Saturday, May 21, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 22May2016 : my Heart has gone to nest in a bit of comforting illusion while the Feather of Truth, in high dudgeon, has flown to the Stallion of Fire (Knight of Wands) as a sovereign anodyne to that bit of weaseliness. (Today’s deck is the *Tarota Paris: The Art of Choice and Change* by J. Philip Thomas. Lovely Parisian sites & monuments matched to the cards. There is a kind of “1950’s hostess bridge set” that accompanies them, with note cards & pencil & carrying case. A surprisingly decent LWB. A workable & attractive deck.) Today’s draw is most likely accurate as much as I hate to admit to my Heart dallying with illusion like that, but {{sigh}} it’s true. OF course that is a coarse & generalized interpretation, but it grabs the essence by the short hairs, so to speak. “This card may best be described as a visionary smorgasbord where everything seems to be a dream come true. However, the light of this Seven is intermittent at best. The beneficial properties of pleasurable experiences are not to be denied, but we also need to hold on to a reality rope when entering this watery wonderland. It is a realm to be explored psychically, creatively, emotionally – not a place to reside in. Enjoy the luxurious amenities, even take a dip in the pool, but don’t try to swim off with the mermaid!” (LWB) Again, as I said, rather basic, but to the point, and rather more “forgiving” than many interpretations one could use. Nevertheless, I can see the application in my own life at this moment. With 2 new students now, I must admit that I anticipate, perhaps much too early, their success(es); on the same note but a tone removed is a current flare-up of physical desire, with which I am holding intense talks at present; I had already decided what road to take when it comes to that question, and revisiting it now serves absolutely NO purpose. 
Thus made aware, yet again, of letting my heart/mind combo “gang aft agley,” and to keep a tight rein on rebellious ego pulsions, I needs turn and see where the Feather of Truth has gone; et voilà ! there she is, nestled up to the Stallion of Fire (Knight of Wands.) Shameless hussy. She hasn’t quite clicked to the fact that the Knight is still me, pulling the chariot of Apollo in tandem with my Anima. True to the spirit of the Arcanum, this Knight is an urge to the “timely challenge, purpose-motivated travel, or a variety of situations that involve short notice.” - presumably due to his firecracker character – “. . . In a relationship reading, this stallion will definitely turn up the heat in your love life, but quell your expectations initially, or you may snuff out the flame.” (LWB) I would add, “If one exists!” but that’s me. Grin.  I might be tempted to interpret this a bit more harshly, given the ambiance around my state of mind this morning, but I will gladly accept this kinder, slightly gentler reminder of where I have already decided I need and want to be, and to keep expectations in check “just in case” there is an element of illusion and/or delusion in their foundations. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a greater insight into our own motivations today. Be Well!   


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