Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 14Jun2016 : today my Heart is with a couple of old friends on VIII Strength while the Feather of Truth has shot off to visit his unlikely Water friends, the couple from the 2 of Cups. (Today’s deck is *The Didactic Tarot* by Jeffrey N. Donato. This as a fraught reunion; the last time I used this deck was a disaster, which must be qualified by the facts that I was still in post-operative recovery and my system was still floating on a sea of drugs. It (the deck) appeared nonsensical at the time. I knew I had not done it any justice, so I put it away to be reused only now, far from that moment. I am doubly pleased to report that it WAS me, not the deck; I like this deck very much, even though there is the addition of an extra suit (always a bit desperate, IMHO) and extra cards to the existing suits. The deck is *Gigantic!*, the cardstock is thick and the cards themselves oversized; it is a bit like picking up a NYC double-decker corned beef on rye with pickle and thinking that somehow you are going to fit that in your mouth. It is one example of a particular deck subculture: post-psychedelic bright bold use of color, not exactly Art Brut or Fauvism, but a radioactive offshoot. A bit tongue-in-cheek, I think it helps a great deal if one lived through the 1960’s and 70’s in reading the artwork on these cards, which, it must be said, is quite good and captures the imagination. Imagination is also involved in the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mythology the author/artist has created for the deck, and while entertaining, it is unnecessary, and only serves to fog things up if made to become a part of the Tarot’s narrative, rather than as a stand-alone fantasy. All said, I like the deck, and my 1st opinion was erroneous.) My Heart today has sped to a comforting place, an oasis of tranquility and repose where perfected VIII Strength relaxes with the now-“balanced” beast of the previously-untamed self. There is a long mythological meander about “Fledgling being born with the visage of the first offspring of psyche” and rata-ta-ta, “born in the Spirit of Prion” and etc. As I said, it includes a supernumerary mythology. All that being said and ridding myself of the wee bit of ridicule I normally heap on fantasy novels (not because I don’t like the genre, as a matter of fact I do if well-done, but because SO many are churned out that aren’t worth the paper upon which they are printed) I feel the author weaves his creativity into his mythology, a bit unfortunately it turns out, because the card interpretations could have used some originality to match the art. Intuition is lacking on reinterpretation and his LCB, while long on one and short on the other, leaves it to the reader to inject sense to the art, more so than normal. That’s okay with my Heart, though, as it simply wants the comfort of being in Strength’s presence, and the surety of her suasion over the untamed elements within his chambered walls. 
Heart, however, has not noticed that the Feather of Truth has flown in a somewhat different direction, to the 2 of Cups. “The void hath overflowed and the dream cannot contain it all. It rains down pure emotion saturating both our hearts. The most amazing things we find in each other’s eyes; mirror images reflecting what the other most desires. The fountain of youthful infatuation springs forth with gleeful spouts of joy. The crests of waves now carry us as we embrace beneath the stars. Union of blood, merging of spirit, sharing each other’s deepest wishes. We swim in circles with the fishes and warm our lips with sweet, sweet kisses.” THAT is the authors input on the 2 of Cups; rather poetic, isn’t it, but of any practical use in a reading? None. That’s okay, I’ll swing it like a trooper and understand it to be that the Truth, for me today, is to be found in the strength, love and “freshness” of my unions, my linkings with others, especially those with whom I am emotionally linked, i.e. “love.” A great deal of that Strength previously mentioned can be found being born here, in the fire of the crucible, so to speak, the crucible of the birth of passion and emotion and the recognition of an Other. So, keep your oculars peeled today, Mark, for signs that there are reserves of Strength to be drawn upon in your relationships if you need them, and if you maintain those links with care and attention. Strength is obviously Leo (thus Fire), with Neptune & Mars dominant, while the 2 of Cups is Venus in Cancer, aka “The Lord of Love,” so with that dripping, slippery, emotive Lord of Love embracing the dry and fiery nature of Strength, I think I can expect some Steam in my day!! I can only hope that it is in reference to that 2 of Cups reference emotionally and that Lion reference dominant because then I can anticipate “steamy windows” instead of “oh shit!! I’ve burned my hand on the kettle!” Today I ask the Cosmos to gift us ALL with generous amounts of Strength and Passion to see us through our day and our lives. Be Well!  


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