Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 21Jun2016: my Heart today is feeling pampered with the Queen of Cups while the Feather of Truth is seeking Success in the 6 of Disks. Finally, as sometimes I do with this deck, I drew a 3rd, or “dark” card, the bottom card of the shuffled deck. (Today’s deck is, of course, the *Thoth Tarot* by Aleister Crowley & Lady Frieda Harris. I needed to touch alien base today, so I chose a Thoth deck. It’s a good way to jar yourself back to metaphysical reality with an audible snap! If you never read with one, you should have one anyway. It is a very influential reference work throughout writings on the Tarot.) I see that my Heart, per his want, has slipped as quickly as possible into the train of servitors following the Queen of Cups. When I draw a Thoth Court card, I always look at them carefully, even more so than other decks. So, let’s take a look: the Queen of Cups; AKA the Queen of the Thrones of Water, sits in Binah in the Tree of Life, and astrologically she strides from Gemini to Cancer. She IS the Water of Water, the purest manifestation of the soul of the waters. “She IS pure emotion, not influenced by judgement or purpose. She is loving and affectionate, a warm-hearted mother and a tender friend, looking into the depths of the heart. On the darker side, the Queen of Cups lacks the stability of the Earth, the will of Air and Fire. Water in water is all passivity and has no powers of its own, but makes a perfect transformer of any other power coming along. So she is susceptible to all kinds of influences, her instability might let her appear unreliable and inconstant. (I am reminded of no one so much as Helen of Troy.) ” (Raven & I.) She can best be pictured floating across the borders, drifting between reality and dream, mistress of her watery realm. Needless to say, my Heart feels right at home here, his “home stomping grounds,” so to speak.  And it is true; I feel calm & masterful today as far as my emotional weather is concerned, with no storms or even clouds on the horizon. However, “felix spectator incitus cave!” 
The weather can change in an instant at the Court of Cups. Leaving my Heart where he would be too difficult to extricate, I turn to look for the Feather of Truth and find her fanning the self-contentedness of the 6 of Disks. AKA Success, this 6 sits in Tiphareth in the Tree of Life, having an Earthy confidence of place. Astrologically, it is the Moon in Taurus (the bull-like inertia of those already contented with their success.) “With the 6 of Disks the Suit enters the harmonious realm of Tiphareth, back to the well-balanced middle of the Tree, leaving behind the crisis of the Five, regaining success and wealth. Having experienced the bad and good sides, gain and loss, the 6 of Disks has achieved a wiser attitude towards material concerns. Nothing is taken for granted so easily anymore, and losses won't be taken for the end of the world. The material wealth is viewed in its actual value, not higher than it is, and not lower when we actually had expected more.” (Raven & I) I’m in an odd place with this card, specifically because of my money karma. Due to that, I live in the conviction that I will always have enough, but I shall never be truly rich. My life from birth has been determined that way. So for me this card has a more “Waite-ian” feel to it, that of the officious benefactor, and thus is not necessarily a “contentment card” but rather a warning – “Don’t become too self-satisfied just yet, Mr. Uppity-Britches, you’ve still got ego on which to work (assuming one is truly inhabiting the 6.) My benevolent philanthropist days driven by ego are long over; 1st, I don’t have that kind of money anymore (retired,) and 2nd, By the left testicle of Osiris! did THAT get tiresome, feeding my ego in that fashion and dealing with the kind of people who incrust themselves in those “businesses.” The Truth in the card today, however, is more of an emphasis on overcoming a crisis and reaching a successful conclusion. As I am not doing any charitable work at this time, by elimination that leaves the corollary definition, that of “You pulled through! And brilliantly, too!” That I can handle, because I DID just traverse a (Heart) crisis, having to refind my emotional anchors which had been temporarily obfuscated by discomfort and disgruntlement. Therefore, today I DO feel that I am rightfully basking in the glow of a crisis overcome, of a battle won, and I DO bear a feeling of charity and largess, the same that always accompanies victory. (Unless you’re a Persian satrap, and then only severed heads will do!) I can live with this as my Feather of Truth today, the gentle reminder to be careful to keep ego out of donated effort. 
Finally, as I often do when using a Thoth deck, I drew the “dark card,” the card from the bottom of the deck. Today my dark card is the 2 of Swords, aka Peace. Whew! The 2 is a card of Air, moving sluggishly in Chokmah. Astrologically, it is the Moon in Libra. Ahaha! Look at that! The Moon is poking her curious nose over the horizon once again, as she did with the Feather. So there I have my hidden motivator of the day, the Moon. Well, that only makes sense, doesn’t it? I stayed up last night to watch the full moon on the Summer Solstice, and spent the time meditating on the influence of the Moon upon me, my being and my Journey, especially that latter. (It was beautiful here in the south of France, by the way; gliding across a brilliant, glowing sky with some very “French,” artistically arranged and draped white night clouds to frame its perfection. MANY of my decks moonbathed with me. I don’t swallow all of THAT hook, line & sinker, but what can it hurt, right?) “The Two of Swords are representing the beginning of analysis, putting the pure, undirected ideas of the Ace underneath separation and differentiation, to bring them towards a specific form and end.” And THIS card, too, is right on-target, as the “resolution” of today’s terrain, even though that isn’t what was asked or needed. It fits because that is what I am in train of trying to do, put together a VERY loose syllabus or framework by which I can guide my students, and thus myself, through what I wish them to learn. This is old territory for me; having been a university professor once upon an epoch, lesson-planning is tediously familiar. And that ISN’T what I am doing now, really; I am fashioning a system, I hope, where the “adoption” of the Tarot into one’s life is a more organic and less “lesson #42B, please” process. Not “Today we shall study Arcanum V, The Dull Professor,” but rather, “Get out your Majors and let’s start closely observing and talking about what we see, or think we see.”  I like Ben-Dov’s “Open Reading” method, but for my own use and now those of my students I have tinkered with it quite a bit so it is less of a physics proof (Mr. Ben-Dov is a physicist) or an HOG of “Find the 10 Missing Items.” “Chokmah is all about creation and manifestation, showing the element in its best light, and so the mind . . . is on its finest level when just administering its potentials.” (Raven) All in all, a good day of progress on the Path, nothing spectacular but nothing catastrophic, either. My final card, the dark card, isn’t that dark at all, it just reminds me that administration of potential is as important as the use of it. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the insight to use potential when it is called for and save action for when It is needed. Be Well!   

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