey and for that a teacher/guide is imperative. (If you didn’t catch it that was my entrance cue.)  From a different dimension, my wife has been remarking lately about how much & how well I am filling the role of “paterfamilias” lately (this despite the fact that we have no children [remember? I’ve sold them over the years to meet our needs.] 
Jeanne, our friends & pets & distant relatives are my family.) It isn’t something I “try” to do, I just do it; I suppose that is the molding of my character by my father, with whom I had a troubled & stormy relationship my entire youth, but who, even then, I had to admit was an absolute, 24 carat rock-solid dependable Paterfamilias. In some ways, he still is, at the age of 84, but rather in a “dowager capacity.” As I age, I realize, of course, how much I AM my father, to my great horror (grin). I molded myself in such extreme reaction to him, despite “picking him up” regardless, that in turn one of MY great needs, and I have written of this before, is Moderation or Balance. My nature is to first turn to the extreme, and if it proves unmanageable, to regress down the scale in intensity until I am at a level I can support. XIV is my constant companion now, more present as I age, saying, “Mix; Balance; Even Out; Cool Down; Heat Up; the Middle Way, the Middle Way.” I need to take Balance into account as I am being the Paterfamilias, of course: nevertheless, I need to keep it in mind as well when I am teaching; don’t let the intensity of my conviction overwhelm the learner, push only to a reasonable limit, take into account character differences, etc.etc.etc. My student made it quite clear his commitment is genuine; it isn’t for a day, a week or a month; he wishes, with all of his Heart, to be on the Path and making the Journey. I OWE it to the Cosmos, to him, and to myself to help & guide & teach him in as much as I am capable of doing so. It is all the Cosmos has EVER been asking of me, despite years of misdirected listening on my part, “Help the others, Mark, once you find your way out of the forest yourself.” So today I ask the Cosmos to bless and aid ALL of us as we try our best to follow the dictates of Spirit.  


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