Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 15Jun2016 : my Heart has taken the High road and is glorying in being in I the Magician while the Feather of Truth, feeling a bit under-attended on the material plane has gone to have a quiet talk with the King of Pentacles. (Today’s deck is *The Jungian Tarot* by Robert Wang. The accompanying books are 1) *Tarot Psychology* by Robert Wang. Marcus Aurelius Press, 2007; and 2) *The Jungian Tarot And Its Archetypal Imagery*, Robert Wang. Marcus Aurelius Press, 2001. An acknowledged Jungian scholar and symbology expert, Dr. Wang presents us with HIS version of what Jung may or may not have seen in the Tarot. He has it down pretty tight, from what I can tell, not being a trained Jungian therapist myself. When I first opened this deck, several years ago, I wasn’t all that impressed; I’m not laying on the floor in a quivering heap of jelly-like delight now, mind you, but I’m not unhappy. The deck is fine, and while it won’t blow the doors off of your complexes and neuroses and reveal you for the Jungian construct you are, it will help you to understand the application of the vocabulary and content. This is a qualified yes on my list, a “2nd-tier deck.”) My Heart went for a big target today, wanting to be incarnate in the Magician; with these cards he is heavily symbol-laden, while incarnating several archetypes at once. These include, but are not limited to the following; 0 the Fool, II the Priestess, the Animus (again in duality – the anima has been spun off into II the Priestess,)  Hermes, The Sun & Moon duality expressed as the Philosopher’s Stone, etc.; etc. This archetypal power is challenging, very intelligent, “mercurial,” amoral, frighteningly powerful, and while he is a charming fellow you need to keep your guard up. He is, of course, first and foremost the Great Initiator as he who directs the materialization of energy on the physical plane. That makes him almost unknowable and much like the ancient and distant Sky gods and their mythologies, his far-distant ancestors, the long-forgotten Gods of creation, for whom he also serves as Messenger. That is a hell of a lot of work! (And to put an actual identity on the Messenger aspect, he sounds a bit like the “go-fer” in any business dynamic. It’s better than being the fluffer on a movie set, but only barely.)  My Heart is having delusions of grandeur on one hand, and merely reflecting my own feelings back at me. I am of a self-construction such that, to a certain degree, I can, without pretention or false modesty, lay claim to that title. I AM a magician, on several different levels, as you may know if you’ve been reading my posts (as OF COURSE you have! Grin.) On the other hand, it seems to me the height of presumption and hubris to step forward and lay claim, even if only sporadically, to that title. I must say, however – I’m getting more and more comfortable with it. I have simply had to be SO watchful on my outrageous ego for SO long that I am conditioned to auto-dampen any unseemly rise. How one defines unseemly is the trick, of course! All I can say is that it is changeable. 
Turning from the Heart’s presentation of Bling!, I see that the Feather of Truth has gone to ground with the King of Pentacles. Here we have the archetype of the Responsible Father. (His Queen, by the way, is the Secretive Mother.) Hyper-intelligent, rather cold-blooded, egocentric & profoundly materialistic thus laic and uninterested in the arts or spirituality. He rewards loyalty, ruffles feathers with his brusqueness and lacks romance. He is, of course, the ultimate provider, at which he succeeds admirably. As it happens, I know exactly who this guy is, he’s my father. And of course, as I age, with not a little chagrin I acknowledge the universal and inevitable truth that I more and more become him. Distressing thought, if true – but I am happy to leave my father his throne, no Oedipal drama here, or at least not that one. I have worked very hard all my life NOT to be him, and when I see his scaly hide peeking through my integument from time to time, I take quick action to exterminate the uninvited visitor. We have a lovely relationship now, having both matured . . . finally; and luckily we were both still alive to rediscover each other. My mother’s and my relationship was a different kettle of fish entirely, but I’m not dealing with the Priestess today, other than to remark that she (my mother) amply deserved that title/descriptive. Thank Isis, Osiris & Hathor that I didn’t have to repeat their pattern like a blind karmic guinea pig! I believe the point of Truth showing up here today is that I have been exhibiting a bit too much of the King of Pentacles recently, so that this morning’s duality is the question, “You are neither one nor the other, yet you are both. What do you do?” And OF COURSE the answer is that I call on my oldest and most trusted Tarot friends, VIII & XI, Strength & Justice (or vice-versa) and XIV, Temperance. These three ladies have been, inexplicably, my truest and best friends on the Journey for as long as I can remember. I like to think that they know that they are necessary in my life because of . . . well, me. I DO tend to be a creature of extremes and eccentricities, and by now I have become accustomed to being the lucky man who escorts these three severely beautiful women about town. I actually am very fond of them. “So help me out, gals, help me find the Middle Way.” Today I ask the Cosmos to help us ALL find the Middle Way in our lives and to profit from its blessings. Be Well! 


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