Friday, May 13, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 14May2016 : today my Heart is filled with pride to ride with VIII Strength while the Feather of Truth has gone off to the sea to meet the King of Alembics (Cups). (Today’s deck is the *Mutational Alchemy Tarot* by m1thr0s and Izi Ningishzidda. You have read me rave on about this deck before, so I shan’t repeat myself here. It is a fabulously exotic and arcane deck, and if you know your way around the Tarot, I encourage you to try it. “Try it, Mikey, you’ll like it!”) Today’s draw is unusual for me; I almost never see either of these cards, usually drawing Justice and one of the other Kings in their stead as “more fitting to my interior landscape,” it seems. Today, we seem to be going against type, and I said to myself, “Whoa! These aren’t MY cards, I’ve drawn for someone else, it seems.” Arrant nonsense, of course! And thankfully, almost immediately I thought, “Wait a minute – if these ARE my cards, what’s going on with me?” I began to discern a dim shape through the murky waters at this great depth (sic!) and thought, “Well, what the hell! They ARE mine!” For I realized that my Heart has moved on “hoping” about opening up a project to the stage of mastering & “dompting” it (“training” it,) now that we know that it exists. “Atu VIII is the letter: ט Teth & the number 9, between Sephira #4 (Chesed) and Sephira #5 (Geburah.) Its ruling pentagrams are: Pent #19 “Secret of All Spiritual Activity” – Earth of (Li) The Clinging, Fire (Above/Below) Earth of (Sun) The Penetrating, Wind (Without/Within)” (online LWB @ On a side note, my preference is for Strength to be at VIII, and Justice @ XI, as it seems to be a more logical AND intuitive path if seen in that progression. However that’s me and as I don’t rule the Universe (Yet!) you are not obliged to agree. It is covered here in the online LWB, however: “One major change historically was the swapping of Justice with Strength by the Golden Dawn, due to astrological assignments. It is still popular to place Strength at 8 and Justice at 11 to this day. Aleister Crowley decided to go with the older standard and changed the name dramatically, but his imagery remained faithful to the old standard. It was originally called Fortitude by the GD. The key elements are the woman and the lion. The woman appears to have controlled the lion somehow, whether through gentleness or some other means, she is sometimes said to represent the soul where the lion is the anatomical body with its baser instincts. In older decks, the woman is also breaking a pillar.” In a nutshell, I grok that that my Heart is looking for sources of Strength now to carry through with the project, and to build it and see it grow & flourish. Such grand talk for my one student and me studying together, but you have to start somewhere, right? And persevere, through Strength. 
I turn to look for the Feather of Truth and find that she has flown off to flirt with the King of Alembics, a rather fierce-looking “Kauhuhu, the powerful and fearsome shark god of the island of Molokai, and one of his consorts Lanilani beside an underwater volcanic vent denoting the essence of life on earth. Kauhuhu commands all of the sharks in the ocean and the weather, his underwater abode is guarded by two sea serpents or dragons. He is pictured with Lanilani a former mortal who was turned into an immortal shark and taken as a wife by Kauhuhu as a payment for demolishing an entire village with his hurricane. Lanilani is the daughter of a kahuna (priest) with a tragic story. All three of his sons are executed by the village chief for the frivolous yet innocently childlike act of playing on the chief’s sacred drums covered in tiger shark skin. He goes to all of the gods and asks them for revenge, but they are all afraid of the chieftain, Kupa. He finally resorts to the shrine of the shark god, Kauhuhu, and asks either for death or revenge. The gatekeepers of the realm take pity on him, promising him an audience with Kauhuhu, who nearly devours him on sight when he returns to his home, but for a hasty prayer to him by the kahuna.” (LWB) Colorful little story, isn’t it? and aptly appropriate for this King, I find, for whom I have never liked the interpretation, “the only king that seems to be ambivalent about his kingship, uncomfortable to be there.” Bullshit, he’s Poseidon, for Zeus’s sake! Neptune and all the other Gods of the Sea rolled into one, the Fire of Water. And his Love is FIERCE. Now, THERE is a Water King I can get behind! If this is my Truth today, then it can only reside in the configuration of Uranus above Earth, conferring “Wisdom, Caution, Balance (of) Lifeforms, Understanding, Detachment,” but also “a hatred of tyrants, the unpredictable wildness and supreme authority and justice of the natural world. This connection between survival and justice recognizes the supreme economical mastery nature exhibits, in not wasting resources. Yet all of this efficiency evokes beauty and terrible splendor, unlike the often ugly business “efficiency” of humans . . . Kauhuhu remarks to us by way of example to value life, not empty rituals and objects, and not to shed blood needlessly.” (LWB) Keep it streamlined and emotionally “economical,” Mark. Don’t weigh it down with too much psychic baggage, you have that tendency. Efficiency has its place in the realm of Water. With that, I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today a better appreciation of the role of economy in emotions. Be Well!    

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