Thursday, June 23, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 24Jun2016: today my Heart is feeling eccentrically moody with the King of Wands whereas my Heart has gone immediately for a direct source in the Ace of Cups. (Today’s deck is *The Bohemian Gothic Tarot* by Alex Ukolov & Karen Mahoney. Superb deck. “It's a deck of the shadows; dark, beautiful, a little melancholy and mysterious.” [Aeclectic]) My Heart today is apparently feeling a bit melancholy and diffident; I can certainly grok the King of Wands, I’m just not sure I feel him this morning. I can understand why the Heart would wish to go there, however; direction. He wants direction, as we are currently in a “dead mode” while we wait for certain things to come together for advancement of the goal, and Valhalla knows, Daddy Wands is ALL about giving direction. This King is the Fire in the realm of Fire, aka the Lord of Flame and Lightning; he sits in Chokmah and astrologically is Leo in both Scorpio and Sagittarius. The king is “the purest manifestation of his element - burning, flaming, enthusiastic and thrilling. He is the born leader, full of ideas and idealism, proud and commanding, at his best noble, honest, conscientious and intelligent. For Atziluth is the highest of the worlds and Fire the highest of the elements, the King of Wands can stand for highest inspirations, spiritual realization and purest creativity.” (Raven & I) As far as that goes, I rather like the description given in the LWB for the deck (as far as those kind of cookie-cutter descriptions go): “A performer – theatrical and amusing. An unconventional or eccentric person, usually in an attractive way. Someone with panache and charisma. A warm, energetic family man.” It also gives, as Shadow, “A fantasist who imagines themselves to be much more important than they are. An attention-seeker. Someone pompous who expects everyone to follow their lead.” I am MUCH more like the 1st part of the LWB descriptor; I AM eccentric, intelligent & well-liked. I have charisma & panache. I am not, however, a warm & energetic family man. Uh-uh. As for the Shadow, I fall into the sub-category of “people who, having once found the Truth or their version of it, expect others to follow their word.” THAT would be more me; as for the rest of it, I jettison it along with the rest of the trash.  One weakness of the King’s that I must watch out for also is the fact that once his initial enthusiasm wanes, it cannot be recovered. It’s all a ONE-big-glorious-shot-deal for him. I tend towards that, as well, and I need to guard against it; it has another name, which when given its derogatory definition, is Dilettantism. I dislike dilettantes VERY much, the “I know a little about everything so I’m going to pretend I know a lot” kind of people. Please don’t pretend with me; I will find out, and I won’t appreciate it. Moving on because my Heart is just a little TOO fixated on the serious and lugubrious, I turn to find the Feather of Truth resting, coldly, in a stone Ace of Cups garnished with skulls. Charming. Aka “The Root of the Powers of Water, it sits in Kether, arriving by Water of course. Astrologically it is all the Water signs. 
“The Ace of Cups shows the way deep into our soul, to detect beauty and trust. It stands for the sources of love, for growing feelings, the desire for a relationship or the readiness to have a friend. Referring to the Kaballah, the Ace of Cups is attached to Briah - the world of pure feeling and sensitive intention. It is the female counterpart of the Ace of Wands, representing the female element water as a sign for devotion and care. The card also tells that the beauty and the ugly are two poles belonging together. Without shadow, there's no light - and mud is needed to make lilies bloom.” (Raven & I) OR, “A new burst of energy. Confidence about starting a new activity. Innovation, invention & ingenuity. A message brings great opportunity. [Shadow:] Something just beginning may work out well but be a little wary! Promises of new energy and perhaps, enlightenment, but the path could be difficult. A promising new project, but is it completely ethical?” (LWB) The first part of that LWB is fairly right on, I believe and intuit. The Ace is ALSO a highly directional arrow of warning pointed directly at me: “Keep It Spiritual, Mark!” I get so wrapped up in the multicolored fireworks of a new passion that I can force it to manifest too soon, too palpably or too raw, and then I tire of it as rots within three days of exposure to the air of my world. Moderation, Mark, moderation . . . why don’t you call your old friend XIV Temperance tonight and see if she’s busy?  So there it is for today, short and sweet and not terribly inspiring, but then I have less of those as time goes by and more of the exciting ones, so I am not complaining, not at all. It’s just a low lying weather front on my horizon, but Life goes on. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the grace to make it calmly through the gray days as well as the days of Light and Darkness. Be Well!    

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