Saturday, June 25, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 26Jun2016: today my Heart has gone counter-character and is trying to be sleek in the King of Batons, whereas the Feather  of Truth has gone back to her “maternelle,” XVIII the Moon. (French; “maternelle” = kindergarten.) It is my firm belief that in order to “Speak the Truth” you must “Know the Lie,” and the Feather is refreshing her database, I’m sure. (Today’s deck is a kitschy memory from the Wayback Machine, an object that fascinated many in 1973, the *James Bond Tarot Deck* by Fergus Hall & Stuart Kaplan.  It was featured in the film, *To Live And Let Die,” and was somewhat “spookily” read by Jane Seymour aka Solitaire. I was 21 at the time, Jane Seymour was beautiful, James Bond was sexy (but he wasn’t Sean Connery, damn!) and of course, there was Tarot, which would have drawn me to see lesbian porno if it had featured the cards. [That is ridiculous, of course. I’m not really even aware if lesbian porno exists. I automatically assume they are too adult to need it, but that is an assumption, of course, just as is “women don’t really like sex.”] The cards are fun, even {{shudder}} cute, but the value of the deck for me is Memory & kitsch. At any rate it was fun to find [eBay] and now use and work with more normally and “off the red carpet.” Grin. Deeply gnostic searchers of symbols don’t bother.) Without martini in hand, I move on . . . Today’s “abode of the Heart”, the King of Batons, doesn’t particularly surprise me. He has been around a LOT lately, showing up in this exact spot 2 days ago as well. Normally, a repeated card “message” like this means one isn’t taking into account all the ramifications, but honestly, I just cannot see that of which I am unaware, which is both a truism and a plaint. I get it, I do; my Heart OFTEN has recourse to hanging out with this King; for better worse, I have to recognize and admit that he IS the persona I exhibit most frequently to the world, that masterful king, master of his own process, sweeping opposition before him. Oh, and yes, tiring quickly after intense application and saying “Fuck it!” if the battle isn’t won immediately on the 1st try. I REALLY AM that king, to a large degree. Astrologically, I’m S –Aries, M - Taurus & A-Virgo, so that’s a bespoke fit if I’ve ever had a hand run up my inner thigh to my crotch! My orbit is heliocentric, isn’t it ?!? The Sun, Mercury & Venus – 1 Fire & 2 Earths making me somewhat “heavy” of character – and besides me, there you also have a portrait of the Wand king. I must retire to a corner now and weep bitter tears at the realization that I’m just a character-type . . . Grin. I never get the impression that the King of Batons has much of a sense of humor, however, and mine is both ever-present and a dominant factor in my make-up; I LOVE to laugh, and I LOVE making others laugh, too. Oh well, “tough tittie” for the king, I guess . . . And turning to find the Feather of Truth, I see it has flown far indeed, all the way to XVIII the Moon. 
The Feather is emphasizing what I am beginning to realize, YET AGAIN – how LITTLE I know. This was made clear to me yesterday as I was reading a new acquisition, Robert Wang’s *The Cabalistic Tarot:* one after another, just like the chains of a female orgasm I kept having these little “Ah ha!” moments as I read, feeding new gobbets of flesh to the hungry idol in my belly, Knowledge. And everything I read just kept confirming previous knowledge or adding fascinating new tidbits to the pastiched ensemble. XVIII the Moon always speaks to me of the Quest for Knowledge – always more & more knowledge. If that hunger had teeth, I would have died of bleeding ulcers long ago. I took a couple of selected decks out the other night and we moonbathed in the Full-Solstice-Moon, a practice I indulge occasionally and which I suspect is much more beneficial for my intuitive, irrational faculties than anything cognitive or based on reason & logic. Reason & logic are uncomfortably defined terms, anyway. Try something with me; imagine that you are able to recognize all 11 of the dimensions of our Universe (a theory now agreed upon both by astrophysicists and mystics); yes, even though we sense only three, intuit the 4th and acknowledge a 5th; there are 11. Wrap your heads around that, JUST the concept that you CAN perceive all 11; don’t try to imagine what the 11 actually are, you’ll break your head. Now, with perception like THAT, tell me, what, EXACTLY, ARE reason & logic? You see my problem. I’m not claiming to experience 11 dimensions; I AM telling you that I experience more than 3, and recently both 4 and 5 have been bypassed by assumption and I’m out in the galactic deeps, looking for a safe place to anchor. I’m sailing with the Moon. I grok that Time is an illusion. I grok that “materiality” is a contracted, agreed upon and shared illusion. Space, Gravity, all the big ones you must take on scientific faith unless you were one of the unlucky ones called to BE a scientist in order to define these very things. But the Moon and her Water and the King and his Fire put out a lot of vision-obscuring steam. Sometimes I’m able wrap myself in the steam and can clothe myself in knowledge, sometimes I’m simply lost in it, wandering naked. But as I Journey on, more and more my Lunar voyages are becoming Aware and Cognizant, and I’m having MUCH better “vacations.” Today I ask the Cosmos to grant us all some “Moon time” today or this evening, in order to process some of what we may have left unprocessed through lack of understanding. Be Well!   

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