Friday, June 24, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 25Jun2016 : today my bespangles Heart is with the sylphs setting up the party over in the 4 of Wands, while the Feather of Truth has run off to check on our hostess, III the Empress. (Today’s deck is the *Fenestra Tarot* by Chatriya. This is on my “Stay or Go?” list, and while it is a perfectly lovely deck, I feel no zing! no spark, no stream of intuition. Please understand – I am not criticizing the deck, only stating I feel no connection personally. Otherwise, a fine, professional deck. If it appeals to you, go for it.) As we know, class, the 4 isn’t really about a party; it’s about a “successful start-up.” Doubly-influenced by Jupiter (consult your local astrologer), the 4 of Wands sits in Chesed, is in Leo ruled by Jupiter, and is complemented by Leo in Capricorn, thus the double Jupiter (Leo, get it?) (Thanks, Christine Payne-Towler!) If I’m founding a venture at this time it is favored by the gods. Or so says the Pythian Oracle, who lives in 4B, just above us. And yes, Virginia, I AM founding a venture (of sorts) at this time! What wonderful coincidence, eh?” . . . “Mumble-grumble-whine” . . .”No! I won’t hear of it, I won’t stand for it! There is NO SUCH THING as synchronicity!” Despite the blustering of Daddy Warbucks, there IS of course synchronicity, but this is more than that, this is this card telling me that deep down I know this idea is bound for success, if I keep it on track. The definition of success is the key element, of course, and there I am already one step ahead of myself, making sure that my efforts don’t add up to a zero-sum game. I can be truly excellent at the social game; the problem is that with advancing years I become less and less willing to play it. Fuck compromise and petty hypocrisies and social lies all in order to grease the wheel of social interaction; “I’m sick unto death of it, I tell you, Fitzsimmons, sick unto death!” Thus, I RARELY play it anymore. The “piste” here is that the “start-up” is well-lubed by the coherence and amiability of social interaction, and to tell you truth, I actually don’t give a Flying Monkey fuck about that. I want to impart my joy of Tarot to select others whom I deem to be interested, motivated and desirous enough of it for Tarot to be useful to them. Very little structure goes into our meetings; we extemporize, with me leading the discussion. What they don’t know is where we venture every time, and they construct their own mental Tarot as we go along, not accepting it in one giant swallow from a $3.95 supermarket checkout paperback authored by Madame Marvel. IF I’m going to help build Culture, then I need to make sure my 4 is in order, and that means making sure I’ve got my IV the Emperor well in hand, as well, because the reference to the cube of matter is unmistakable. In, any event, this is a propitious place for my Heart to be, and I am content to leave it here as I turn to find the Feather of Truth cozied up with my “hostess,” III the Empress. I have seen III the Empress more in the last week than I have seen her in the last 10 years. 
We are either waltzing towards a material orgasm together or she is deigning to bring me a message: “Venus is here, beloved. Create! I bring you the stuff of Life.”  The Great Mother has been in my thoughts a lot lately, and of course I venerate her in her form of Isis, Egyptian goddess of Magic, Nature, Motherhood, Marriage, etc., in other words, the Great Mother. I readily admit that any overall, comprehensive overview of Isis is beyond me; I am a man, and no matter how gnostic I may make any thing or situation, I will never be, or feel & think, as a woman. However, I CAN make the effort to arrive at a level of understanding of the Mother that encompasses all of MY needs in relation to reflecting her glory, compassion, generosity, and utter non-involvement (in a Zen-like manner.) The purest compassion of all is the lack of all passion, after all, and that can be difficult enough to reach as a goal without needing to compromise its worth as a basic Truth. The Truth about abundance, generosity and compassion is that it is impersonal. Mother Nature has bigger fish to deep fat-fry than mere human concerns of pride-of-place and shows of servility and questionable gratitude. Venus herself, in our conception of her, is rather a man-eater, isn’t she? She plows through men like a hot knife through butter, and thanks to her divinity looks none the worse for wear. And yes, she DEFINES being a “high maintenance woman.” On the other hand, her impersonal generosity is bountiful and a balm at the worst of times. Her generosity can be perplexing, but it is of that sort where one shrugs one’s shoulders in a total lack of comprehension and says, “But hey!! Thank you!!”  I have a great message here today, one that fits hand in glove with my Heart card, as well; Trust the bounty of the Empress, Mark. Put your best into the endeavor and she will be-gift you beyond your dreams.”  And I can believe that, because I am finally following MY nature, and I am birthing something which I already deeply love and to which I give my all, all the time. My passion rules me, which is generally a bad thing, but here I believe it serves a purpose; the Tarot gives me SO much, and I know its stores are endless, so I want ALL to profit from its riches. I don’t, can’t, believe that my goal is misguided. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL a better perspective on the progress of our goals. Be Well!    

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