Friday, June 10, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 11Jun2016 : today my Heart, stocking his courage in his valves, leaps to stand atop the globe with the Virgin in XXI the World, and the Feather of Truth, lost to the moment of happy ambition & good feeling, joins the fun by attending the fête in the 10 of Cups.  (Today’s deck is, of course, the *Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler & Michaels Dowers. “See the deck; be the deck.”) I feel blown-away AND completely in accord with the draw this morning; it is outrageously well-aspected and a read of infinite good fortune, with a healthy dose of “Be careful!” inside it as well. I have never received XXI the World arcanum before, not to the farthest reaches of my memory. I know it well but we have never actually met, so today is a first. I believe she comes in subconscious response to the deep happiness inside of me today. I have had a very thorny issue in my side for 8 years on the Long Count, 2 weeks on the Short Count since I made a decision to part with a member of our family. Gaston, our younger male cat, needed a new home, he no longer fit here; I made the executive decision (my wife is helpless in a matter such as this) to either find him a new home pronto, call the SPCA if necessary, or as a last resort have him euthanized. Turning him out onto the street wasn’t an option; I couldn’t condemn him to a crueler, more savage milieu for which he had NEVER been trained or equipped and is fatally ill-suited. Yesterday, within 48 hours of my Will-ing my dream solution, it manifested in its entirety and without “’alien” tinkering. All went even more smoothly than I dared to hope, and Gaston is now in a home with someone who already knows and loves him from meeting him here. More importantly, Gaston likes HIM, when it is very rare for him to show any affection towards humans at all. With X---, he has found a soul as complexed as his who can love him uniquely. It came off like a clockwork bank robbery and everyone involved heaved a sigh of relief and a congratulatory pat on the back – I know it sounds ridiculous to non-ailurophiles but there it is, we love them and fear the displeasure of our pets. HA! (That is a quality unique to our species; disdain us and we go out of our way to prove that we have value. Cats had our number thousands of years ago. J) Now, this was all a SMALL thing, in the grand scheme of the Universe, but as Below so Above, and I can only hope that somewhere this accomplishment has been remarked; “Mark accomplished a picture-perfect manifestation; no unintended fuck-ups this time! Crack open the ambrosia!” Meanwhile a small irony is not lost on me; outside our windows thousands are marching in the streets in a “manifestation” (French usage = strike) against the government and its new labor laws and the general ambiance of omni-oppression. They aren’t having much luck; the government isn’t backing down, but then again, the real question is which government, Paris or Bruxelles? The point being there are manifestations and then there are manifestations; what is accomplished or failed is the result of a coordination (or lack) of forces beyond the mere physical. There is SO much information on the XXIst Arcanum that I won’t even begin the rundown on Kabbalistic, alchemical, gnostic, etc. symbology & meaning of the Enlightened Virgin other than to quote Ms. Payne-Towler; “. . . Sophia is shorthand for the sum total of ascending and descending activity that makes up the grand metabolism of this Creation.” (p.420, *Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler and Michael Dowers, Noreah Press, 2015.) 
Turning to find the Feather of Truth we discover a riot of color and activity in the 10 of Cups, in direct contrast to the serenity and relative simplicity of XXI the World. This card NEEDS every one of the three & ½ pages that Ms. Payne-Towler devotes to unveiling its symbology. I wish I could quote it in its entirety, but how tiresome that would be! {{Sigh.}} Nevertheless here are the first few sentences to pique your curiosity: “The Ten of Cups signifies the whole Water world of the Zodiac, summarizing the eternal drama of the soul in a single, poignant icon. The ark holds all the promise of a new world, but it is as yet sealed shut, still floating in the amniotic waters of the Flood. Hovering between the drowned past and the unknown future, contact with dry ground is still in the future. The tearful eye seen in the center of an exhausted and flailing Sun reminds us of the labor and struggle that must be invested before we can arrive at the rebirth of the Light.” (Ibid) And so on and so forth, for three and a half pages, and all of them absolutely necessary. This isn’t Kansas-style Tarot anymore, Toto. “This card helps us remember that within the grand architecture of the Hermetic Cosmos, there is a place that has been made for us where we will be recognized and can be safe after the present deluge.” (Ibid) I find that MUCH MORE sensible an interpretation of the 10 of Cups than a simple “replete family happiness;” that always reminded me of Tolstoy’s “All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” (I can’t help but think with sympathy of the Tarot beginner right now, as s/he faces row upon row of bookshelves, digital or otherwise, full of “HERE is what the Tarot REALLY Means!”) At least for today, for me it means a happy resolution through a full manifestation was accomplished, and all parts of me acknowledge that, even & especially the divine. Today, I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the gift of seeing our manifestations take form and flower. Be Well!   

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