Thursday, May 19, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 20May2016 : today my Heart is in (surprise !) the King of Wands while the Feather of Truth has taken flight with innumerable pigeons and landed in the counting room of the 4 of Coins. (Today’s deck is the *Tarocchi di Venezia* by Giordano Berti, Davide Tonato & Giulia Orsini.) It may seem a rather odd and staid choice, but I was looking for a Tarot deck that specifically emphasized Water, as it is my weakest “suit” and thus I have a corresponding emotional “glibness.” In other words, my Cups suit could use some work; like a bear, I only know the barest outlines of the depths of emotions and the emotional realm, this despite thinking myself a pretty slick operator. I am but I’m not, if you know what I mean. Hell, it has taken me THIS long to figure out how to live in a marriage! which is a daily proposition; the Greta Garbo & John Gilbert heights of emotional passion are not understood by me; oh, I “think” I understand them, but if I take an honest look back at my life, those times when I thought I was drinking the cup of emotional drama to its bitter dregs, I was really crying over spilt milk because I didn’t get my way in Life and “it’s unfair” and “don’t you know it’s ME?? I DESERVE happiness!” Sing the shitty song, Mark, you seem to think the Cosmos cares. By contrast to my emotional dramas, there are realities such as depicted cinematographically in “Sophie’s Choice” and the nightly news that turn your hair white and cause nuclear fission in your gut; talk about “bitter dregs!!” At any rate . . . my Heart today is to be found incarnated, ha, quelle surprise!, in the King of Wands (in this deck he is an actual historical personage, Gerolamo Querini, a member of one of the Venetian dynasties that ruled the Republic of Venice as a rather fascist plutocracy. The Golden Rule in the Venice of that time was, “You can do anything, just don’t contravene the Public Morality.” In other words, if caught, you were immured in the Doge’s dungeons listening to the ghosts on the Bridge of Sighs . . . .) I believe the King is here today to help me shore up my defenses; I am socializing tonight with the Young, and while my body naturally recognizes its limitations, my head and heart often do not. Add to this that the gathering tonight will be handsome young men, and it gets even more complicated. “Act your age, Mark, but don’t be a stuffed, pompous ass.” Also, I find it telling that in a deck which I purchased explicitly for its water images, the very first card I EVER draw out of it contains NO water at all. Ha! There’s irony for you, short & sweet (and-yes-you-bunch-of-asses-I-can-see-myself-in-that-proud-&-vainglorious-image, I’m not blind to the appropriateness of the irony, believe me.) LOL, with an inner “Harrumph!”
 of wounded Vanity I turn to the Feather of Truth and receive cold comfort; Pietro Aretino (†1556), a writer, counts his profits. Rather let us say that this isn’t really me counting my profits but rather a healthy “amour-propre” that could turn vainglorious at a moment’s notice if I’m not attentive. In terms of tonight I would think that means “Represent yourself well, Mark, you could be a role model  for any of these young men,” as well as reminding me to act my age, something I can forget, though not all that easily. The ambiance should help; we are going to a concert of Arabian music featuring Bab Assalam, apparently someone well-known. I listened to some of his music; we should have an amazing time, BUT I MUST KEEP PERSPECTIVE. Circumstance forces me to be “adult” most of the time, so when I have the opportunity to do a little “age regression” it can usually be fun, EXCEPT when that Voice speaks up and says, “Not this time, buddy; Adult Mode here, too.” This particular kind of longing for immaturity always hits any gathering of males; and the group always hopes someone is enough of a wet dishtowel NOT to join the fun and thus becomes their “de-facto designated intelligent person” while the rest play The Fool (in this century, it is usually “the chemically altered Fool,” as well.) Well, I shan’t be doing that this evening, I can reasonably assure myself, unless I am offered a forbidden fruit so luscious that I am willing to pay the price. Doubtful, but possible. Well, “on verra.” I ask the Cosmos today to share bounteously from the Water reservoir in order to enrich ALL of our lives. Be Well!    

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