Thursday, June 16, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 17Jun2016: today my Heart is gazing wistfully at the 8 of Cups as she glides forward on her Path while the Feather of Truth has opted for a glitzier & more dramatic ambiance by dropping in on the Ace of Cups. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot Apokalypsis* by Erik C. Dunne & Kim Huggens.  You will come to know this deck much better, soon. It is just now available, and it lives up to and perhaps even surpasses their previous effort, the *Tarot Illuminati.* I’m not going to go on & on, you’ll get enough of that, soon. I’ll just say that I love this deck, a LOT.) Well, the new deck has me bedazzled, as I can think of no other reason why I would draw a Scales reading of only Cups. Perhaps the Orphic Egg of my emotional realm is about to crack, sending flying bits of shell, gooey astral albumen and unilluminated yolk. Let’s hope not; egg is hell to get out of ritual robes. Grin. Whatever has goaded me into action, Water must flow & move and thus our figure in the card is leaving the 8 Cups symbolizing a good, stable situation and venturing forward into the unknown, nude in vulnerability yet with her Wonder Woman-like bracelets of power & knowledge still on her arms. (No, the LWB doesn’t say that, that’s me you want to ridicule. Ha!) I think I have an inkling of the MANY levels to which this card applies; not only emotionally, but practically as well; I must continue on the Path of my quest with Tarot. I have reached a good, knowledgeable working spot in it, but I MUST take it further, “I must give it away in order to keep it,” one of the eternal truths of the Cosmos. (Isn’t it maddening how often the eternal truths are expressed in riddles or seemingly senseless declarations such as that? LOL.) Our lady here has heavy analogies to IX the Hermit, and like the Hermit, where Fire is drawn to Water, here Water is drawn to Air; the Journey into the unknown. As she leaves contemplative, inner-focused Water, with its gifts of self-knowledge and conscious awareness, she ventures towards . . . what? “That’s the great unknown, silly!” The 8 of Cups is Mars in Pisces, Fire in Water so to speak, so she IS literally the Hermit transformed, living in Hod. She is exalted by Jupiter in Cancer, so we can see that although the Journey ahead is full of the Unknown, it is most likely to produce overwhelmingly positive results.  So I’m moving on. I suppose I can live with that; I really don’t have any choice. My Tarot work goes forward, thumbs up; I leave emotional stability for greener pastures in terms of my marriage? No, I can’t and won’t, under present circumstances, something would have to change BIGTIME for me to consider that as a course of action, and neither my wife nor I see that barreling down the road at us. “On verra,” of course. I AM ready to leave the dearth of masculine love that I have been living and accept a new male presence into my life, so we shall see. For now, simply being aware that I’m checking out of the lovely hotel to continue my travels is enough news. Turning to check where the Feather has gone, I am almost knocked over by the sheer FORCE radiating off of the Ace of Cups. 
Wow! Talk about reinforcement of an idea, a direction, a purpose, this is it! I read this as: of COURSE I am moving out of the hotel, just on the horizon is the birth of a truly Great “Cups” event, happening even as I write. I “feel” pregnant, ha! I am hoping that whatever is coming into manifestation is what I directed it to be, the tools I would “like” to use to further my progress on the Path; I can only wait & see if the Cosmos agrees with me, but synchronicity being what it is these days, I think I’m running with favorable odds. I am seeing a LOT of ideas which I willed into manifestation coming down into Malkuth, a bit belated in many cases, and realize two things: 1) I’ve got it right, it’s working, and 2) I don’t always NOTICE the manifestation of something because it happens in ways I didn’t anticipate. THERE is the Cosmos’ role in this, and its sense of humor, “Sure, I’ll arrange for that, no problem, but I’m going to slip it in to you amongst a pile of crap, ahahaha! Be Aware! Ahahaha!” On the other flanged-handled-side of the chalice, there is the axiom, “Be careful for what you pray, you may get it.” I need to be ULTRA-aware for any manifestations happening soon in the emotional pools of my Malkuth, because I have been Willing for years for an occulted manifestation of Emotional Splendor and Strength, and if it is birthing now, I don’t want to miss it through inattention! Osiris forfend! In terms of MY Feather of Truth discovering the Ace of Cups, it makes me feel good with a small, calm hope for my emotional horizon. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the gift of witnessing the arrival of an Ace of Cups in our lives. Be Well!   

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