Sunday, June 12, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 13Jun2016 : my Heart threw on some glad rags to celebrate his #50 Affinity for the beauty around him today, whereas the Feather of Truth slept in and only left at dusk to keep company with #61 Solitude. (Today’s deck is *The Eternal Tarot* by Samael Aun Weor [aka Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez, founder of the Universal Christian Gnostic Church.] A lovely deck inspired by the Kabbalah and the works of Mr. Weor, this deck is in the Egyptian-style; that is to say it runs from 1 through 78 and is NOT organized into Majors, minors, suits & Court cards. This is Gnostic tarot, and as such it is all about personal enlightenment and one may forget divination. Fine with me, I don’t like telling Margery that her new tall, dark man is actually an energy vampire and to bring me €500, a black rooster and an egg laid by a virgin albino chicken at midnight in order to lift the curse. [Grin] I love the deck, but it really is more about the initiatory steps one takes to admit oneself into the process of illumination, and the guidance both sought and given along the way from biophysical and immanent forces. When I use this style of deck, I feel less like I am reading the Tarot cards than I feel like I’m in a sacred precinct where my entire being is being scrutinized and patches, surgeries and replacements are suggested and implemented.) As a change today, I shall give descriptions from Weor’s ‘LWB’ to inform you of the card; these descriptions, or “thoughts,” are uniquely conducive to meditation on the interior state and actually don’t require a GREAT deal of “interpretive dance” from me. What I CAN do is to provide a frame of reference for these “meditations” within my own life experience, to apply them there, where appropriate. And to learn from the application thereof, of course! SO, that being said, let’s look at what is applying this morning to my Heart: # 50 Affinity. (I am rendering Weor’s mutterings into a readable flow of English.) “Affinity as an efficient cause of the awakening of emotions is meant here, symbolizing the human virtue of personal attractiveness. Its modulating attributes are its associations with the planet Mercury, the letter T and the number 5. It represents the principle of natural incentive as a modulating power of actions. One can see as its Transcendental Axiom: “Woman, thou art an ember in the fire; and thou, man, the wind that livens it.”  As an element of divination it is vague; it promises passions, illusion, appetites and their desires, love & hallucinations and reckless behavior.” As my Heart isn’t feeling particularly rebellious or prone to mad passionate affairs today, I shall assume that for me, today, this card is rather about my desires for or against companionship, and it is true that I am feeling rather “for” at this point of the day. “On verra, eh ?” As for the negative associations of Affinity, I shall tuck them into an interior pocket for rumination later on in the day. 
Turning to look for today’s Father of Truth, (you know, someday I’ll have a full set of wings and I’ll need to assemble them. I only hope the instructions aren’t in an Asian language) I find it “having an affinity for” #61 Solitude.  I think it worth remarking that the two women on the cards are back-to-back, indicating a lack of communication and/or sympathy between the two; today my Heart is going to find a strong discordance between what it desires and what is Truthful. To reduce it to its most basic, “Go it alone today, Mark, and kill the impulse to place yourself in an ambiance of company.”  I can do that, without even breaking a sweat. As for card #61, “Solitude is an act of heartening concentration; it symbolizes the human virtue of interior contemplation. Its modulating attributes are its association with Neptune, with the letter F, and with the number 7; in essence it represents the principle of isolation. Its Transcendental Axiom is, “Pay what thou owe; pay tax to the tax collector, pay worship to the worshiper, and pay honors to the honorable.” As an element of divination it is all about reserve, precaution, retirement and vigilance. It is a retirement from the social life, which is EXACTLY where my Heart is partying right now (without me, I might add.) Well, harrumph! I can take today’s social necessities and turn them into grumbling, begrudging reasons to court solitude, but should I? Knowing where the Truth lies and actively disinterring it are two different things. Mr. Weor has a “theosophical underpinnings” accompanying book, so I could go on for HOURS on the technical detail of these cards, but don’t worry, I shall not. (Not that you NEED worry –either you know me well enough to know I won’t, or you don’t give a shit. Grin.) Whatever the case, it seems I am at cross-purposes today; my Heart wants to party but my Soul wants to isolate and meditate. I imagine, AS ALWAYS, that Temperance will soon make an appearance (that gal HAUNTS me!) and help me arrange a mixed buffet plate of hot & cold selections. I hope so, I dislike charcuterie. I ask the Cosmos today to give us all a Just mixture today; of society and solitude, of desire and satisfaction, of mind and body, of Heart and Soul. Be Well!    

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