Sunday, June 5, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 06Jun2016 : today my Heart is having tea with the Page of Coins and the Feather of Truth has accompanied a young girl to a secret room to find the Ace of Cups. (Today’s deck is *The Alice Tarot* by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahoney. This is a special occasion for me, as I generally DON’T like these kinds of cutesy decks – but the Alice story is offbeat and dark enough to make for a good deck. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be excited about a deck based upon the writings of a Victorian pedophile. However, I had a suspicion that I might love this deck, and I do. A super-professional job by the authors from their Magic Realist Press, the deck is beautifully and artistically inspired; if you can get a copy for yourself, I encourage you to do so.) Today my Heart is keeping company with the March Hare, and I find this more than appropriate. With the birth of my new mentorship, I find my heart very much “in love” with my students’ desire to learn Tarot and to begin the Journey of Enlightenment for which the cards are a roadmap. Both are very much “3-D realists,” meaning their approach to life has always been through the perceivable and the experiential, without a great deal of thought for anything metaphysical beyond the basic questioning which is indulged by everyone. Suddenly, dramatic events happen in their young lives, and a desire to learn the Tarot and start progression on the Path is born. Oh my yes, both are most definitely Page of Coin types, and the energy embodied here is quite modern and forceful. (There is also just a sprinkling of “crazy” in the mix, too, but only enough to jar them out of complacency.) My Heart is WITH these loufoque young men as they begin their conscious journeys: we are all unconsciously on the path before we are made aware of it, we seekers ALL share that in common. You could have knocked me over with the Feather when these two young men made their requests, separately, to be Tarot students of mine. Neither is even remotely similar to the “usual run” of people interested in the Tarot. And to top it off, there is a third who I occasionally coach long-distance, again a hardcore realist but suddenly interested in the cards. Is this synchronicity, serendipity, or Fate, waking those able to be awakened before the foreseen Grand Change in our reality that we all feel is coming? I don’t believe in “pure coincidence,” so I’ll opt for the idea that those that CAN wake up ARE waking up. So, the March Hare and I are more than happy to lend my Heart to a worthy cause and help it along – good karma! 
Turning from the March Hare, I visually seek out the Feather of Truth and find her gliding silently at the side of Alice to discover the Ace of Cups. Alice is giving us a mysteriously puckish, mischievous look, as if to say, “Do you dare me to drink it?” This card is ALL about starting the new venture, beginning the new project doing something I love. Bingo! I could leave the statement just there, flat like that, and it would be pure-ly True. I am taking my passion, Tarot, “public;” that is to say not in any grand, “here’s my new business website” kind of way, but rather how I WANT to do it, how it seems appropriate to me; teacher and student, real interpersonal contact, 1st hand teaching and learning , “dine in, NOT take out.” (I could secretly even wish for an old-fashioned alchemist’s study, with a long table and uncomfortable chairs where the students would sit and learn Tarot by fire and candlelight. No, I’m not a romantic, not a bit of it!) I was nailed to the wall with this Ace, simply because it is SO relevant at this time of my life, not only for the teaching venture, but because over the weekend my Emotional self and I hammered out a new agreement in tough negotiations.  I haven’t been entirely pleased with my emotional lot in life lately, and I knew that a “sit-down” was in order with emotional Mark. We came to a mutually agreeable conclusion; we are throwing caution to the winds and running at full sail in a risky gale. I decided that at this point in my Journey and my Life, Why was I wasting time, denying myself access to the full spectrum of joy available to me? No reason, so “Quit doing it!” There are valid reasons when one is younger for the canalization of emotions, but they drop away as the responsibilities associated with them drop away, as well; the two biggest examples of this are children and work. However, kids grow up and one does eventually retire. So, if that is where you’ve hung your identity, you’re fucked. I, luckily, am NOT fucked; my identity is hung firmly on the construct I have labeled “me,” and trying to make “me” a “flawless spiritual diamond” is really my only true job. Of course, it’s the process, folks, not the goal, the process. Keep your eyes on the Process (because my chances of becoming a flawless diamond are next to zilch; a blood ruby, maybe . . . grin.) The 1st card, the Page of Coins, is the Winter Solstice; the Ace is the Moon in Cancer; and, I happened to look at the “dark card” today, not a usual habit, and indeed, it was XVIII, the Moon. So, there is a LOT of Water going on here, with just a touch of Earth, just enough to tint the water a vague, transparent brownish-green. I’m deep, deep into the Waters of the Starry Arch, and I hope I remember my long-distance swimming tips. I ask the Cosmos today to help us ALL remember our swimming tips, regardless of what Waters we may be in. Be Well!    


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