Friday, June 17, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 18Jun2016 : today my Heart is indulging in the mindless joy of abundance present in the III the Empress while the Feather of Truth employs itself more pointedly in directing that munificence into the 9 of Disks. (Today’s deck is the *Tabula Mundi: Nox et Lux Edition Tarot* by M. M. Meleen. This deck is a Gnostic heavyweight, and I like it very much; that said, it seems so profound and heavy with import that I rarely think to read daily with it. It is a lot like the china and crystal that your grandmother kept boxed up in a closet: “It’s for a special occasion, dear; shut the door & leave it alone.” Of course, the “special occasion” never came and when grandma croaked and they carried her out belly up and claws in the air futilely grasping for a Baccarat wine stem or Limoges saucer, the box was still there, untouched. At least I USE the deck! If Tarot interests you beyond wearing a multicolored scarf at a cultural appropriation parade then by all means get yourself a copy of this deck [a color edition is in the works, but the B&W is eloquent] ASAP.) With my Heart in III the Empress, I feel curiously assuaged yet unsatisfied. Here’s why: the Empress is mindless. She is a force of nature personified, Mother Earth, Gaia, the Cornucopia, the Vessel of Abundance; As such, she is as impersonal and devoid of feeling as a nugget of lignite carbon. Her abundance is for EVERYONE, without prejudice or measure, AS LONG AS you play the game by her rules. I have no problem with that; she owns the goodies, she sets the rules. And I am glad to have a “stop” where I can completely re-stock my larder, as well, and yet . . . and yet . . . the impersonal-ness of it bothers me. Mitochondrial Eve she may be, but I do prefer my Empresses with a bit more of the personal touch – although, I must admit, the bee symbology here used touches my heart, I’m VERY fond of bees, apiculture and all the rest. Oddly enough, I don’t have a particular taste for honey. I’ve never seen them as candymakers, but as essential beings in the machinery of keeping this planet running and us alive. I LOVE them as symbols and messengers of the Sun. I am also particularly fond of their alienness, their utter weirdness – it IS bizarre and yet SO “of” this world. I remember reading years ago in some dusty, forgotten tome on a metaphysical bookstore’s shelf that bees were from Venus and had been brought here by yakyakblahblah . . . “what utter rubbish!” I thought, knowing there is NOTHING more terrestrial than a bee. Yet the nugget of Truth is there – if she “symbolizes” the productive richness of the bee queen, then indeed, because she is astrologically Venus, “bees come from Venus.” This should give one science-fiction pause, to think that we live on a world regulated by a delicate, winged species with a penchant for geometry, all of whom are badly served by translators who don’t get it right! We are ALL subjects of the Venusian/Apian Queen, whether we know it or not. Parallels, parallels. You see? It ALL fits, really, and the Truth is ineluctable in its honesty, if not in its forthrightness, of which it has very little, at least in my experience; the Truth likes to play Hide ‘n’ Seek. Which is why I have the Feather . . . the blessed Feather of Truth, come to tell me today to look to the 9 of Disks for my insight this morning. 
“Kinda pressin’ heavy on the bee symbology, arencha, Ma?” Yet without even thinking about it that IS where I took my musings on the Empress; inevitable, I suppose.  The 9 is my preferred card over the 10; in my experience, “the happy family” is one of the most hypocritical and cruel delusions that has been concocted by humanity; it doesn’t exist, not really. If you think you know one, check out how many of them are in therapy 10 years later. Tolstoy was fooled, it isn’t that all happy families are the same and the unhappy ones are unique creations, it is that they are ALL hard-assed struggles and some elect to throw a cloak of secrecy, shame & mendacity over theirs because they are mistakenly ashamed, thinking they have failed some cosmic “measure” of a “happy family.” Bullshit. Do you hear me, people? Bullshit. Quit torturing yourself with cruel fantasies, they aren’t real. Do your best with the damaged family you’ve got; that is what EVERYBODY has to do. THAT is why I’m not fond of the lie embodied on the 10 – personal horror of the lie as lived, and only hopeful of an interior, spiritual realization of the lessons of that card. In my experience, the only happy family I belong to is the one I made myself, by and through loving people, and I believe that to be true for all of us, in order to experience that state and move forward on the Journey. Here, we have Venus in Virgo, and YES, she is directly linked to the Empress. I see that the cards, and thus my subconscious and the Cosmos, are handing me a heavy dose of Venus today. Shit. I know the truth, you see – planetary Venus is a seething, volcanically hot hellhole of a planet where only Djinn and fire elementals could feel comfortable. You aren’t resting your bedewed cheek on the backside of Aphrodite there, no-siree-bob. You are burning alive in Vulcan’s furnace – and curiously enough, in Greek mythology Vulcan IS the husband of Aphrodite. I’m hoping that the flames of my consummation are serving to melt all the gold that shall be pouring into my coffers so that I may continue to finance my alchemical research – you have NO idea how much living mandrakes or a bottle of Spiritus Vitrioli costs these days! Grin. I ask the Cosmos today to gift us ALL with enough wherewithal to furnish our “personal, alchemical closets” as we may wish. Be Well!   

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