Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to a Random Draw for 02Jun2016: XV The Devil, 0 The Fool and VIII Justice.  (Today’s deck is the *Art Nouveau Tarot* by Antonella Castelli.) I was going to pull a Scales of Ma’at reading this morning, per usual, but it kept hitting a bizarre note and nothing vibed right: it was obviously the wrong approach this morning. I was going to process another one of my “toss it or keep it?” decks today, (I’ve decided this one stays, for now,) as I DID pull a reading after all; 3 random cards from the deck. It fell that they are all majors and all have a curious fascination for me today, I couldn’t tell you why. I’m going to consider the trinity as a union, on whose dynamics I may meditate for meaning to this construct in my life today. Nothing more, just that. I ask the Cosmos to bless us ALL today with sudden and unexpected insight. Be Well!  


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