Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hello and Good Middle-of-the-night ; I had posted that I wouldn’t post a Scales of Ma’at for today, the 4th of May, 2016, because I have a full morning of med ‘scopes & appts. ahead of me. However, I can’t sleep tonight, so I thought, “What the heck, I’ll do my Scales extra-early & just for myself, that’s all.” So I did. And I pulled these two MA cards, which are SO damn appropriate for this whole CYCLE of readings I’ve been experiencing about the near future of my Journey as shaped by my possible actions. (This is my “hearth & home deck”: Robert Place’s *Alchemical Tarot Renewed: 3rd Edition*. There’s a 4th, lovely as well, but this deck is how I found this artist in the 1st place, so . . . .) I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, given that “I’m not really here,” and as well that the draw of these cards is “Well, OF COURSE!”-in-line with said cycle and something that will be instantly recognizable to anyone who may be following it. (And by the way, if anybody out there IS following me, Thank You, I am both humbled & gratified by your attention.) My Heart is firmly ensconced in IX the Hermit, and this is “Fer Sure!” as far as my feelings go about doing anything “publicly.” I want to retreat & go back to my luxurious & gloriously baroque isolation with my toys and quest all alone for the sheer joy of it – but the “zings!” I’m getting from my readings, the necessity inherent in me and mirrored in the cards to “Grow! damn you, GROW!” and the sheer naked fact that when I started this Quest for Illumination I accepted the “necessity clauses” in fine print at the bottom of the contract: “The Quest is by definition a learning, understanding, sharing & teaching Journey. You MUST endeavor to share and offer to help those fellow beings around you on the same Quest, the Quest for Illumination.” Yes sir, Mark the Already There (because I am, somewhere in the Space/Time continuum.) 
The Feather of Truth today is just, a restatement of that Necessity Clause and what is my DUTY to fulfill, if at all I can. I want to sing, but before I do, I’m reminded, I must teach and help my fellow choristers how to sing, if necessary, and certainly what to sing. The Song of the Truth. I’m not fond any longer of being in V; which implies, of course, that I once was, and yes, I was. Being Pope is a real ego trip, necessary for the stage but needing to be outgrown. This seems to be where a lot of gurus and “spiritual counselors” get stuck, eternally bathing in the illusory bath of false gnosis salted with public adulation & obedience. Odin forfend! It kind of turns my stomach even thinking about it at this point – I understand it, but I REALLY don’t want to go back there. And yet . . . and yet; the message, over & over & over, keeps being, “Put it OUT THERE, Mark. Quit fucking around & just do it.” OF course, if I knew with any certainty what “It” is, I would have a much better grasp of what I’m being told, but I don’t, I’m being pushed with a large fork to the end of plank and being told, “Jump! or you’ll be sorry!” which is, of course, an oxymoronic situation. But that’s what it says. So, I am asking the Cosmos today for clarification for myself and for any of you who need it in your lives at this moment.   


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