Sunday, June 26, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 27Jun2016 : today my Heart is spongily absorbing data from V The Hierophant while the Feather of Truth is finding what warmth it needs over on the hearth of the 2 of Cups. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot Apokalypsis* by Erik C. Dunne & Kim Huggens. This is the new supernova in the Tarot heavens, but unlike a supernova, it isn’t destined to burn out soon. It’s another gorgeous, seriously beautiful and yet metaphysically sober effort by the Dunne-Huggens team and it is a stunning success even before its general release.) I’m not quite sure why my Heart is over there sucking up administrative finesse and organized systematic methodology and information from V the Hierophant, but I shall trust that it knows what it is ingesting. I have been terribly wrapped up in theory lately, with Robert Wang’s *Cabalistic Tarot* book and some other tomes on metaphysical philosophy, as well as another large tome on the body of evidence for a forerunner civilization on Earth that we have completely ignored. Interesting stuff; outside the canon of generally accepted bedtime Harlequin romances, true, but within reason, and sucking up a lot of information; this is most likely why my Heart has taken refuge in one of its oldest and most secure little blanket-wrapped cubbyholes where it snuggles in and feels safe, independent learning. I think there is also a shadow meaning here: my mentoring efforts (Tarot) are paying off in enormous dividends. One of my students was here socially this weekend and a gathering of people turned into a wonderful impromptu discussion on various metaphysical realities and questions about Tarot, about which some of our guests were woefully uninformed. The wonderful process to see was the awakening, in various degrees, of the inkling in the root of consciousness that perhaps there is another giant hidden spigot of information in their grasp and they just don’t realize it. As for my student, he is starting to burn with the curiosity of finding out more details about his Journey and Path, and I am delighted to watch him start to blossom. I am definitely in Hierophant mode in that situation, and with more than one person. I trust that I will keep my head about me and not descend into dogmatism or, even worse, a kind of mental abuse of the reins of informational authority willingly entrusted to me by the very people I am teaching. Whenever I think of structured and organized “religious authority,” another word comes automatically to mind, “sinister.” Let’s say that today I am hoping for no shadow of the sinister to darken my Heart, and I believe that I am in enough grace to not suffer that fate. With a backward glance to reassure myself that my Heart is okay and isn’t being subjected to improper religious advances, I turn to find the Feather of Truth, who is in the humble but profoundly warm & welcoming atmosphere of the 2 of Cups. 
The card art is evocative – we have only the two signs of the Water presence, the cups themselves and that wonderful concoction of sea-blues that the maiden is wearing. The rest is all warm, welcoming, Light-filled, and blessed (the Arts are present in their symbols) and yet without the driving urgency lying behind the color scheme of the Fire suit, Wands, which would normally be more likely to have this kind of atmosphere, or even Pentacles and the suggestions of hearth and home. But here it is in Cups, in the birth of a loving relationship or to paraphrase it in more accurate terms, in the complicity inherent in the manifestation of a genuine Love. And effort. And beginning a new venture. And personal relationships. It’s all of that which is present at the moment of birth, not conception, of this new bright and shiny relationship, this interaction. The card serves two purpose for me today; 1) it reminds me to renew and refresh the basis of my relationship with my wife, with whom I’ve been a bit offhand and distracted lately, and 2) it speaks to me of the new relationship in my life of teacher/student, of journeyman/apprentice, and the nascent love therein. Astrologically speaking, my Heart in the Hierophant is the Sun in Sagittarius, a symbol for the teacher of inner values, and Jupiter in Pisces as the vision of eternity. He is of course Taurus and is on the Tree on the Path from Chokmah to Chesed. He symbolizes the “quintessence,” the power that exceeds the four elements. My 2 of Cups is Venus in Cancer, and lives in Chokmah by the Water, so here is the original sending forth point of the V, yet reiterated as the Truth for today; the warmth , stability, solidity and genuineness of partnership brings forth the truth of right teaching, and vice versa, good learning brings about the ability for right living. That is one aspect among many, and for me, today, I have several vectors of reference for this draw. My Tarot mentorship, my marriage (it’s complicated how the V is present in my marriage, but it is,) my place in the reality of the moment, in this mutually agreed-upon manifestation we are calling the world & Life. This is a benign draw, informative but not too, and certainly not thorny with implication. I can live comfortably with this today. I ask the Cosmos that today we ALL be given a benign and easily “readable” day without excess stress or worry. Be Well!    

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