Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 22Jun2016 : today my Heart is on a Journey with the Page of Wands to the mountains of Vision, whereas the Feather of Truth, thinking the Heart daft has flown to the 7 of Cups to show her opinion. As my secret prophylactic (look it up, it doesn’t mean what you think it means) from Thoth, my boss & patron, I have also drawn XI Strength as the Dark Card. (Today’s deck is a little discovery that I recently made, *Tarot del Fuego* by Ricardo Cavolo. I like more and more of these Fournier/Spanish/Latin decks, there is some wonderful originality in them. This one immediately brings to mind three other decks, *Pearls of Wisdom*, *The Didactic Tarot* of Donato and *The Bonefire Tarot* by Gabi West. Pop art meets Art Brute meets Andy Warhol meets LSD meets bright primary colors meets folk art. Got it? I opened this and immediately felt bubbly happiness, it “tickled my fancy,” as my great-grandad used to say “jes’ a’fore he shot that varmint right off’n that there stool.” It’s bright, it’s primary, and its symbolism is right on, and in your face, so to speak, for such a smallish deck of cards. They ARE a bit small in size, smaller than normal but-not-mini, thank Isis. 
I like them, like a cute stray dog or maybe a pet I keep around for laughs and love. Not too bad at all; it’s a “pet deck.”) My Heart starts off right away wanting to NOT be at home, so he has gone off with the Page of Wands to seek out an answer in the Mountains of Vision. The Page sits in Malkuth, from Earth in the Fires of Atziluth, also as Venus in all the Fire signs. “As Earth in the element of Fire, she is far from the Queen's depth and the Knight's Air. She's the Fire's daughter, unaffected from deeper emotions. The only heritage from her mother is the good memory for insults and the thirst for revenge.”  (Raven) I get it. My Heart is impatient to be Off! like a crusading knight to conquer Jerusalem and make Tarot enthusiasts of all the inhabitants. J I need to be careful, though, and “not lack warmth of heart, or be self-indulgent & theatrical about the process, otherwise it can sink down in pure greed and cruelty, too cold and numbed to recognize its own emotional poverty and emptiness.” (Raven & I) So, Mark, can you sort out your desires and tell the true from the false? The real from the imaginary? The vainglorious from the productive? Because that is what the Feather of Truth is asking you today, pal. Sitting in Netzach, having arrived by Water, this 7 is Venus in Scorpio, and even the most astrologically “thick” should be able to see that Venus, Scorpio & the number 7 are an explosive combination, a bit like “Molotov Love.” This is the card where one’s emotions have fallen from the beauty of Tiphareth into the “decadence and morass” of Netzach. (That’s relative, folks. Netzach is not only anarchy, but creativity - so the realization of the bad can lead to something good when used with care.) “The 7 of Cups also talks of the human desire to experience the unknown, the subconscious, the wish to escape the plain old reality and find a better world somewhere in fantasy. But it shows clearly the dangers of such mind games, when the dreaming turns into a hapless run-away from life. The success is illusionary, just a deception or wishful thinking.” (Raven) I hardly think I am danger of following myself, dressed as the Pied Piper of Hamelin, down the road to my own perdition; I’m a bit too wise to myself to be led astray in such a simplistic fashion. 
The Truth today may be “Watch out for Illusions! Especially those you generate yourself!”  but that is unnecessary advice in my case; I’m far too old a hand at deception and skullduggery to be fooled by someone as naïve as the truth-seeking me. Yeah, yeah, I know I sound schizoid, but believe me, I’m not – I just know myself REALLY WELL; I conquered that little Athenian axiom quite a few years back. I KNOW my True Value, and I am not about to dim my own hard-won lustre. Nor am I going to allow ANY of this to inflate either my head or ego; if illusion feeds anything, it feeds the senses, but it sustains itself by vampirizing the spirit. So, along with the Page, “All ahead!” but keeping in mind the very wise counsel of the Truth, “Avoid the Illusions.” As I felt just a “touch” unfinished with this draw, I decided to check the Dark card, and received a pleasant surprise – my hint from the Cosmos on how to proceed forward; XI Strength. I’m not going to go into all the wonderful card imagery, but it is a great word of advice for proceeding. This Major Arcanum is on the Path of Teth, between Chesed and Geburah, on the Tree of Life. She is Venus in Leo, thus creative passion leading to fulfillment. She is, of course, of Fire. Strength implies vitality, energy and power. The trump tells us to use these riches; in most aspects of life an endeavor will have much more success when passion is put into it. I ask the Cosmos today to gift us ALL with a burst of Passion and Resolve today as we carry on with our progress on the Journey, on the Path, on the Red Road. Be Well!  

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