Saturday, May 28, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 29May2016; today my Heart is beating confidently in syncopation with that of XVII Le Stelle (The Star) while the Feather of Truth, in a domestic moment, has gone to dust off the 10 of Chalices. (Today’s deck is the *Ancient Italian Tarot* by Carteria Italiana, 1880, Serravalle Sesia. It is a Lo Scarabeo re-creation deck; to which I was turned on by a Facebook friend, Guillaume P. [He has some great decks! I’ve been made aware of these decks by Guillaume’s generous spirit in posting them.] I fell in love with the pure Italian-ness of this deck; you either have to be Italian or have lived there [undergraduate study years ago] to appreciate the kind of High Italian Kitsch Culture this art represents; it makes me smile. Otherwise, it follows the TdeM standard model.) My Heart is hanging with Hope today; at any rate, that is as accurate and simplistic a one-word definition of a Major Arcanum as exists. This has ALWAYS been a welcome card in my readings; as a matter of fact, I believe we all see it that way, n’est-ce pas ? We know why my Heart is happy, don’t we? With Mercurial swiftness my Heart has taken up the position of great Hope because with the initial enthusiasm of my single-teacher initiative, and my 2 students (count ‘em, two! [grin],) I feel a surge of hope in the possibility of spreading my love of Tarot and its benefits to others. In some twisted Mark way, as well, it is a vague feeling of leaving something behind me, to mark my rather unremarkable passing through this world. Some people feel that way about children, I am starting to feel that way about Tarot; if I can leave “my” Tarot in the hands of a “successor,” I would be more than content. It is a feeling common to ALL of mankind; “Why, when I die, must the “totality” of me disappear, as well? I CAN and I WILL leave something after me, to mark my passage.” I’ve never burned to have children; conversely, as with animals, I get along with children quite well, and my secret is simple: don’t treat like children, or what we imagine children to be. They are amazingly alien little creatures; we forget. We grew up to regress, they are still “raw” and full of the barely masked pulsing energy of the life they have just left. “Well, shit, back down into the filth & stench yet once again, Hiram, . . .” No, the afterlife isn’t a shiny clean tiled bathroom, but surely descending into matter must feel a bit like that, don’t you imagine? Yuck, matter. Grin – oh hell, what do I know, (for the moment, anyway.) Regardless, I am quite content with Jupiter in Aquarius (or Venus in Pisces, depending on where one is at.) As Aquarius she walks from Chokmah to Tiphareth on Air. I like her, and her number adds up to 8! (My “mythical lucky number” – remember, I don’t have “that kind” of luck; mine is of an entirely different variety, of whose scope I am only now beginning to guess the enormity. I’m a LUCKY man, just not in the understood sense of the term.) 
I reach out for the Feather of Truth and find her dusting ten cups on the 10 of Chalices card.  In a Thoth deck this card is called Satiety; it sits in Malkuth on the Tree of Life, and is a Water card. Astrologically it is Mars in the 3rd decan of Pisces; Fiery war and watery lucky fish . . . hmmm. I’ve always felt dubious about the apparition of this card in a spread; most will go, “Oh, Goody! Complete and total Happiness, the Apotheosis of Contentment, and the Summit of well-being!” Well . . . as a matter of fact, no. You missed that at 9; this is that infinitely timeless moment between the finale of one’s “happygasm” and the hammerfall arrival of one’s personally malevolent hangover “after the party.”  “With the Ten of Cups, the suit has completed the journey from the seeds of the Ace to the final goal of Malkuth, root and origin of the element. All energies are ending, they have found their fixed forms. The waters are resting now in their final grounds. Yet the Ten is not the end of a line, but the end of a circle - the cross sum of 10 is 1 and there we are at the Ace again. After all the ups and downs of the journey, we find ourselves at its beginning, and it is up to us whether we use our experiences or not. ” (Raven) How I will take this card today, its role for me today as vehicle of the Truth, is as a friendly admonishment: “You’ve just had your moment of 9, you’ve found your ‘thing.’ Now DON’T sit there on your ass feeling self-satisfied; you’ve got lessons to prepare and work to do, so as to show others a path through these very same processes.” We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us; no one REALLY “got there alone.” We are a social construct; as such, like it or not, we rise or we fall together, as a species being processed through the god-machine of the Universe. It is one of our STRONG points, I believe; not that humans are hive-minded, we aren’t, but that we are capable of acting “in concert” if a need arises. A bit like the uneasy truce that would reign if you forced ants or bees to live under a democracy. (Go ahead; wrap your heads around that one.) The 10 of Chalices is a GOOD place for the Truth to be for me today: “We’re glad you’re happy; now go drink some coffee and make some preparations, events are in movement.” That is a 10 with which I can not only live but work profitably. A bit of a Yeah! Now, Let’s Get This Show On The Road! I ask the Cosmos today to gift us ALL with the perspicacity to prepare for our own manifestations when they arrive. Be Well!    

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