Friday, June 10, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 10Jun2016 : today my Heart is empathizing with XII The Hanged Man, and the Feather of Truth has gone to “hang” with the sentinel watching over the 6 of Coins. (Today’s deck is *The Medieval Scapini Tarot* by Luigi Scapini. A modern deck that one could easily mistake as genuinely medieval, it is fun to read; I enjoy reading with it, I can’t tell you why other than it lifts my spirits to see the lighthearted artwork in the medieval style. A find, it has a companion book, “Art and Arcana: Commentary on the Medieval Scapini Tarot” by Ronald Decker –and therefore NOT authored by the artist, a great help here, I believe. This deck is worth a place on the shelf.) My brain empathizes with my Heart wanting to hang with self-sacrifice; we had the Day of a 1000 Small Calamities here yesterday. It started the moment the day started at the chateau, and it didn’t let up ALL day long; one long train of smaller train wrecks following one another like little diabolical mannequins on a runaway from Hell, wearing haute couture such as Broken Plumbing, Cat Pissed On The Sofa and the timeless The Bank Has It ALL Fucked Up. It just never fuckin’ stopped yesterday. Sometimes I have the ignorant thought that we pay for our happiness with occasional bouts of pure awfulness. The Balance, you know, the fuckin’ Balance. Well, enough “shaking a fist at the Universe” for the moment, let’s get on with it. My Heart is off identifying with self-sacrifice because I believe that is where he honestly believes himself to be – making that call to go forward without an ego-agenda and to further his work in an effort to better a larger circle than just himself alone. I hope that is true, despite the corner of my mind that is ALWAYS nagging me with “Okay, gangsta’, what role are you playing now?” One of the problems with being very observant is that you can’t prevent yourself observing yourself, judging, remarking, and keeping up a constant stream of bullshit from the peanut gallery. It is infernal!, and everlasting, unless you take steps to silence that gallery, not with threats of violence but with proofs of competency and correct placement. “THIS belongs HERE because it does.” There is enduring self-sacrifice all over this card; flowing grape juice (blood), Ouroboros, the pelican. Tools to build the gibbet are even included! Or to construct salvation, if you have a mind to . . . . The whirlpool? That’s easy, Water = Rebirth. Mr. Decker’s accompanying book suggests Perseus as the accompanying constellation, a lesson in the Ego renouncing selfishness to rescue the Higher mind from the lower mind. O-k-a-y-y-y, I guess. I’ll take that on faith, for the moment, until I can prove or disprove it. 
Turning from my Heart to find the Feather of Truth, I see that she has had a moment of solidarity with the military, as she seems to be standing guard with the sentinel watching out & keeping balance in the 6 of Coins. Here “. . . the interpenetration of opposites . . . represent the present moment.” (Decker) The six scenes are: begging, thievery, rose of perfection, generous Jupiter, a rich fool, a penniless fool. “And what does this tell us, boys & girls?” These are pictured as opposite-pairs, so is the opposite of spiritual perfection the generosity of jolly Jupiter??? “Whoa!! Let’s think on that one, Ogilvie!” That is a hypnotic and titillating thought, and it “tastes” inherently wrong; I’m going to put THAT one in its own little self-heating cubicle in the dungeons of the Memory Palace and let it sweat the truth out of itself . . . for now. This card resides in Tiphareth, and speaking astrologically is the Moon exalted in Taurus. So, the shorthand is the positive side wins over the negative side . . . this time. Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . but what TRUTH am I going to carry away from here? I shall have to rely upon my own character’s interpretation of “generosity of spirit, of body and soul” to correctly carry the pennant of the Feather into reality today and fortunately I am reassuringly sure that my character is up to the task of representing the positive qualities inherent in the contrasts of the day. This all “feels” like “good stuff;” sometimes my Intuition goes out-of-focus, deliberately I believe, in order to deliver a truer interpretation of its message. Here the message is, ‘It’s okay; yesterday was the planned-for anomaly of balancing the forces, remember? Didn’t you remark that you were MARKEDLY less angry and “simmering all day long” than you have always been in the past? You’re getting better at the Balance, Mark, you ARE getting better.” That’s good; I’m glad I’m making progress somewhere, because at times the horizon appears remarkably bland and uninteresting from my viewpoint, with no signs of the Emerald City ahead. (“Taptaptap . . . damn heels!”) At least I know that my Tin Man and Scarecrow are taken care of for now; I have set up the lesson plans for my two students for the near future, and all is rolling along like gangbusters on that front. I ask the Cosmos today to gift us ALL with a better-balanced view of ourselves and our realities. Be Well!   


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