Saturday, June 11, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 12Jun2016: my Heart is impatiently awaiting the wind rushing through his trailing arteries and veins, but for the moment VII the Chariot is motionless, and the Feather of Truth is nowhere to be seen because she’s off trying to gather adherents at the court of the Pentacle Queen. (Today’s deck is *The Revised New Art Tarot* by J. A. Knapp and M. P. Hall. If you are into Aquarian or “New Age” philosophy at all, those names will be familiar to you, especially Manly P. Hall. These cards are in the same category as B.O.T.A. and The Rosicrucian Society decks, strange, amalgamated children of the Golden Dawn and etc. I think of this deck as “Gnostic Lite”, simple, straightforward, a touch of esotericism thrown in for keyword measure . . . and aside from a bit of “pretentiousness” – “chariot” in French is “le char”, not “le chariot” . . . it works, but you won’t use the word “inspired” when speaking about this deck. Ever.) When I visualize this Heart of mine (the one that takes the Tarot journeys) I see one in a Mexican Folk Art style, a Day of the Dead style. Lots of BRIGHT red, some black & white line art, sequins, beads & little mirrors, perhaps a skull tattoo on an aorta, something folkloric-esque like that. And today he’s “ridin’ in style jes’ like a vato” in VII the Chariot (which doesn’t take kindly to being enlarged in a scan. What grainy, badly reproduced art on these cards!) The symbolism is interesting, though; check it out; 17 stars on the card; 10 on the Chariot and 7 on the shield, for a total of 17, which is, of course, the Star. This is the culmination of the first Septenary, and most of all signifies “most completely the constitution of the creating Logos, who impresses his signature in the form of a Septenary upon the whole face of Nature, revealing its peculiar constitution through an endless repetition of sevens.” (LWB) That is Abraxas in the Chariot, the Gnostic Solar god, by the way, not someone else. The sphinxes symbolize polarity, and the chariot itself is simply a totemic rendition of the 7-leveled Universe, from the empyrean blue of the canopy right on down to the muddy, Malkuthian wheels. (The 10 Sephiroth are on the canopy – those 10 golden stars.) As a whole the chariot resembles the Merkabah, the moving throne of the immovable God. The throne is considered to be noumenally founded upon the mind. And as usual, for me, it means that mu Heart may be more than a little ready to jump in and dance the Dance of the Polarities, like a tightrope walker balancing on two ropes stretched across an abyss. We have the tools, we have the Will, and we have done it before, so let move this project and/or day on out into the flow of traffic and get it up to speed. Considering at the last moment that perhaps the Feather of Truth needs a ride, I look around for her but find her quite comfortably lobbying at the court of the Pentacle Queen for more adherents to a balanced way of life, kind of like a Greenpeace advocate trying to spread pamphlets at a furriers’ Ball. 
It isn’t really quite that bad, but it is going to be a tough sell for Truth, asking a chateau-full of landed aristocrats very close to their gold to change their ways towards more moderation. But she DOES have the ear of the Queen, and that counts, big time. “The vesica inside the cube displays the power of creation in balance with the senses. The white backdrop with the white four-leaf clover suggests balancing passion with soul can lead to the highest creativity on the dense realm of matter.” (LWB) The Queen is Capricorn, as well as a sibyl and Capricorn is the sign where “. . . all of the goals, efforts, and fruits of this half of the year accumulate. She is also the symbol of “the good life well-lived,” and self-sufficiency. (Christine Payne-Towler) If that is MY Truth in today’s reading, then I am in total bongo-drum-vibe harmony with the Truth! I’m all about the good life well-lived; I have been my whole life. A good part of my energy has been finding the natural “justification” for living that way while others suffer from want and need. As for self-sufficiency, that path was begun at an EARLY age, thanks to the frightful consequences of being dependent on someone to survive as a child that were proffered to me. I had to become extremely wily at a young age if I wanted to survive in my family ambiance, which could have kept a psychiatry convention in full plenary session an extra week just to consider it. I can “self-sufficient” myself out of a pair of cement shoes at the bottom of New York harbor if I have to, I’m sure of it. (Mixed metaphors will be the death of me.) The often-overlooked side of the Queen, however, is one that I have enjoyed for a l-o-n-g time, namely using your good fortune ($) to further the quest for and access to the Red Path, Enlightenment, Self-fulfillment, call it what you will. A “spiritual” patron with some coin in his tabard can be a wonderful thing, if he judges his generosity wisely and does NOT scatter pearls before swine. (I’ve always giggled at that moment in English films when someone has done something extremely morally reprehensible and a retired British colonel or an uptight female member of the minor nobility turns to him and clearly enunciates, “You swine!” SO theatrical! . . .) Well, indeed, I hope I’m not sporting a pink and wrinkled snout today, rooting in the mud for butt-ends of wisdom that have been thrown out with the garbage. I doubt very sincerely that I am; even though I am not Muslim, I try to follow a halal dietary regime and thus pork is a rarely indulged “sin.” (We won’t even GO into why I think the concept of “sin” is a monstrous and evil lie. Just think, ‘Control’.) Well, so mote it be. I ask the Cosmos today to bless us ALL with the feeling that we, too, are riding the Auric Egg today. Be Well!    

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